[Price Error] JBL Under Armour Train on-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphones Rock Edition $53.40 (Was $399) @ JB Hi-Fi

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Deal was not honoured

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Original price $399 (really overpriced). Looks like a price error to me. Catalogue says it's supposed to be $239 after discount. No active noise-cancelling. Click and collect without additional cost, delivery cost extra.

JBL Under Armour Train On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphones Rock Edition
Model: 4593392 SKU:414237 PLU: 6925281929939

Featuring two of Under Armour’s unique fabric technologies, UA Sport Wireless Train is no-doubt built for the gym. UA SuperVent lines the outer ear cushions and delivers true breathability in a light, durable, fast-drying fabric that is removable and hand washable. The Under Armour grip material completely lines the inner headband and ear cushions, providing a soft feel and maximum stability.

16-hour Speed Charge battery
Wireless sound that lasts long and recharges quickly. One hour of workout time on just 5 minutes’ charge.

Bionic Hearing
Bionic Hearing with TalkThru Technology drops music down and turns on speech-optimized, noise-cancelling mics so you can easily talk between sets without removing your headphones.

Bluetooth® wireless
Easy-to-connect Bluetooth® technology delivers cable-free, zero-distraction performance.

JBL Charged Sound
Bold sound tuned for sport with rich bass to crush your workout.

Oversized controls
Oversized controls with premium fi nishes provide durability and easy access.

Rugged durability
Rugged design with an IPX4 rating, these headphones are tested by athletes to withstand sweat, the demands of training and being tossed in and out of your gym bag.

Compact Transport
Rugged metal hinges fold earcups into the headband, and a molded hard case with SuperVent helps protect and dry between workouts

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    • ….kinda? more like absolutely….

    • +2

      Damn you, grubby broden!

    • Have you watched the movie Parasite? We are no different!

  • I'm guessing the inflated price is due to the Rock affiliation. On ear, no noise cancelling and pretty thick looking design (subjective but not a fan). Not sure how these sound either but the ozbargain favourite Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones are similar priced would probably rather pick up a pair of those.

    • -1

      Ok even though I said that. I think they would make excellent gifts so I have bought one. Now to figure out who to give it to.

      • +3

        Hi I am your lost cousin 😊

    • +1

      but the ozbargain favourite Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones are similar priced

      I’m curious, what are the Ozbargain favourite Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones?

  • +7

    i have ordered one but there is part of me which wishes they would cancel it. Not sure which one will make me happier getting it or having it cancelled. Joy of ozbargain.

    • …this will hit 15K clicks by 9am….with probably 1K pairs ordered. of course theyre gonna get cancelled! 🤣🤣

  • +1

    Picked up a set for delivery. Don't need them but thought why not. Would make a great gift. :)

  • +6

    ….so many resellers here these days. where did all the brodens come from?

    • +7

      username checks out.

  • Look shocking, they would have to pay me a lot to wear those.

    • But you still ordered!

      • No I didn't, but if I did I'd gift it to someone for a laugh.

  • Just ordered with delivery.i got my confirmation email.Thanks op

  • Ordered a pair at 4am this morning. Lets see how this goes!

  • +1

    I ordered 2, I figured if they come through it'll make good gifts.

    I'm sure there's the idiots who order 20 to try resell, and JB cancels their whole order tho lol

  • +10

    I don't need it. But it's so cheap. I don't need it. But it's JBL. I don't need it. But it's 87% off. Bought!

    • Thought the same thing for a few minutes. Eventually yeah it's $50 and some change, bought it.

  • +1

    Thank you. Ordered two for delivery as none available in Vic for click and collect. Will be good for gifts

  • decided to get on the bus and buy a couple for gifts

  • Nice bargain but I’ll pass. I’ll never wear this and no one to gift it for the next 6 months. Great price for wireless headphones with a UA logo.

  • Im not clear about the microphones, are they to drop the volume of the music so you can talk to someone in the gym, or can you make a voice call with them?

  • +7

    This is an example how RRP works in persuading people to buy though the quality for the product is about under 100. Interesting.

  • Cheers OP this will sound better than my air pods for workouts grabbed a pair

  • +1

    Thanks OP - got one and now we wait… No C&C in Sydney (nearest was Dubbo) plus supposedly not arriving until 14 July (with express shipping) so not feeling too confident!

  • Ordered. Reviews are good.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Bought one! Office works price beat?! ;)

    • Do you have a link? Can't see this model on their website…

  • +3

    Unbelievably ugly, not just the general design but the cringe letters on the top. Average features (seemingly lack of noise cancellation). I wouldn't be surprised if this is clearance, even if it does seem quite steep for that.

  • With “the rock” logo = 399$
    Without that logo = 7$ at kmart

    • I don't like the bull logo.

    • +2

      Ya know the $ goes before the number right

      • Too many things happening now and this bothers you.

        • +2

          It will always bother me

  • Great buy.

  • +4

    just received the sm from jb, ready for collection.

  • Ordered one, why not lets see what happens

  • Lol do these price errors ever actually work in favour like does Ozb actually get away with them or this?

    • +3

      SCA honoured the $2 Castrol oil that has an RRP of around $60

      • +1

        haha fuark thats mad

    • +2

      …very very rarely. best to just sit back and enjoy the entertainment…the anticipation, greed, inevitable disappointment and complaining are very amusing

      • +1

        hahahaa so true

    • Got away with the beginning of the year Garmin 1/2 off everything!

  • Nearest Collection from NSW is Queensland.
    Really ozbargained.

    • Nearest for me would have been Dubbo, about 20min ago.

    • Maroochydore?

  • +2

    Just had a proper look at the headphones. I think 56 bucks is about right. I dunno why these would retail for 399

  • These look like they’d be uncomfortable with the round ear-cup, especially while wearing glasses/sunglasses?

  • Just got my text to come pick it up at 9

  • Cheers OP! Order ‘confirmed’ email expected delivery around 20July & PayPal confirmation also..so will see what happens *shrug

    • +2

      sweet only 19 days for them to cancel :(

      • +1

        oh well at least you didnt have to wait 19 days 😂

  • +2

    404.. Opps not found


  • +1

    Product has been removed from the website. Looks likely to be a pricing error.

    • +1

      Someone showed up to work with hundereds of orders.

  • Missed it :(

  • -2

    Quick cash grab by JB for EOFY.

    Ordered one.. will now see what the JB HiFi refund process is like..

    • +5

      yeah right. a publicly listed company worth almost 5b needs to sell a few hundred of these to make their FY look good. get a grip.

      eofy is gone too.

  • +1

    Wow my order was ready to pick up literally 1 minute after I ordered it.

  • $239 in today’s JB catalog.

  • +1

    GONE!! pricing error the site now says $239. missed it by a minute.

  • -3

    I'm going to contact the ACCC If they dare to cancel my order.

    • +6

      1st ACCC comment…well that didnt take long! 🤣

      • +1

        tightass username checks out

  • Can they refuse to give you the item after they sent sms ready to collect?

    • +2

      7.1 JB Hi-Fi reserves the right to cancel, at any time before delivery and for whatever reason, an Order that it has previously accepted. JB Hi-Fi may do this for example, but without limitation, where:

      (c) Goods ordered were subject to an error on the Website, for example, in relation to a description, price or image, which was not discovered prior to the Order being accepted;

      • +2


    • Would like to know as well

    • Probably, they could just say the SMS is an automated system when a purchase is made that communicates with their warehousing software if it has it in stock, had it been a manual human sending the SMS different story.

    • They have for me a couple of years ago when they had really cheap laptops (had a quick look for the link, but couldn't find it). Some others were able to click and collect earlier in the day.

  • +1

    Damn missed out.

  • Deals been taken down, managed to snag one though

  • $197.40 is the current price..
    wait and see then.. if they re gonna process my purchase or not
    fingers crossed

    • Still 404 for me, but the in ear ones are $197. Are you maybe confusing them?

  • Site crashed as I was checking out, price jumped back when I reloaded. Ah well. Does anyone have wireless headphone recommendations?

  • It's going to be interesting to see if anyone can click and collect!

  • Just received item ready for collection email

  • They're on to it!!! Price has gone to $197.40, was at check out and prices went up, couldn't decide if it was worth the hassle of getting a refund nearest click and collect was only 3000kms away haha! Good Luck Guys hope they honour….

  • Got one earlier, hopefully gets accepted.

  • -1

    …hello mods?

    Reports = 8

  • +1

    These price errors get picked up , when people start to order 3 or more at a time , and of course the store will look at why people are buying in bulk

    and those who would like headphones misses out

  • I have JBL/UA True Wireless. Their customer service is shocking. The build was good but the quality is every aspect was crap.

  • i was just about to purchase then they took it down

  • Got this email:

    'Great news, your order is ready to be picked up.'

    This means everything's a go?

    • +1


      7.1 JB Hi-Fi reserves the right to cancel, at any time before delivery and for whatever reason, an Order that it has previously accepted. JB Hi-Fi may do this for example, but without limitation, where:

      (c) Goods ordered were subject to an error on the Website, for example, in relation to a description, price or image, which was not discovered prior to the Order being accepted;


  • +32

    I just went in store at North Sydney to try pick mine up, despite not receiving a confirmation for pickup. All seemed good at the front desk then their stock dude came out from the back and said they've all been stolen. Seemed like a total lie, out of all the items in jb those in particular were stolen overnight haha? I wasn't bothered so just ended up asking for a refund.

    • +17

      They will probably be returned by a remorseful thief by tomorrow.

    • +2

      What the “stolen” could of come up with a better excuse.

      • +1

        I know, would have preferred them to just tell me it was a price error and they can't honour it instead of blatantly lying to my face.

    • lol

    • That’s hilarious.

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