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[NSW] Free 6.6kW/5kW Solar System: Pay 10.8c/kWh (10% off) for Solar Electricity for 5 Years, Full Ownership after @ Powapower


Hi Guys,

This is a follow-up post for the previous deal. We were doing a small test run last time and we now officially launched our Gday Powa Solar Plan.

Zero upfront installation cost. Cheaper electricity cost as low as 12c per kWh. PAYG - you only pay what the solar system generates. Plus the system is yours after 5 years.

In response to the previous post, we have decided to let all ozbargainers have 10% off their solar plan. You just need to mention you are a fellow ozbargainer.

No more solar jargons. No more worries about poor quality solar. Save from Day one!

Youtube is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JaViOzIfzk

Please check our website for details: https://www.powapower.co/

Feel free to contact us at: 1300 076 920 email: [email protected]

the Powa team

System Details

6.6kW Panels: 22 x 300W or 21 x 315W Tier One
5kW Growatt or Goodwe Dual MPPT Inverter

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  • So what’s the total cost to me?

    • I don't think they can predict that, because it's entirely dependent on your solar generation.

  • Is their a minimum cost?

    • Yeah, 10% off free.

    • Per FAQ.
      The energy will be measured and charged based on the overall solar system generation.

      So what you pay is based on how well the panels perform.

      Say if panels generate 25kW a day (reasonable if you have optimal orientation) you would pay 25 x 365 x 5 x 0.108 = $4927.5

      If the panels produce more energy than you consume (and with feed in tariffs less than they charge you for production) you would be better off covering the panels with blankets to reduce the production.

      • Based on the posts on some forums, most family can generate about 40-50 kw a day.

        Let’s use 40kw a day, then 5 years cost is 7,884.
        For now install solar cost about $3000-4000. (Depends on there brand, this deal may use cheap panel). So if your yearly bill is more than $1000, then it’s OK.

        Please keep in mind in the first 5 years, most family will pay more.(for me it’ll double my bill)

        • but if you’re currently paying 25c/Kwh and your first 40 Kwh are 10.8c/Kwh wouldn’t you be saving?

        • Assuming the system generate 40kw/day
          An average household use during daytime let's say 5kw/day at 15.3c/kw off-peak charge
          FIT let's say 7c/kw
          Without Solar you would pay $1396 for 5 years off peak charge
          In 5 years, you would pay them $7884 but you save $1396 from the off peak charge and also get FIT 35kw/day at 7c $4471 credit. So total out of pocket is $2017.

          Compare to a let's say $4000 system upfront.
          In 5 years you would save $1396 from off peak use, $4471 credit so $1867 credit. So almost no different at all.

          Based on what I've found, most systems only generate 20-25kw on average. At 25kw/day, you would be $976 out of pocket with them and $49 credit on a $4000 upfront system.

          In most case I would say you would be better off going with them. But that's assuming their system is comparable to other $4000 system.

          If you use more off-peak then the deal gets even better

          P.S. This is all assuming we can use FIT to offset the cost. If not, you would be much better off getting a system upfront.

        • No way will you generate 40-50 kWh per day on average, especially in NSW.
          I have a 5/5 system facing North East in WA and my summer average is 27.

      • If you keep FIT, no need for blanket as FIT is comparable. So in the worst case you are not paying anything (assuming FIT is close to 10-12c), if you consume you are paying less and you have the system after 5 years. Looks like a good deal, certainly better comparing to having no solar system installed. Another question - is it better comparing to just buying the system? Not so obvious, depends on quality of panels and inverter installed, for cheap system may be better to buy it outright.

        • Origin has once got some plan at 20c/kWh and the energy australia I just signed up for with the $200 cashreward has 10.5c FIT which I believe covers all the cost?

      • Few corrections here…

        The units are kWh, a unit of energy (3600 kJ), while kW is an instantaneous unit of power (1kJ/s).

        We’ve had a 6.6kW completely north facing system in SEQ for 2.5 years and total generation is 23.7kWh/day. That’s before export. After internal solar use, it’s 19.5kWh/day. That’s with two people who work during the day and very infrequently use AC/heating. We use substantially less as a couple than the average single person according to our power company (even before we got solar).

        Anyway, doubtful they’d get 25kWh per day net export.

  • Is this 10% on top of 10% Direct Debit discount?

  • I paid upfront elsewhere and got return-on-investment in 2 years.


      Interesting idea, but yeah even in Melb I paid mine off in 4yrs.

    • No shit, that's their business model. They provide the capital and get the profits for a while, you get the asset at the end.

  • "Our solar suppliers: only trusted brands in solar - …..HUAWEI…..


    So how does it work?

    • They install the system for nix,
    • You keep the 7.3c FIT,
    • But you pay 10.8c for whatever is produced (whether you use it or feed it back into the grid).
    • in 5yrs it's yours to keep & you don't give them anything else & get to pocket the FIT?
    • Can we use feed in tariff rebate to offset 10.8c?

      • +1 vote

        Yeah I'm guessing. So you're still paying 3.5c to export. Your better off covering up the panels when you're not using electricity.

      • +1 vote

        10% off so it is less than 10c. AGL you can get as high as 21c. Dodo is 12c? A lot of other retailer offer north of 10c.


      Hi, I think you should consume at least part of generation, right? That's at least 23,24 cents, if not 30cents of saving.

    • You have to remember this is for NSW, where higher FIT can be obtained. Also no State Government incentives as there are in VIC.

  • Can the existing solar owners(people who already claimed the govt rebate) can join this program at $0 CAPEX?


      Yes. You can still put another/new system on your roof, if your roof and your connection condition allow.

  • What happens if the solar unit fails within the 5 years?

    • good question, solar industry has a lot of scam models.


        It will be covered by the Product Warranty and our Installation Warranty as required by CEC. Check with our representative for details. We only work with Tier one panels and branded inverters.

          1. Will your company carry out the actual warranty service or some other Sub-contractors within that 5 years?

          2. If your company goes bankrupt within 5 years time what’s happens to the solar panels installed? What’s happens to the contract and electricity rate?


            @pelanalcon: We carry the warranty.
            If say we go bankrupt within 5 years then I guess you don't need to pay the electricity to anybody anymore.

            • @Powa Power: The obligation to pay would likely persist after bankruptcy and may be sold on to someone else, but if a system actually fails then it won’t be generating anything and there is nothing to pay for.

      • They'd better get good once or their business model doesn't work.

  • Can you detail how generation is measured and uploaded?

  • What are the default system specs?

    What options exist for specifying parts used?


    Please refer to Homepage-> What solar options do I have

  • So I only pay for what the system generates? So during the night or on a poor solar day who pays for what I pull from the grid?

    • your job pays for it, maybe the government if you are jobseeker.

    • You are still liable for supply charges and grid drawn power at you normal rates. The 10.8c/kWh is only for self consumed power.

      I’m still curious on how it’s measured. The YouTube video talks about using approved meters, but not sure that is possible for behind the meter power.


        We use a NMI approved meter to measure the actuall energy output.

      • It is bound to be a wifi-connected inverter that is set at install time to upload generation data to the inverter maker and is set up so that both the installer and you have access to the data. Then they just bill you off that. If the connection fails then they may estimate or the number can be read directly from the inverter display.

        There are other ways it could be done, but that is by far the simplest as no additional hardware or software is required.

        edit: perhaps not based on the comment above. They may install an extra approved meter to make this measurement instead.

  • Interesting, do you do installation jn Canberra?

    • This is my common niggle with these solar deals. Does NSW mean metro Sydney, country areas? Queanbeyan?

      It'd be nice if installers posted service coverage maps on their websites.

  • You would expect FiT to go much lower in the near future. And in three years potentially negative, as we get to the point of excess energy during the day.

    What happens if at some point the FiT becomes negative? Is there a contract clause to cover such situations?

  • Is this offer available in VIC?

  • Not really Free is it?

  • How do you make money when the solar system is free?

    • They get about $2.50/day for 5 years per system

      • @Steptoe I am interested in this kind of deal (PPA) I have made a post about it here but not many responsed. I was wondering if a system will cost me cash outright for $5000 then the same system with this PPA i will be worse off $5000 + $2.5/day over 5 years ($4450) roughly ? Thank you

        • why it is $5000 + $2.5/day? I thought it is just the $2.5/day and you may save a bit of money on your electricity bill.

          • @yfxsmike: @yfxsmike I am not sure hence the question, if we only pay $2.5/day and after 5 years on ownership I guess it works the same if not worth more than finance the whole system. How do the company make the profit? It sounds too good to be true though

            • @420dream: I believe you can see PPA as finance the system as you pay back your money over a five-year contract. The only good thing about this is that you don't need to worry about the warranty of the system as the company wants the system in good shape or they don't get their money.

              • @yfxsmike: Well i guess that is not too bad considering during the contract term if anything happens they will come to get it fixed rather than if i go to cheap solar company that hire cheapest subbie and wont even bother to come back to fix anything.

  • im so confused!
    Cheaper electricity cost as low as 12c per kWh (for self consumption). PAYG - you only pay what the solar system generates.

    The first sentence makes it sound like you only pay for what you use. the second sentence makes it sound like you have to pay for the extra electricity that the solar system makes. =S

    so do we pay for it or not?
    if we do, do we get paid by the grid for whatever excess is sent out? and does this cover the cost we have to pay?


      You pay whatever the system generates. The excess (generated by solar system but exported to the grid) you will get paid your electricity retailer under a Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme.

    • As most people are out at work, to make use of the solar power would be ideal to set staggered delays on dishwasher, washing machine, dryer etc throughout peak daylight hours. Otherwise in this scenario your paying them a premium over regular FIT, and then getting stung with peak grid tariffs.

  • I am interested in exploring a similar offering in Vic? Don't want to wants to hijack this threat, Please PM me if anyone can recommend a company. Thanks

    • Hey mate, i am in the process of getting my 2nd solar system with battery through Origin VPP (i contacted their subsidiary Horen & Bird). They offer very competitive package, for me it is 5.28kw panels + sungrow hybrid inverter + 7kwh BYD battery for 8.25k. If you are qualified for vic rebate and loan then your upfront cost will be $4550 ($1850 rebate + 1850 loan).

      The catch is that you have to be part of origin for 5 years, and they have access to your battery at any time (they pay you credit if they use the battery and $300 is given to you in the first year no matter what). Another thing is that you will get 20c FIT through their solar boost plus plan for 2 years.

      I am still waiting for their assessment, they said they will send installer out to discuss the installation after getting approval from the grid.

  • So what if i turn off the inverter or cover the panels with blanket? Does it mean i use electricity for free?

  • Just wondering if anyone took the offer and any feedback?

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