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OnePlus 7 Pro 8GB/256GB Dual Sim - Nebula Blue $695.32 + Shipping @ BuyBuyBox


1st post. Phone launched 13 months ago but still a great option at this price. Go to link, select nebula blue then select 8GB/256GB to get the price. Not sure about the model number. Cheers

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  • Need price in title

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  • Please put price in title bruz

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  • Price?

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  • Wait for Nord

  • you need to add delivery and GST on top as well

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    Price not including GST and seller is quite dodgy (https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/buybuybox).
    It seems also the poster of this deal made the account 10mins before posting the deal, hmm???

    • Good catch…😉

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      I went through feedbacks on their ebay store. There are few negative feedbacks as well but I paid through paypal so not worried much and it did not charge me any GST on top. hope this helps

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      Apple store only has 2 stars….sound quite dodgy. Never buying anything from Apple.


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        I've seen that as well. People who have problems will go and write negative feedback (which is good to warn others) but people with positive experience are less likely to go on a third party website and write a review unless until it is for a greater cause or something extra ordinary.

    • I bought a 7 Pro from them about a month ago, phone arrived in a week and I've had no issues.

      The site is a little dodgy with no login required to view your order details and no email confirmation until it's been shipped.

  • Btw, title writes 256gb but description says 128gb.

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      You clearly can't read then…

      Internal 256 GB, 8/12 GB RAM or 128 GB, 6 GB RAM

      The option selected is the 256/8GB phone.

      • All he is saying is that the information is inconsistent. No need to be so sensitive

      • I tried clicking on all three colors on the page, none of them show 128GB, 6GB RAM

        • I get it, you mean the description I wrote for this post had 128GB. Sorry that was a typo. I've fixed it now

    • Description says "256 GB, 8/12 GB RAM or 128 GB, 6 GB RAM". It is a 8GB RAM model with 256GB storage.

      • i am talking about the inconsistency with your post here on ozbargain.

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    mkbsd, is that you standard definition of mkbhd??

    • He also posted it 2 weeks ago

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        No, I can't find the post

  • Link does not seem to work

  • have a look at this post, if you read the comments in the second pages, many people got their order cancelled and no stock

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      Yup my order got cancelled claiming no stock, but I don't think they ever intended to sell it at that price.

      That post was also posted by a brand new account, made 1 post and 2 comments, haven't been seen since. Very dodgy.

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    I bought this same device this seller on 11/11 on ebay. After buying I was worried after seeing reviews from previous customers. After buying they offered something like quicker delivery from HK or slower from Syd (with delays) so I ignored it and they sent from HK (saw online that their Syd warehouse didn’t exist). The device did arrive shortly via dpex and dhl. On the packaging it had ~$400 was the value even though it was ~$900. Haven’t had any issues with it so far so haven’t dealt with their customer service but I hear and expect it to be pretty bad.

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      Same here for me. I bought my OnePlus 6 from them 2 years ago.

  • There is a post of Oneplus 8pro in May @the same seller. No complaint

    • Looks like a better deal with the 8 Pro

      • I saw that as well but price need to be updated on that deal. It has come down to 1018.96+shipping now

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    purchased one.. pretty good price i reckon.. hopefully phone is all good..

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      Best phone I've ever owned, love it

      • How many have you owned?

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          Every iPhone since the 3GS and then made the move to this one. Very happy Android user now.

          • @Yorkshire-Man: what was your last iphone model?

            • @pinkybrain: The XS. Loved my iPhone but the price V's value was annoying me too much. I paid $850 for this and gained so much (proper duel Sim, fingerprint built into screen, faster and no notch) and lost wireless charging, Apple news and FaceTime.

              Wouldn't go back.

              • @Yorkshire-Man: how is the photo/video quality compared to the XS?

                The screen size of this is bigger than your XS?
                and by how much?

                • @pinkybrain: Screen size is bigger & clearer. Can't comment on exact measurements. No notch is a delight.

                  The iPhone camera is better, no doubt, but if the iPhone camera is 'outstanding' the OnePlus is 'excellent' and it didnt put me off.

                  Remember… this is $800 and my last iPhone was around $2,000.

  • pixel 4xl or this one, I'm going to upgrade my 2 years old pixel 3xl, thanks

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      I think 3xl is still doing ok, for day to day and further to that, you get unlimited google photo original quality upload.

  • I've bought several 7T's from this company before, shipping was quick and I've been happy although have not made any warranty claims. 7 Pro would be an amazing phone but was over $1k when I bought the 7T's.

    • hi, about how many days did shipping take?

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        Just under a week from memory

  • The site is unusable, nothing is clickable. Is it because I'm on a mobile or? I can't even figure out how to add it to the cart because there's no functional button 😕

  • Is it true that the 7 Pro supports band 28 regardless of whether it's the CN/EU model? I've emailed the company to find out what model this one is, but this site seems to indicate that all versions have band 28: https://www.kimovil.com/en/frequency-checker/AU/oneplus-7-pr...

    • All I can say is that this phone will not be VoLTE officially supported locally. The unofficial VoLTE work around is possible under vodafone and Optus network but Telstra is definitely no go. Also no wifi calling supported as well. So if you buy this phone hoping it will be supported with these features out of the box, think twice again. Speaking from an owner of Oneplus 7Pro international model.

      • Darn that's a shame.. How much over all has it affected your experience with the phone? I'm considering getting it because i had a Oneplus 6 ages a little while ago and really liked the speed of it. Never had so much as a hitch. Currently have a Pixel 3 which is very lacking in that department and a bit choppy at times because of the ram management, but I realise I'll be losing the great camera.

        • It didn't affect much at all as the call quality isn't so bad over the non VoLTE network, it still shows HD calls from time to time, but you would have expect for such caliber phone would have at least VoLTE or Wifi calling. Pixel 3 definitely struggled when it comes to multi-tasking, but yes, camera is good and hard to go away (I'm using that as a secondary phone).

          • @cloudie9: Thanks mate, that's good to know. Yeah the Pixel 3 camera is excellent for photos. In your experience, how much worse is the 7 Pro? I've watched a lot of videos and it looks like the colours aren't always correct and it's not great in low light. Also it had some sort of focus issues where pictures would come out blurry that was fixed with software? Not sure if any of the other issues have been improved over time, I know OnePlus are pretty good when it comes to updates so…

      • what is the VoLTE
        is that related to band 28?

        • It gives you better call quality than traditional phone call. Also, you can use your mobile internet while being on call simultaneously without hanging up.

  • Has anyone had theirs ship yet?

  • total BS.. after purchasing, now just received email from them that the item is sold out and recommending me to purchase the 8 Pro instead..

    • Got the same bait and switch won't buy from here again

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