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KayoSports Offers 2-Week Free Trial Period again for Returning Customer via iOS App


Formula 1 2020 season officially starts today in Austria so I went to reactivate my account with KayoSport using its iOS app. Got a pleasant surprise that I was offered the 2-week free trial period again!

Noticed that only Itunes subscription is accepted as payment method now in the app so not sure this is the reason the trial period is available again. Previously I paid Kayo directly using credit card.

Disclaimer: Not sure if this will work if reactivation is done via website or Android app.

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    Don't forget you can get it for $15 a month for 12 months if you have a Telstra postpaid account.


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      You can also get it free for 3 months.

      • With BetEasy membership

        • more than once? Cos i used that earlier this year just before covid hit, and basically got zero use out of it due to that : /

        • Applied a second beteasy code to my account 2 days ago, admittedly didn’t get any use out of the first as F1 was cancelled shortly after I took the original. Thought I’d have to use my second Kayo account but didn’t.

          • @Pobman: So you applied a second beteasy code to the same account and got another 3 months?

            I've been devouring the 30 for 30 docos. Some awesome content.

            • @takezo: Yes. My original expired late May or early June… didn’t bother for a month then added a new code on the same account on July 1st.

              • @Pobman: Im using my 4th beteasy code on the same kayo account. The subscription just needs to expire to allow you to reactive your account with the new code.

            • @takezo: As Moismint said you need to cancel and wait for you account to be deactivated (usually overnight) or it just reactivates the original period you had and it'll say something like 'code is for new accounts only'

        • Thanks for this! I was an existing BetEasy customer and went to https://beteasy.com.au/kayo, clicked on the link and it added it straight to my exiting Kayo account (which I suspended at end of 2019 F1 season).

        • Guys be aware you are using your number for binge trial membership you can't use it for beteasy kayo promo too. I tried and it's said my number is tied to streamotion account

    • Also works on Telstra NBN and cable.

  • Not working here

  • Heads up for Telstra customers - this deal is active until September even though it’s marked as expired.

  • Thanks, and I was just about to pay for a new membership.

  • Hmm, I got an offer to pay $100 for a year. I wonder if it was still valid.

  • all i can say is thank god f1 is back baby

  • Has anyone tried to use the beteasy code and then once activated then get another beteasy code and then redeem it as a voucher could you possibly get 6 months free Kayo?

    • Yeah tried that about 6 months ago, codes didn't stack then and unlikely that anything's changed. Just start a new beteasy account after 3 months and get a new code, use any fictitious email address for beteasy that you like (doesn't have to be valid).

      Also after an old kayo account phone number expires it seems to work with a new beteasy account and code, did for me anyway, I used existing cancelled/expired subscription kayo account and the mobile number that was tied to that account, the 3 month promotion worked for me as a returning account with that phone number - however kayo didn't require pin verification or test the mobile number maybe because it was a previously verified account - not sure if they require new accounts to be verified with a new mobile number however. As a bonus for the account didn't have to supply a payment method as it was an old account and kayo didn't require a payment method when it was created, so what that means is if I forget to cancel in the last month I can't be charged because it's an old account that didn't require payment verification to set up and validate.

      I'm not sure but I think kayo do require payment verification for new accounts now (which might require a new credit card not used for kayo before)? Can someone confirm this?

      • I’m in a very similar boat to you. I’ve got two Kayo accounts and I just bounce between the two. It’s mostly for AFL so I didn’t sign up during summer. I didn’t have to add payment details. They may have the old credit card on file from when I set up the account. Those credit cards have since been cancelled anyway.

    • You can't apply the promo codes to active Kayo accounts, only for new or lapsed Kayo accounts. Doesn't stop you from using 2 different Kayo accounts in rotation though, every 3 months.