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Samsung S20+ 128GB $599 with Telstra Port-in $65 P/M 12-Month Contract (New Telstra Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


<First post, apologies in advance if anything is incorrect/needs fixing>

There was another deal, but there's been a price update for the S20+.


Just porting into the $65 p/m contract will land you a $400 JB Hifi Gift card. But the gift card will need to be used to purchase the S20+ for $599.

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  • still waiting for their Huawei P30/P30 Pro deal

  • can yo cancel and pay out the 390 or something to get it for like under thousand (599+390) ??

  • so? $599 plus $390 termination fee = $989 new phone?

    • i dont think its worth the credit check

      • early termination will put a dink in your credit score?

        • entering the contract will dink your credit score

          • @Liminati: Not necessarily and only for a few months.

          • @Liminati: im curious as to why entering a phone contract will affect your credit score? my understanding is that, if you pay your loans/bills on time, it wont be affected.
            sorry im new to all of this, as I don't even have a credit history

            • @skido2: They might run a credit check on you to see if you can pay for a post-paid plan, I don't know if they actually do this but the more credit checks that get run on you a year impacts your ability to get credit. It's stupid.

              Say you apply for 6 credit cards in a year and fail to get them due to income not good enough or something trivial, then 6 months later you are in a full time job earning 100k a year and apply for a credit card they will automatically decline you because you've had too many credit checks even though you've had no history of bad debt or failing to pay off any loans. It's a terrible system.

      • But the impact on your credit score is surely negligible. I churn credit cards for the signup points bonus and my score is typically impacted by about 0.5-1% so a phone check would be the same or less i'd think?

    • $599 plus pay one month then switch to $45 plan before cancelling:

      $599 + $65 + $270 = $934 (plus 1 month of calls / data)

  • apologies in advanced if anything is something

    Wait what?

  • If you only want the phone then this is a great deal.

  • hows the network speed and coverage though / anyone had any issues at all? would be keen to know.

  • As a telstra customer can i just sign up for a new number to cancel for the handset?

    • Also interested in this

    • Yes. Have done it myself last Month. And as said above, be mindful of a dent in your credit check. But if your credit check is pretty good already then it wont make much difference.

  • with these port in deals, do we need to have a credit card? if we have a debit card with enough funds to pay it off, is that sufficient?
    apologies for newb question. ive never entered a phone contract before

    • Debit is fine!

    • No you don't need a credit card. You need to pass their credit check to be able to sign up for this contract.

      • I just checked and I don't even have a credit file, because no credit activity on record (always used debit card, never loaned any money or signed up to any contract)
        so… in this case, would you have any idea on how they will proceed with this?

        • They usually charge you $150 upfront if you're a new customer with no credit history.

          • @nodeahs: sorry can you please clarify this $150 upfront payment? is it an additional fee?

            • @skido2: Nah it comes off your future bills, like a credit on your account. I had to pay it when I first joined Telstra and they told me not long ago that they still do it for customers less than 6 months

          • @nodeahs: I don't have a credit card and never had to pay this…

            • @kille745: Hmm, interesting. I found this on one of their support pages:

              "Advance Payment is a great option for Customers who don't meet all of Telstra's Credit Assessment criteria.

              It allows us to say 'Yes' to more customers who meet the defined criteria, by allowing customers to show us they have a willingness and ability to pay for their services.

              It also allows them to make an upfront, one-off payment so they can then take up Telstra services (Fixed, Mobile, BigPond etc) and start their account in credit.

              These customers will need to pay:

              $300 upfront for services with an Mobile Repayment Option (MRO) or Hardware Repayment Option (HRO) or
              $150 upfront for a non-HRO/MRO service (No handset or device) "

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    Jb had the same deal last month for $10/month cheaper. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/544074

  • back then there is samsung and goolge phone deal from JB and Teslra which we can cancel and not paying termination fee. this is different?

  • If anyone is interested in the handset - its just meh. In the past I've owned a Galaxy S2/6/7 and now 20+

    Reply to this if you want more info

    • i like note series. been using note 3 and then note 4 edge then stop because too expensive

    • I guess experiences vary, because I've loved my S20+ so far and with the exception of probably the S8+, its been the phone I've enjoyed most since buying

      • Absolutely horses for courses, the things I dislike might not be bother to others. My top dislikes include;

        • crap fingerprint scanner
        • hi res camera wont focus on close objects
        • cant burst shoot with hi res camera
        • cant burst shoot with any hard key

        but of course there is a lot to like too.

  • I signed up for a similar deal back in April. Didn't cancel. I tried using the chat to switch to a different plan but was told I could only switch to the advertised plans on the telstra site, however the small was not enough data for me.
    I went in store to JB, switched to a 45/month one. No termination fee, I dont think even a credit check. Although my contract was then 12 months from the switch date but it was only a month in.

  • paying 10 bucks more from the last deal is upsetting, will jump on it if its note20 plus or whatever its called.

  • Anyone know when this deal ends?

  • Not sure if I'm missing something or the price has just changed - the offer from JB is getting $400 off the phone with the $65 plan.. But the phone is $1499 so I'm not sure how the deal is S20+ for $599?? Any help?

  • Someone help me understand this.
    S20+ 128gb is $1499.
    Minus $400 gift card = $599.
    Quick maths.

  • Hey folks
    Do you still get the $400 gift card + $10 discount per month with Telstra?

  • Ugh. Wish they'd get around to doing a deal for the ultra!

  • Worth noting they are also selling the S20+ 5G 128GB version for $749 and S20+ 5G 512GB version for $999 on the same plans. May be worth the extra coin to some as these two are 12GB RAM (vs. 8GB in the 4G version).

    • can you disable the 5g?

      • Was wondering about this too.

        Just like you can turn off 4G on a 4G phone and switch to 3G only, likewise you should be

        able to turn 5G off and run on 4G/3G only in Theory, but what happens in

        real life behind the scenes is uncertain.

      • Yes. Just select the Network Mode under Connections and unselect 5G. It isn't necessary (but apparently) it saves a little battery usage.

        Alternatively, you could burn down all the local 5G towers :)

  • is it worth upgrading from a Xiamoi Pocophone F1?

  • Went in and signed up this evening. The chap signed me up to a $75 data only plan which had a JB $75 gift card with it (one day special). He told me there is no cancellation charges and I could use that information as I like…

    He also reduced price of phone to $1455, use the $75 gift card, plus 900 discount. So ended up out of pocket $480. Saved another $119.

    All of this without me even negotiating - he just did it all for me

    Just got to remember to cancel data plan tomorrow morning!

    Thanks OP

    • Can you provide and verify this as I have also sign up today and cancellation applies

      • Did you apply for the $75 data only plan too? What was the ETC (cancellation cost)?

        • ETC for main plan ($65 a month) is $390
          ETC for data plan ($75 a month) is zero.

          I'm cancelling data plan this morning!

    • So managed to cancel the data plan with a $2.50 charge overall.

      Here's where I end up:

      12 month $65 JB hi-fi plan - paid monthly ($780)
      Samsung galaxy s20+ ($482.50)

      Total cost over the year 1262.50.


      I'm tempted to return the phone and get back $1455!

      Then I'm sure I win!

  • If I'm currently with telstra, do I need to port out for 30 days or do they not really check how long.

    • I walked into an Optus store and they have me a new SIM card for free. He said the new number will be active in 15 minutes max.
      Went to JB Hi-Fi and ported it no problems.

  • Just got mine.
    Just to confirm, you get a $900 gift card with this one, so $1499-$900=$599.
    Also, it's a good thing I didn't spend $80 on a case, as the phone comes with a clear plastic case in the box.
    First time I've sent this with a Samsung phone.

    • hi is it easy to cancel the data plan does jb do it for you or you have to do it over the phone? and the phone is $599+ 65 per month right? im kinda confused

  • Great deal OP, best price for the S20+ right now.

    Just a side note, the Exynos 990 this uses falls well short of the Qualcomm SD865 used overseas.

    However, it is rumoured the Note 20s due to be released next month may use a new Exynos 992 with performance '1-3%' higher than the SD865.

    S21 is rumoured to have the first AMD partnered Exynos '1000' - expected to be around 3 times as powerful as the SD865.

    I personally hope this will happen and we can stop worrying about the Exynos version!

    • Thanks for the rundown!

      Super keen for the S21 if that's the case!

      I'm still rocking the S8+ and due to the Exynos in the S20 series, still holding out on upgrading…

  • My dear wife has this phone and is very pleased

    Bluetooth is very solid

    OS skin - relative to Pixel, Huawei, Xiaomi, earlier Samsung - very pleasing

    She upgrades more than once a year - her work and job are phone based, no complaints so far

    She is on this deal but the monthly fee is $65 less $10 - with $390 ETC

  • any chance deal on the s20+ can get better

  • If anyone is looking for just the plan. I'm happy to chip in some extra money just so I can buy the phone at this price. PM for details

  • Would it be possible to change to a month to month plan with Telstra?
    And is there still $10 port in credit?

  • You can't change to the $45/mth plan any more, tried today.

    • Were you a month into it? A couple of suggestions above said about waiting until the 2nd month. Although that puts a month's payments into the equation.

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