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DOG TREATS - Free Bag of Roo Bones with the Christmas in July Value Pack $175 Delivered @ Slobber Chops


Christmas has come early for pooches right around Australia!

Get a FREE bag of bones with the purchase of our Christmas in July pack only at Slobber Chops Dog Treats online!

3kg!!! That's right 3 kilos of our most popular selling Kangaroo range of dog treats PLUS a FREE bag of Shin Bones that will keep your dogs entertained for hours!

Only online and only for a limited time!

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  • Free bag of dog bones. For your cannibal dog

  • Only have to spend $175 to get your ‘free’ bones worth $35. No deal.

    • I agree, but have you dealt with idiots and their “fur babies”? Some of them wouldn’t hesitate to drop that kind money and would call it a bargain.

  • OP I'm assuming that the "free" bag of roo shin bones, will be more than two bones?

    • Yes almost triple actually! 5 giant tasty Roo Shin Bones valued at $24.95 is the free offer we have. We have also introduced it to every kangaroo treat 1kg or more so the value is even better with these deals! :)

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    Pet food at $58.33/kg is NOT a bargain.

    • +1 vote

      Hi there, Please understand Dog Treats is in a different league to just pet food. Our products are dried in ovens for days, not mushed in a blender for 30 seconds and put into a can. The processes of quality Australian Made dog treats cannot be compared to ordinary pet food by the kilo.

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        Please understand Dog Treats is in a different league to just pet food.

        These cost more that jerky for humans…

  • Good point
    If Roo is generally cheaper than beef, why would beef jerky be less expensive than pet jerky?

    • Hi docians, the statement made was actually very incorrect. Our Jerky is not $58.33kg as the person made out to be. The package we have includes roo jerky however it also includes items like Roo Tail Tips for dogs that take us far longer to cook with processing times to ensure the highest quality levels possible and they are the items that bring the over all price up in the package. The person above just rounded up 3kg divided by the package price which was an incorrect judgement however we understand why they may have thought that.

  • kangaroo tail bones $76/kg plus shipping
    I get a bag of bones from the local butcher for a couple of dollars per kilo, they are cheap as humans don't want bones as food
    Must be a labour intensive cooking processes to inflate the price from a couple of dollars a kilo to $76 a kilo

    The person above pointed that per kilogram beef jerky is cheaper than some of your products, which it clearly is. I can understand starting with a piece of beef for $20 a kilo and ending with with jerky for $60 kilo (3x price after cooking)

    For me atleast $76 per kilo of cooked roo bones is not a bargain