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Nintendo Switch Grey Console (2019 Version) $399.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Grey Joy-Con (2019 version)

Longer Battery Life
The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles
Providing single and multiplayer thrills at home
Enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose

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  • I am seeing $448.00 with no seller detail?

  • Back to normal price now.

  • Has it been cheaper than this before?

  • Camel says : Type Lowest Price Date
    Amazon $371.95 7 months ago

  • We need this price with game XD

  • Does it only come with 1 controller?

    • Comes with 2 joycons (to attach to the console) which when on the console behave as one controller, but in table top mode (when the joycons are slid out) they can act as 2 controllers in games such as mario kart.

      So pretty much 2 controllers but if you’re playing by yourself they’ll be used as one controller.

      • So it only can be used as a single controller while connected to a tv?

        • They come off the side of the device and can be used when on tv or not. Lots of video on YouTube showing you how they work. Its a good design.

      • really it's one controller than can be split for some multiplayer games, definitely wouldn't count that as two controllers.

        • Officially it should be a single controller but lots of games support them as separate controllers. Mario Kart is good example.

  • Does "2019 version" mean this is a Switch V1?

    • 2019 is the latest version.

    • No, the 2019 version comes with the slightly improved screen and increased battery life. It is a 3 year old console now.

      • The 2019 version also can't run homebrew and mods versus the older one. That one is probably the one most want due to being able to play pirated games.

  • That was fast to bring the price back to $449

  • neon red and blue still 448

  • Why is this so popular?

    • Switch consoles are so difficult to come by due to what seems to be stock shortage worldwide.

      Used consoles are selling at over $350 online. People are going crazy for ‘em.

      • They used sold regularly for $350 pre-corona. You can easily get $400 or more for used console still

    • It is endorsed by OzBargain, hence every time a Nintendo 720p Switch lands on a store shelf, this community explodes with advertising for this toy.

      • It’s a popular device so naturally will receive many upvotes when it’s at its cheapest price in months.
        I find it odd that you mention the resolution of the console as if it was a bad thing when it’s actually very high compared to previous handheld consoles. Also odd you’d classify video game console as toys

        • Probably from the PC master race looking down.

          • @Spiderboy: Hmmm, maybe. I'm primarily a PC gamer but really like the Switch as well. They're hardly comparable.
            The 720p screen isn't even an issue since it's only a 6.2" display and it goes to FHD when connected to a TV.

            • @FireRunner:

              and it goes to FHD when connected to a TV

              Not in the most graphically demanding titles. Even Breath of the Wild, a Wii U port, only manages 900p, and still has frame drops at that res.

              It's very weak hardware in 2020, and obviously very overpriced in that respect.

              …but the exclusive games are still some of the very best you can play in 2020. (I have a $1300 2060 Super gaming rig but mostly use it to play Breath of the Wild on an emulator).

              Plus it has the best family couch co-op games. Plus portability.

              • @ItsMeAgro: Good points. In the handheld realm it’s definitely king, what other device is this powerful and has such great games? In the home console realm it’s certainly less impressive. Perhaps if the dock included a more powerful GPU, it would be much more competitive in the home console market. Nintendo haven’t really been concerned with raw power so unlikely we’ll see such an eGPU dock.

  • Sold my original launch day model for 400 just the other day with shonky Joycons and all (I did say this though and they were aware), feel proper good right now.

    • Until you realised you sold the desirable unpatched version that a niche group of people would pay $500+ for

      • I had a couple who hit me up asking for the serial and stuff and I had 400 ONO on there for it, I also had a spare (new) dock, another JC grip, and a memory card. Neither of those dudes bothered to follow up. One straight up said bugger it. I'll live.

        In all honestly, as much as I'm sure if I waited I could have got someone to pay more, 400 for my old Switch crap, within a day of listing, is more than fine with me. I couldn't be bothered getting the Joycon repaired and absolutely couldn't justify buying a new set either, so selling that for 400, and buying a Switch Mini for just under 300 since I never play on the tele anyway is fine with me. I wouldn't feel comfortable ripping someone off that much tbh.

        • Doesn’t Nintendo offer free repairs/replacement for faulty joy-cons outside the 1yr warranty period? Also the Switch Lite is made using the same joy-con technology, it’ll probably suffer joy-con drift again which is worse since you’ll need to send in the whole console for repairs instead of just the controllers.

      • I wouldn't sell even for 1k

    • I would easily pay up to $550-600 for your unpatched console so would many. I wouldn't care if it had a controller.

      Your buyer got a good deal!

      • I'll give you a PM I guess if they decide the busted Joycon are too much to deal with.

        Nah but legit though I do have a buddy who's in pretty much the same sitch, I don't know if his was launch day but I know he got it in the first couple months of availability, his Joycon shit themselves and he's looking at the Switch mini as well. If you genuinely are after an unpatched one I can hit him up, tbh he'd probs just want to cover the cost of a replacement Switch, be it mini or otherwise.

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