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Apple AirPods Pro $323 + Delivery @ Rosman Computers ($306.85 with Officeworks Pricebeat)


Hi everyone!

Rosman has lowered their price for AirPods Pro once again - at $323. There are plenty of stock in Sydney and Melbourne (25+). I personally decided to pull the trigger and managed to price beat at Officeworks in the Sydney Store for $306.85. Was a very smooth process so it seems like other people have also been doing so.

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    Why is the Airpods Pro getting so much discount even though it is not a year old yet?

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      ye ikr, can only dream of this many % discount on iPhone

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      Because they aren't worth $400 at all. I paid around $230 and that was still painful and I still don't think it was worth it. $400 is nearly a Nintendo Switch, $230 is like half a Nintendo Switch.

      Someone replied to my criticisms about the Airpods (e.g. throwing them out when you can no longer charge them, the cost etc.) with comments like "wireless earphones are so convenient, I can walk to the other side of the room without picking up my phone" but honestly, whilst it is convenient, it's not game-changing at all, for me anyway. If I had earphones plugged into my Mac and had to go use the bathroom and I was listening to music or watching Youtube, I'd just pause it and walk away then come back — being able to listen to whatever I'm listening to for an extra 90 seconds or 5 minutes is not a big deal.

      Maybe I'm too much of a tightass, but I know how much I'm willing to pay for things (and it's usually never RRP).

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        Agree. It’s not worth $399. Hell even the standard AirPods aren’t worth $249. Of course I’ve never paid RRP for these, and despite being a long time iPhone and accessories user you can get better bang for buck elsewhere.

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          I wonder who else feels this way after purchasing them (even during the eBay sale)? I have 3 votes so maybe three other people feel the same way.

          The lack of having a wire doesn't make much of a difference for me at all, although say for example I had them paired to an iPad and I was watching a video recipe or something when cooking it might be useful, but then I could just use the iPad's speakers…

          Maybe it's a consolation to those who missed out on the eBay sale (as I did although I still paid less than someone in the eBay sale) but these are not worth anything over $200 and wireless earbuds are just overrated in general.

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        Each to their own, I’ve really enjoyed using the AirPods Pro and paid around $360 when it launched. Was using the galaxy buds before and imo the AirPods Pro are much better. Obviously the price is much steeper too.

        • That's fair. I mean, it's a decent product and the engineering and development deserves praise, but the extra convenience of being wireless doesn't value them anywhere near the RRP for me personally. Guess Apple won't be adding as much to their R&D budget with consumers like me.

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            @Ghost47: It’s not so much the wireless but the ANC and pass through that costs big bucks. You aren’t getting those on wired earbuds for very cheap either.

            • @southaussiewithcosi: Yes that’s true, the ANC bumps the price up a lot. I don’t think it’s quite justified though.

              I understand Bose and Sony ANC headphones are something like $400 too, that’s steep too IMO and I wouldn’t pay full price for those either.

      • iPaid 399 for the Airpods and $49 for the Care plus omg

        • Use the care to get a battery replacement before it expires <3

          • @brnaodn: its free replacement anyway for battery issues within 2 yrs..
            I bought care plus just in case I drop it and I step on it :/

      • How did you manage getting these at $230?

        • OW price beat with Rosman, and used a $100 VISA gift card I received from work, so I was out of pocket $230.

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            @Ghost47: Well done son

            • @dealcrown: Thanks, the gift card was very timely, if I didn't receive that I wouldn't have pulled the trigger.

      • i enjoy wireless earphones. specifically for the gym. i own the Bose SoundSport Free
        it is just for convenience really, im happy for loss of audio quality just for that

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          Wireless buds are good for exercise, won’t deny that. I usually just put up with the wire if I’m listening to music or whatever.

      • The only thing Apple is worth is their share price, instead buying iphones and airpods but their stock.

      • You think people here are going to Sony direct and paying $450 for the WH-1000XM3? Does that make it not worth $450, or do people just think they are getting a great deal when the price comes down?

        At $300, these are a fair price for anyone who is already in the Apple 'ecosystem'. The situation you described is just one example to use them in, and it seems like you aren't even making the most of the features before calling it out.

        People have this stigma that Apple products aren't worth it for some reason, but these outperform almost every wireless earphone on the market but look a hell of a lot better than the ones that out it in ANC and sound.

        • You think people here are going to Sony direct and paying $450 for the WH-1000XM3? Does that make it not worth $450, or do people just think they are getting a great deal when the price comes down?

          I'm sure that people have paid full price for them. It's both, they aren't worth RRP (IMO) and of course if the price drops people are going to think they are getting a deal, and possibly a good one depending on how far the price drops. That's them, not me.

          At $300, these are a fair price for anyone who is already in the Apple 'ecosystem'.

          In your opinion. After having purchased a pair at $230, I really don't think they're anything special (I don't even use them most days) and a pair of noise isolating wired earphones isn't much of an inconvenience at all compared to a pair of wireless earbuds. A good pair of IEMs will last several years if treated well and provide better sound quality for less.

          People have this stigma that Apple products aren't worth it for some reason, but these outperform almost every wireless earphone on the market but look a hell of a lot better than the ones that out it in ANC and sound.

          Sure, they are a good product but nowhere near worth $400 or $300 especially when they will literally be in the bin after 2-3 years when the battery can no longer hold a charge. That is the difference, you can't repair them. Compare this to a Nintendo Switch which you could open up and replace the battery inside yourself. Compare this to a $400 computer monitor which will last you several years (at the very least).

          For the convenience of having no wire and ANC, and after purchasing these and also knowing how much my money is worth, and as I said in another comment somewhere, I simply would not spend >$250 on these. If you are willing to pay >$300, then good for you. Not everyone has the same willingness to pay.

          Imagine the housing market, do you think houses are actually worth >$1 million when in the end a house is just a bunch of bricks, mortar, wood and land? Do you think 2 bedroom apartments that go for ~$800,000 are actually worth that much when all you are getting is a small place to live? I don't. Many people do because "that's simply what the market is". ANC headphones/earphones (i.e the ANC headphone market) command a premium because of the ANC, it doesn't mean I have to agree with the pricing of them.

    • Because most Apple products have a reseller margin 2% - 10% and Airpods are much more margin so resellers have room to discount them.

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    Got price matched at Chatswood OW

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        You don't need a receipt. You can just do the price match with OW over the phone or show the reps in store the link posted by the op.

        Also, "please" wouldn't go astray…

        • sorry, missed "please" in rush :) thanks for clarifying.

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    Got Hornsby officeworks to price match today :)
    Took about 3 staff members to confirm the pricing. But got it matched in the end.

  • Would Officeworks price match this even though there are no Rosman stores in my state (SA)?

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      Call them and place the order. They’ll send it to you free delivery too.

      • could you give more details on how to place the order?

        • Just phone OW and ask for a price beat. They will then ask for the item name/number and look it up the website you've stated. Once approved, they'd just get your payment details and process the purchase. Also, free metro delivery on orders over $55

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        Who, Rosman or Officeworks?

    • I price matched at OW Parafield.

  • Forgot I have 20 credit at rosman

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      I use the AirPod pros. I think they’re great, fit well and I haven’t had an issue with them.

      • They don’t fit everyone though, I have 2nd gen and can only use 1 the other falls out.
        Got beats studio wireless new for $250.

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          Regular Airpods don't go in your ear canal, the Airpods Pro insert into your ear canal and have various sized silicon tips.

          I'd say that the Airpods Pro would fit a much wider group of people than the regular Airpods (which are basically wireless earpods).

          • @Ghost47: No kidding. No good to me though, just saying.

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          2nd gen? I think you’ve mixed up AirPod Pro and AirPod 2. Hence your comment on fit, these pros are the best for earbuds on the market. I have many earbuds, Sony, Jabra, Galaxy and AirPod pros are the best.

  • Tried getting price match at OW a few weeks ago, went into two stores and called their number but no luck with the price match. They kept on saying they were out of stock at Rosman, but clearly they still had stock in other warehouses but not in my location.

    • Call again. Just keep on trying. OW will price match just depends on who you get on the line.

    • Officeworks will only price match if the item is actually in stock at the store.

  • Can I somehow price match with Officeworks online or by phone?

  • The retailers have a 20% margin on apple accessories which is why there is normally price drops. iPads etc the margin is usually only 2-3%.

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    How do these compare to a QCYs?

    $30 vs $300.

    • Are you broke or budget conscious? If so… get a cheap one. Otherwise if you’re willing to spend $300 then I’d say the AirPods Pro are worth it. I’ve been using mine very often and it’s been real nice with ANC and audio pass through options.

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    Plenty of people swear by these, but I personally don't find any in - ear "pods" comfortable. I'll stick with what my younger trendier work colleagues call "grandad style" Bose QC35 ii. I've worn them so much, I've had to buy two new sets of ear pads.

    • My wife never use in-ear buds because they would be so uncomfortable and hurt her ears. I got a pair from the Ebay Plus deal so I told her to give them a try and if she doesn’t like them she could use the Airpods 2 instead. She absolutely loved the Pro. She said they were very comfortable and also sits tightly in the ears that she could go for a run with them. The active noise cancelling function is a bonus.

    • Funny, i'm the complete opposite. I really don't like on-ear/around ear headphones because they make my ears uncomfortable. Though the QC35s are probably one of the only around ear headphones I find tolerable except my open-back Sennheiser HD650s but they're not exactly a portable headphone.

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    I dont know if many people feel this way as this is OZB and we all are bargain hunters.
    But sometimes its best to buy from the smaller retailer as well instead of price-matching as they lowered the price for a reason.

    They gave out $20 voucher to most of the people for that price error on the hard drive.
    Would be a good gesture to use it and buy this from them

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    Great price. Absolutely love these Airpods Pro. Yes, they are too expensive and I doubt I would get another pair 2-3 years later. Hope they are only worth $150 by then.

  • I have purchased airpods from this shop. Shipping is fast

  • I wonder how the new LG will compare against this.

  • Need to add delivery unless in sydney

  • What is their pick up location in Sydney… their address shows near Helensburgh and shipping is additional $15 . Do they have shop in Sydney ?

    • Shop 17 Thirroul Plaza
      282 Lawrence Hargrave Drive
      Thirroul, NSW 2515

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    Thanks OP!

    Got priced beat by office works in Melbourne. They however added the shipping cost as there is no rosmancomputers stores in Mel.

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    Folks…bought one at officeworks store with price beat, though this my second airpod pro.

    Attempt 1: Called then for price beat but lady said she has to include $15 shipping as Rosman don't have store in SYDNEY. And they are also aware about this OZB deal post, they have got an instruction to include shipping

    Attempt 2: walked in officeworks store, picked up the item, went to counter and requested for pricebeat. Last checked online and confirmed the pricebeat.

    Just in case it helps anyone

    • Did they charge you shipping for the in-store attempt ?

      • No…they didn't

  • Also from Melb, Also got it price beat @ Officeworks, also had to include shipping.

    $323 + $15 = $338, 5% beat = $321.1

    Been looking around for airpods pro and happy with the purchase.

    • Same thing happened with me. Still a good price.

  • Just priced matched at the bourke st OW (Melbourne) without any issues.

    • Did they incorporate shipping?

  • I price matched this at Weatherill Park without any issues and no shipping added on top. I had ordered it through Allphones on eBay a few days ago but they refunded me and cancelled that order no questions asked.

  • Russell St OfficeWorks in Melbourne which was the only store in the CBD with stock wanted to add delivery, tried but there was no budging, will try another store tomorrow.

  • Stock in Melbourne warehouse is now shown as ‘Special order’, not sure if that might affect price beat with Officeworks. Be quick!

    • This was brought up in my phone call to OW's main 1300 #. It was eventually let through though and bought them. The selling point was that Perth shows 0 stock, while Melbourne shows "special order". Sort of implies that there is some stock. I still don't quite understand it because Rosman doesn't appear to have a physical Melbourne store (just a warehouse). I don't quite get OW's price match rules I guess. It says online stores are OK to price match, but shipping price is included in the match.

  • Thanks OP, OW price matched!

  • Anyone tried Price beat at JBhifi?

  • thanks OP. got OW to pricebeat (did not add shipping) and plenty of stock at my local.

  • Price matched at Officeworks Keswick (SA) without any hassle, but had to include shipping. $321.10 in the end.

  • Price match successful over the phone - $306.85. Click and collect from Keswick SA. Happy days

    • Did you call the Keswick store’s number?

      • No I called the 1300 OFFICE number. They offered to ship it out for $15 (Rosman's shipping cost) but also offered C&C so I just went for that.

        • Thought shipping was free for orders over $55??
          It’s dodgy for them to add $15 shipping to send it.

          • @FrugalNotStingy: I guess it's a price match for what it would cost me to buy in SA i.e. no local Rosman store here and would therefore have to pay the shipping.

            Edit - Not sure if he was actually saying the OW shipping was $15. I think what he meant was $15 added to the price. Either way same result.

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    Thanks OP. My local Officeworks pricematched, and didn't include postage. They said several others had pricematched Rosman this week. Two people immediately behind me were doing the same thing! Officeworks didn't seem particularly fussed about it.

  • Price-matched at Five Dock without postage cost.

  • Phoned two other OW without much success but price matched at Maribyrnong without the added shipping cost. Cheers

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    Thanks OP, just got it price matched over the phone without shipping costs added.

  • Got mine price matched in store without shipping last Friday! Thanks OP!

    Was unsuccessful over the phone

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