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[TAS] Bosch Blue GSB 18V-21 Kit with 2x 3.0ah Batteries & Charger - $130 @ Bunnings Mornington


Another deal from the team at my local Bunnings in Mornington (Tas)

The GSB 18V-21 is part of the "Entry level" Bosch professional tools I think.

It comes with 2 x 3.0ah lithium batteries and the GAL 1880 CV charger.

I found it took about 40 minutes or so to charge each of the supplied batteries.

The price of a 3.0ah battery is normally around the $100 mark so this is worth it for the 2 batteries alone.

They do look like "old" stock but I still got the 6 year extended warranty upon registering the tools.

Ideal if you're upgrading or just need some extra batteries and a spare drill skin.

The other thing I've noticed is that while it isn't a brushless drill, the brushes are designed to be easily changed out by just unscrewing a small round cover on each side of the tool.

Not sure if this is store specific.

Still about 8 on the shelf this morning.

Good luck :)

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  • Good deal at that price, noice

  • Nice price. I need a new drill. I might venture into my local Bunnings tomorrow here in Qld and see if they have it

  • Nice to see another fellow Tassie here.

  • Bosch stuff is great and I own one. My regret was not buying a brand where I can use the batteries for other tools. Makita and Ryobi come to mind.

    • There's a decent range of tools that take these batteries, not as many as Makita/Ryobi. I picked up a sander and vacuum.

      Total Tools sells a larger range than Bunnings.

  • I use the Bosch Blue system and it's great and never lets me down even after 8 years of the same batteries. Though as mentioned above, I do get jealous of Makita and Ryobi's range of extra skins.

  • Great tools, slowly moving from hitachi to Bosch as the range is better and more available and I’ve had issues with hitachi warranty

  • Any stock in Sydney?

    • Or Melbourne? Think they might match if stock available? Would be a good gift for the ol man's burfdeh in a few days…

  • I don't own any Bosch products but Bosch Blue is better than Bosch Green.

    Bosch Blue - Handyman Professional
    Bosch Green - DIY / Basic

    I own various DeWalt brushless products.

  • Nice deal, if only I could afford the skins

  • Bosch blue is just awesome. I have Bosch brushless kit (impact driver, Hammer drill)
    2 x 3.0Ah batteries
    1 x cordless work lights
    Fast battery charger

    Bought blower skin seperate for $120 @ bunnings. Batteries are interchangeable for Bosch blue range.

  • Thx OP all sold out now @ 1000hrs 5/7/20 @ Mornington can anyone confrim if these are for sale in other stores nation wide or just store specific?

    thanks again JB

  • Will other bunnings sell at same price when have stock? Or clearance is location specific?

  • Thanks OP. Picked one up in Sydney Carlingford - 1 left.

  • Looks like bargain price of $130 is store specific. I just tried Bunnings at Prospect SA and it is listed as $199 down from $259. And is still in locked cabinet. Unfortunately OP pic did not capture any item code so I was unable to get sales guy to price match. I would have thought Bunnings priceS are nation wide?

  • Just bought in Victoria (Eltham) for $150 - good price
    Thanks for this post

    • G’day, I’d picked one up for $130 @ Eltham by speaking the store staff with what others were able to get. May be you can try to get them give you back the $20? Won’t hurt to try if you are in the area

  • Just went to maroochydore qld. Marked at $199, showed them the pic and they sold it to me for $130. Thaks op

  • Something else that might interest you. If you have the hammer drill kit with the batteries now…
    The blue brushless 125mm angle grinder is also on clearance, the skin is now down to $150. I was able to pick up a clean and almost brand new (No dust on it, pretty hard in Bunnings warehouses) display unit for $100. Awesome deal.
    It may work for you too If you put in the small effort with talking to their staff. Some great, others meh…

  • I've noticed a few Bosch tools on clearance at my local Bunnings. I asked a staff member if they were getting rid of the Bosch line, or getting in new models but he had no idea. Anyone know what's going on?

    Also has anyone noticed if the Bosch multi-tool is on sale at all? I need a new one now my 8+ year old Ozito corded one is pretty much dead (replaced the brushes and only works randomly now).

    I'd prefer to grab a cordless Bosch over the cordless Ozito model (even though the corded Ozito lasted a long time with much abuse). And knowing my luck the Bosch will go on clearance just after I buy and use the Ozito lol

  • Thanks OP, showed picture to Bunnings staff member and managed to get price match from $159 to $130 (after manager approval) at Bunnings Ellenbrook. 2 left as of today.