Eufy Robovac 11s Slim $269 + Delivery @ Kogan / Dick Smith


Dicksmith and Kogan has the same price. Found 17k reviews with 4.5 ratings on Amazon. I believe it is a good price.

My total with delivery came to $281.99


start3r found a better deal

$279.97 delivered via

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan


  • I got one of these and i got a xiaomi S5 - the xiaomi is a mile better but it cost me double

    If you got a simple set layout at home or small place the Eufy will work fine

    • I've had an eufy for a while. Pretty good quality and does the job, but of course, you still need to do a deep clean every now and then with a normal vacuum cleaner as these thing can't reach everywhere. The good thing about eufy if that i was able to find replacement parts from third party sellers which cost you a lot less than the original ones (except a replacement battery, which i decided to buy from anker directly).

      • How long did your battery last until you had to replace it? What parts needed replacing?

        • I replaced the battery after 2 years because it lasted somewhere between 30_45 minutes, especially when you used it on carpets, where it used more suction power. The other parts where the rolling brush underneath, the little brushed that go on the sides and the vacuum filters. You are supposed to replace those Last 2 often as they wear out, the rolling brush, if you clean it constantly, will last a lot!

  • $279.97 delivered via as an alternative

  • Looks like Amazon price match? Hence free Prime delivery: