Mike Shellenberger's New Book: "Apocalypse NEVER" available (on Audible, for Kindle & in Hardcover)

Mike once did a bit of fear-mongering, just as a 17-year-old Swede - Greta Thunberg - has been doing recently, ie, B4 he looked (beyond his peers' limits &) into Nuclear Energy, for himself.

You can pretty much ignore much of what follows, below, ie, if you want to get a feel for who this book's author is, just view the YouTube record of this 2017 Press Conf., fr COP23:

  • "James Hansen & Michael Shellenberger: Nuclear Power? Are Renewables Enough?"

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1f4BKsFrCA

  • As Shellenberger says at the end: "WE SIDE WITH SCIENCE (SWS)"

(To OzB readers, I say: If you don't SWS, it's your loss… ;~)

In case you missed Sky News Aust's several Calm, Crisp, 10m-interview segments with the author, try these:

(earlier named "Hero of the Environment,"
by Time magazine):

Mike Shellenberger's latest book
came out on 30th June:

  • "Apocalype Never" (Hardcover +
    Audible + Kindle)

(Possible Money Savers:
+ Got Amazon Prime & Never had Audible trial?
You can choose 2 free audiobooks, 1 of which
could be this book's)

Kindle edition: Cheaper in AU than US:
+ US$ 14.99 or AU$ 14.99 [buy it here]

(Of course, the aud.bok can be accessed
across several of your devices, as can
the Kindle format.)

And you'll still be able to pick 1 more
free audio book, ie, before your
Audible Trial month ends.)

Mike names names, especially when covering California stories political antics & corruption, in recent past, etc.

Earlier portions covers history of
the Pro- & - later - Anti-Nuclear
environmental organizations, powerful
enough to stop new nuclear constructions
& cause existing Green Nuclear plants
to be closed, even when doing so soon
lead to big increases in GHG emissions!

Chapters include:

1: It’s Not the End of the World
2: Earth’s Lungs Aren’t Burning
3: Enough with the Plastic Straws
4: The Sixth Extinction Is Canceled
5: Sweatshops Save the Planet
6: Greed Saved the Whales, Not Greenpeace
7: Have Your Steak and Eat It, Too
8: Saving Nature Is Bomb <=[On Nuclear]
9: Destroying the Environment to Save It
10: All About the Green
11: The Denial of Power
12: False Gods for Lost Souls

(As to Reviews, Amazon has plenty of "bigger names" than mine, reviewing the book, in depth; so, I defer to them.)

PS If, after you've read and/or listened to
the book, you haven't decided, that Nuclear's
the answer… go back & read the sections on
Germany's Very CO$TLY pivot from Nuclear to
Wind + PV Solar…

And… hear what John Kutsch says [at
NPS.edu] about, eg, SA's huge Battery,
from Elon Musk's co.

Fact Check it all to your heart's content, &
maybe even sample some of the 240 podcasts,
of interviews with many of the present-day
"Titans of Nuclear" <==(also the name of
the podcast), available, eg, in app iHeart.

Meanwhile CML continues to Attract &
encourage start-ups & designers of SMRs
(Small Modular Reactors), who are happy
to build their Prototypes in Canada, &
on their secure sites.

(IAEA's free: "SMR-book_2018.pdf" gives
many of the details.)

You could learn a Lot about Energy
in the time some of you spend Home, &
AU needs you to do just that, IMO.

(We've got a PM, who took Coal into
Parliament, working against sane &
cost-effective Energy policy.)

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    We don't need no stinking Coal-fueled Power!
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    I'm with Trump: Save the Coal-Miners' jobs!
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    I'm with Yang: MATH Make Aussies Think Harder!
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  • Cheers big ears

  • Please

  • I don't understand the benefit of going nuclear when solar wind and battery is already the cheapest option.
    According to a recent report by Beyond Zero Emissions, if we were to push for zero emissions it would create over a million jobs.

    • IF you're a property owner renting out all the LAND needed for the PV Solar farm, you win, but Wind & Solar Energy-Density is VERY LOW.

      Jobs? Who pays the wages/salaries for all those imaginary jobs?

      You're asking for a HUGE increase in Power Bills AND a lot of dangerous "make work" jobs, repairing & replacing panels windgenerators…

      I guess you don't care about all the birds, who'll be killed or injured as they fly thru windgenerator blades.

      Before you decide about Wind, see if you can get any data on past/existing Wind-farm BIRD-KILLS. Most Won't Reveal them, unless gov't demand it in law (& enforce the Law).

      This is all in the book, if you don't want to Read it, get the Audio Book fr Audible.

    • When you say:

      • "solar, wind & battery is already the cheapest option"

      I -KNOW- you haven't "Done the Math"


      • Compute the "Whole-of-Life-Cycle" cost of "solar, wind & battery" for the same 50+ years, that Nuclear PP's will last for.

      Hint: Be sure to include: Transportation to & from site, Repairs & Replacement,
      Recycling [in a developing country]

  • PS If, after you've read and/or listened to
    the book, you haven't decided, that Nuclear's
    the answer… go back & read the sections on
    Germany's Very CO$TLY pivot from Nuclear to
    Wind + PV Solar…

    I think the tin foil hat is squeezing your brain too hard. I'm sure Sky news political alignments have nothing to do with this lunatic author getting airtime.

    Also please learn how to format so you have less breaks in your sentences.

  • Bigger holes for a better australia

    • Mining Uranium (&, later, Thorium)
      to fuel Liquid-Fuel MSRs will take
      very little "stuff" from the Earth.

      Any exposed "hole" will be Nothing
      like Kalgoorlie's Super Pit,
      I guarantee it.

  • Is this a bot or something?

    • Check and remember
      the username…. after awhile
      you will be
      able spot
      his posts at
      a glance…

  • Who here thinks AU's Prime Minister ISN'T "owned" by a Toxic Coal Industry?

    You know he took a big chunk of Coal into Parliament, to show other MPs "coal's NOT dangerous"

    That's AU Gov't's LOW level of debating-logic.

    Compare to [Ontario] Canada, who - in its time - "did the Math" (in this case, "How much $$ would we SAVE on Health Care costs, if we invested in Nuclear Energy., so many wouldn't be make sick, by toxic smoke from nearby Coal Powered Plants?")

    …and people's Health won over Fossil-Fuel co. Profits.

    That's CA Gov't's HIGHER level of Intelligence,
    that continues to make Canadians Healthier than Aussies (who live neat Coal Power Plants).

    Scroll down at Live.GridWatch.CA to see how much Electricity Ontario EXPORTS to USA (reportedly, at very good rates, from Seller's perspective).

    IF you don't see value in Good Health & Profits, that Nuclear brings to Ontario, etc., EITHER you aren't capable of thinking outside the box (eg, can't generalize those value propositions, from CA to AU) OR you're just not thinking for Aussies' good. (Maybe you work for Big Coal?)

    Last time I checked (~2012), QLD's Coal Miners were still getting BLACK LUNG DISEASE (the one that killed my Mum's Dad). The ABC's web site carried that story, at the time.

    As an Aussie, who CARES, I find your "argument-free" Ad Hominem FALLACY & failure to care about your mates (ie, other Aussies) puts you Out.

    Fact Check & Pivot to a Smarter Position.

    Learn about the New (Liquid-Fuel, MSR) Nuclear due ~2030 or earlier, from folks who DON'T work for Fossil-Fuel interests… eg, AU's PM & Dep PM, etc.

    Denmark has a bright Engineer, who communicates clearly in this TED talk:

    • YouTube "Pedersen TEDxCopenhagen" (18 min.)

    If that lifts your boat from the bottom, invest 2 hours to hear John Kutsch's (2 hr) talk at NPS.edu (search that site for his name).

    Lotsa good jobs in Nuclear Energy for those who aren't tainted by Fake Facts sponsored by Big Coal… Maybe let your kids know about Nuclear, so they can compete for some of those Really Good jobs.

    Want to hear interviews of (over 240) people in Nuclear Energy? Go find podcasts of "Titans of Nuclear" (eg, in app "iHeart")

    "Try it, you'll Like it!"

    • Coal is australias renewable energy gift to the world!

      • If so, it's a Trojan Horse of a Gift:

        Live too close to the toxic smoke or
        coal tailings, & you're on your way
        to getting a lung disease.

        Who pays the cost of treatments for that?
        We do, as well as victims' families.

        I'd rather put that money into building
        Safe, Clean + Green, Liquid-Fuel MSR.

    • Thanks for the 1st of those, we knew
      about Siberia's "heatwave" from an
      early am alert.

      I've asked Mike to Comment or Rebutt.

      • Choosing words carefully.

        I'm glad that you found that article about him useful. Read again maybe if you need to.

        His various motives are all transparent, but you were or are blind to them, just because trying to view from a hobbyhorse?
        He is just latest in very long line, except it would seem, with a proper wannabe-cultleader dimension to the bookselling fervour.

        Layers in the apologist-for obfuscation-of, shitcake. Nuclear is just thin layer masquerading as a thick one, in what he, seemingly, is up to.
        Layers and levels of non-nuclear fossil fuel pollution distraction, various denial of stark climate and related shifts, role, in making dire weather-related events more prevalent and with tendency to more extreme when they do happen. Pages of tweets directed at Greta Thunberg. All there along with some barely masked Bolsonaro-boosting by distraction default, in a freewheeling mess.

        You can easily pick out his true motivations, if you look carefully enough.
        Mike also appears not to quite grasp the catastrophic loss that we are on the very edge of.

        Hobbyhorse included in the thought, IVI, a need to think about time-lag and thermal-lag at the same time.
        In strife and we need to go with existing technologies, scaled vastly, quickly. Preferably with recent and not so recent refinements, applied. Some lag there, too.

        Sooner rather than later, focus will shift to CO² and other greenhouse gas capture/conversion. Some sequestered physically in stable geology undersea, and elsewhere.
        Part may involve created crapton of zeolites. Other things down track and in desperation, less desirable.

        Anything timely and enough? That comes with an obvious answer.

        Maybe the loss of The Great Barrier Reef and extraordinary myriad of life supported by it, will act as a catalyst? It's certainly possible that all of us might find that out within this decade, at present pace. Here's hoping not.

        Fun talk.

        Some of these took quite the re-finding, but each worth a click. Bits, pieces, puzzle-pieces, possibilities, that you may have missed -








        In the ocean down your way, off the coast of SA

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