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Google Chromecast 3 and Nest Mini Bundle $89 @ Harvey Norman


Good price if you need both

Price down from $138

Chalk also available

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • Price may further go down as there is a speculation that Google will announce new streaming TV stick and new speaker very soon(July 8?).

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    Good price if you need both

    Not really.

    Got the Nest mini the other week for $19, so paying $70 for a chromecast does not make for a good deal.

  • Given 4K TV's are fast becoming the norm and likely the go-to for any new TV purchase, I'm not sure this Chromecast is a good purchase. If you have a FUllHD tv and no plans to buy a new 4kTV then it's a great piece of tech though. I have the original chromecast on my 6 year old FUllHD tv and it's probably one of the best value purchases. Getting a non-4K streaming box/dongle today feels a bit iffy

  • was thinking of getting a chrome cast, but saw other spin offs like miracast and anycast.

    does anyone know if the above work like chrome cast? its cheaper and need it for android and iPhone.

    • Miracast/Anycast are generic casting protocols which will possibly (but not guaranteed) to work with a number of devices. What you may find is that some devices/applications won't allow you to cast content like Netflix/Stan/Foxtel using them. Also Miracast/Anycast tend to only support casting the whole of device screen whereas Chromecast is smart enough to only cast the content you require.

      The beauty of Chromecast is that content providers support and have bought into the system.

  • Need a 2nd Chromecast so might hold out on the new offering.
    Just bought a Chromecast ethernet adaptor so hopefully the new one works with that.