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Purchase a New Budget Direct Car or Home Policy and Get a $40 eGift Card


Purchase a new Budget Direct car or home policy and get a $40 eGift card!

  1. Click ‘Get a Quote’ on this page to complete a new car or home insurance quote. Purchase that policy before the offer expiry date listed on your promotional email or letter

  2. Pass the relevant cooling-off period and we will email you a link to redeem your eGift card within 30 days!

~Offer only applies to a current Budget Direct customer who purchases a new eligible Budget Direct Car, Home and or Contents policy initiated online through the link provided in the invitation email or letter within the offer period stated in your email or letter. A new policy is only eligible for this promotion once it has been held continuously by you for 21 consecutive days. The Promotion is not open to customers renewing or varying their existing policies with Budget Direct. To be eligible for this promotion, you must meet our insurance underwriting criteria. See full T&Cs. Promoter: Auto & General Services Pty Ltd (ABN 61 003 617 909), PO Box 342, Toowong QLD 4066.


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  • Not sure if they still do it but if you get a quote and wait a week or two they keep increasing the gift card amount. Mine went from $40 to $50 to $70 before I went through with it.

  • Shouldn't the title say this is Targeted?

    • The description does say if you get a quote from them and purchase it, they will give you a gift card. I did a quote from them and got offered it. So I don't know why it would need to be targeted. It's automatic when you get a quote.

      • Ah ok. In the T&C's it says:

        Eligibility and Participation

        b. be an existing customer of the Promoter and receive via letter or email an invitation to participate in the Promotion;

        But if it works for you it works I guess.

  • I signed up and never received my $60

    • Has the cooling off period passed ?

      Interesting I just paid in full on the 30th and I expect to receive this offer from budget

      • Edit: just for clarity, couldn’t edit my original post

        Click 'Redeem Offer'.

        Buy Gold Comprehensive Insurance online.

        Pass the 21 day cooling-off period.

        You'll receive your eGift Card within 30 days of passing the cooling-off period.

        They are cheeky. Basically it’s up to a 51 day wait for the gift card.

  • In the market for a home and contents policy. What's the best way to determine which policy is best? I know of Canstar which rates Budget Direct 5 stars for home and contents insurance. Any other such websites?

  • Bear in mind, making a claim with Budget is VERY time consuming.
    They ask for every paperwork, police records, receipts, etc..

    It is not worth the cheaper rate compared to other insurers where they take over and do everything for you.
    Especially when you have to be placed in temp accommodation due to fire, flood, etc..

    • Then what your recommendation? Currently with Allianz and they are charging more every year.

      • I was with CGU (part of strata) they are average priced and good to deal with but they didn't cover discoverable plumbing (we had a water leak, and needed to demo few brick wall spots to find the leak, they wouldn't cover the brick repair)

        Keep in mind, suburb performance affects it, example: thefts, flooding, fire prone area.
        Also age and construction of the dwelling is a big one with pricing.
        I recommend to get a quote from multiple ones then look at the PDS for what they cover and what they don't.
        Like emergency accommodation, what is part of contents insurance, what is part of home insurance, etc..

        I'd break it down to an example like what happens if my house catches fire, does insurance cover emergency accommodation, repairs to the house, replace the contents? to what values?
        If house is flooded, do they provide emergency accommodation, repair subfloor, replace furniture etc..

    • I had to make a claim after a car accident. I couldn't fault budget direct apart from a long hold time to speak to the claims dept & you have to use their repairer, although they did a good job.

  • Don't you mean they add $40 to your premium, then you get $40 gift card back as a reward

  • Any one heard about poncho insurance for car, ran by IAG and started this year. It seems very cheap(from 110/ month with budget to 55/month). If all companies are difficult to deal on claims, they why pay more for insurance. Just a thought,and need your input.

  • is it bingle or budget direct that only do a market price for comprehensive car insurance? thats how they will rip you off later..

  • Where can the gift card be redeemed?

  • do you have to go through this link? cause i signed up with Budget as a new customer a few weeks ago with my policy to commence later this month

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    I pay for these in my premiums. Grubs. Wont be renewing next year with them.