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Cenovis Multi Vitamin & Minerals Capsules Men's / Women's 100caps $12 (Was $24) @ Coles


Women's Vitamins Half Price as well:

Further discounts on alot of other Cenovis Brand Vitamins / Supplements as well

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  • I’m not sure when the fad of darkening your urine came to be a thing.


  • Don't like the men's one of this brand. Centrum, blackmores, few others are better imo.

  • Is there different ingredients men vs woman?

    • So after a quick google research all it mentions is that Men need more calories and vitamins then Women on average due to normally being larger. Not sure if Iron is in the multivitamins but I know alot of females are deficiant and men need more Vitamin C than women.

      That being said I know a guy taking his wifes vitamins and he hasnt had anything bad happen yet.

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