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Disposable 3ply Surgical Face Mask 50pcs/Box $14.95 + Delivery ($8.50 or Free with $25 Spend) @ Bit Pixel Tech


EDIT2: STOP BUYING MORE PEOPLE! Its out of stock and the quantity isn't updating fast enough with my ERP system.

Felt the need to share this with an increase in cases.

  • Multi Layered: The Yorkson Medical face mask is 3-ply to ensure your protection.
  • Premium Quality: Made from high quality non-woven melt-blown fabric.
  • Comfortable: A one-size fits all design with an adjustable metal band to ensure a perfect fit on your nose and soft, non-irritating, breathable fabric.
  • Fast Shipping: Bit Pixel Tech products are shipped from our Melbourne fulfilment centre and will be delivered to you in as little as 1-2 days with a tracking number provided for peace of mind.

If you would like to pickup from our store in Craigieburn, no need to place an order online, just pop in store and pay at the counter, accepting both card and cash here.

Quick note to my fellow OzBargainers, please follow social distancing and all other safe practices, stay at home when possible, quarantine if you need to, and most importantly just stay safe during the pandemic :)

Edit: I'm stupid for encouraging local pickup, only do local pickup only if you absolutely must.

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  • Hey OP isn't Craigieburn in lockdown?..
    And you're encouraging pickup in store…
    Then telling us to stay safe…

  • While I don't need any more masks, I did at first think it was odd to have face masks sitting on a tech website… but I'm giving you an upvote purely for not attempting a cash grab through price gouging!

  • I don't need masks but thank you for not gouging the price during this time. Hope everyone stay safe and strong.

  • site is saying 'out of stock'

  • OP…where are these masks made?

  • be prepared & get ready before americans are unleashed…

  • Will there be any more coming? Thx

    • +1 vote

      Texted the supplier, waiting for a reply. Not sure if they have any more either but will keep you updated.

  • I just can’t believe that the experts and governments were discouraging people wearing masks months ago, and now they are encouraging it. Many people listened and simply ignored what masks can do good to people. Lol

  • And to think chemist warehouse is selling something similar for $59.99 https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/100540/dr-max-surgic...


    You’re the realest, OP!

  • Dang I just bought 100 from Kogan for about twice the price . Will there be anymore deals in the future rep?


      I definitely plan to do more deals, however, I'm afraid I haven't been able to source any more face masks. Checked with a local supplier who quoted a $35 wholesale price for basically the same thing…

  • Bought 2 boxes on ebay for $15 each delivered, got them yesterday. Try there if you need them ;)
    Oh and if you're in Victoria, buy some for your friends and colleagues as well, people tend to wear them if they get them for free!

  • So many up Votes, Are these TGA approved?

  • Are these masks filtration level high enough for covid19?

    (btw thought its funny that OP edit2 telling people off to stop buying more. Never seen this before lol)

  • +1 vote
    Sorry for everyone waiting for their parcels, there was a small delay in pickup of the second batch, however, I am glad to say the issue has been resolved and all has been picked up and will be delivered soon. Tracking numbers have also been supplied so you can track the progress.
  • I ordered on Sat and I received mine from auspost on Wed. Thanks OP for the speedy posting.

    The brand is Guardian and they are made in china. I did a quick google for this brand and I found Kogan also sells this brand for hand wipes bu they don't list face masks. Each mask is not individually sealed but for the price this is to be expected. I compare the mask with another brand I have in the office and it is slightly smaller in size so this may not suit people with a larger face.

    There are no TGA approved logos on the packaging.

    I probably would buy again for the price.


      Hey, glad it arrived quickly. Due to overselling some orders were fulfilled via a third party using Australia Post. Orders fulfilled from my warehouse in Craigieburn are through Sendle and a good portion of it has already been delivered.

      And yes, for this price it is difficult or near impossible to find something that is individually packed, and many are not TGA approved, they are made to the Chinese standard.

      The masks fulfilled by Bit Pixel Tech are the YorksonMed+ brand, not sure how the size compares to other brands.

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/293634310449
    Found some more, as sellers isn’t top rated so can post this deal.


      I was able to get in contact with another wholesaler and I will most likely be selling them again soon. 50pk wholesale cost is much higher this time, so unfortunately won't be same price as before.

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