PC worked for 2 days now won’t turn on NOT FIXED HALP

Since buying it the only problem I was getting was occasionally I’d get no signal from the monitor. Since yesterday, the pc turns on I see all the fans running but it doesn’t boot up. Mouse/keyboard don’t work. I’ve tried to see if anything is loose in the case with no luck. I feel like it’s the biostar motherboard :( can anyone suggest what to do? I have contacted techfast.

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  • I once got a pc built and it wouldn’t turn on when any USBs were plugged in as it was looking in the USB by default for the operating system. So strange, but easy fix.

    Anyway, what did tech fast suggest when you contacted them?

    • They haven’t replied yet.

    • Good tip about unplugging all USB storage devices (mouse etc are ok)

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    Pretty sure it’s the motherboard cos there’s no lights on it. I’m (profanity) pissed 😡

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      It'll get resolved. Relax

      If you know what you're doing, open up the case and unplug and re plug all connections, including ram and cards. Don't do this if you are not confident.

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        open up the case and unplug and re plug all connections, including ram and cards.

        Read Here first

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          Def not gonna do that not confident. I am just worried cos I got rid of the box it came in and they said that can affect warranty

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            @Kkkzo: It can't.

            • @brendanm: You're right that it can't but it won't stop the PC shop being dicks about it and instantly using it as a reason to shift blame. This isn't the best advice.

              • @picklewizard: It's not advice, it's a statement. Considering op has thrown the box out, unless he has a time machine, there isn't much he can do about it anyway.

                • @brendanm: It was more aimed at oscargamer, but I'd argue that statement and advice are synonymous in this circumstance.

                  Kind of like "a cop has to tell you they're a cop" is both a statement, and in the right context, poor advice :)

          • @Kkkzo: They will pay for return shipping but you will need to pay to have it packed correctly so it doesn't damage in transit back.

            If you don't pack it correctly, they that say you caused issues by doing this, thus not accepting warranty.

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              @arkie0: And there is the problem. They can claim it wasn't packed properly & in fact it might not have been. Not easy repacking a whole PC without the original box & why on earth did you (OP) throw away the box after only having the PC for a few days???

              • @TilacVIP: I rip up cardboard and put in the bin within minutes of making sure the item inside the box works.

                Or you end up with hundreds of cardboard boxes… You keep them for the entire warranty duration do you?

                • @DisabledUser41709: Try to at least within the warranty period in the event of RMA. Makes sense don't it?

    • No LED light on the motherboard could indicate a faulty PSU or motherboard if everything else is good I would think… but maybe someone more knowledgeable can answer.

      Can you just try and reseat the cable to the PSU and the ones to the motherboard? It’s quite easy. Just note that there’s a clip usually on the ones to the motherboard so you need to press that in to unplug them.

      • I’m thinking it’s either of them. I shouldn’t have cheaped out on the PSU was gonna upgrade but didn’t go through with it. Is it a bad idea to turn it back on after replugging cables. I don’t wanna (profanity) it up even more. Considering I don’t have sound I wouldn’t hear any beeps if there were. Gonna suck to be weeks without a pc again 😢

        • It may not be the PSU as I didn't realise power was actually going to the motherboard, didn't realise until after I made that comment.

          Hopefully Techfast can help, it is a PITA when your main PC dies!

    • Could be PSU instead.

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    Had a similar problem.
    Power supply cable to Motherboard had come loose in transit.
    Was a quick and simple fix and the support guys were helpful.

  • Is it normal the PSU is upside down?

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      It is if they’re on bottom of the case.

    • Orientation of the power supply won't affect it turning on or off. The power supply would have been positioned to either pull cold air in or exhaust hot air out.

  • It sound like a ram timing issue. Press the memok button.

    • https://ibb.co/CJXLBvj

      Where about is that button?

      Seems more to be mobo since no lights on and no peripherals. But what do I know 🤷‍♀️

    • He said there was no LED lighting up on the motherboard, that might indicate a bad motherboard or a bad PSU right?

      Not sure what else to do if a motherboard LED isn’t turning on. Would changing the CMOS battery help? How would reseating the RAM help? If the RAM comes loose does that mean reseating it properly completes a connection which turns the LED on?

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        The fans are spinning.

        • Ohhh right. Didn’t look at that. Just read his reply that the motherboard had no lights coming up. I guess the motherboard could be ok then?

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        No POST is usually a RAM issue.

        BTW. The mobo doesn't always beep when there is a GPU or RAM fault.

        • Hmm I see.

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    Look at 'removing the motherboard battery to reset the bios' or whatever they call it these days

    • No removable battery these days on many - but you were right I see further down that reset fixed it

      • Its 2020 and so many people are still so clueless on tech

  • I see all the fans running

    cpu fan spinning?

    any beep codes on post?

    • Yep It is spinning no beeps.

      • Ideally should get at least one beep on successful post assuming speaker is connected.

        Can't do much troubleshooting without removing components and going through a process of elimination.

        Best option would be to wait for contact from techfast.

  • While removing the gfx the front panel connectors came out. No idea which one goes in what pin and the guide isn’t very clear.



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      Please stop. You don't know what you're doing.

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      Lmao.. "came out"

      Number 10 in the manual .. match up the +/- marked on the cables with the header diagram..can't really do much harm …
      Use the blocked out pin to work out the orientation…

      NB.. if techfast match up this post you have no warranty..

      • Well that’s great news

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      Here you go: https://i.imgur.com/jpwdIJb.png

      Pay attention to the + and - terminals.

      • Ty so much 🙏 Ill leave it alone now

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    For starters stop playing around pulling wires and components out of your pc when you have clearly no experience doing so.

    Prebuilt pc's have a warranty for a reason, have you contacted Techfast in regards to your problems?

  • What's the case? I know that doesn't sound relevant, but hear me out.

    My current PC (bought from MWave last year) developed a similar (but opposite) issue. After working perfectly for a few months, it started intermittently not booting until it wouldn't work at all. I returned it but they couldn't reproduce the problem. Then a couple of weeks after getting it back, the problem returned again.

    When I pressed the On/Off button on the front panel, I would get the RAM LEDs lighting up, but no fans starting and no booting. Very weird. I surmised that maybe the switch itself had a dodgy connection, and that maybe it was powering up the 5V (or 3.3V) line for the RAM, but not the 12V line for the fans and other parts. So I started 'massaging' the switch (a flat momentary-contact button) a bit before actually pressing it. It is now several months later, giving the button its daily massage, and I haven't had the problem occurring again.

    Sounds nuts I know, but I just thought I'd mention it in passing. It's a Fractal Design case…

    • Nah I have a Thermaltake commander g1. It started from day one issues with display port no signal. Would sometimes randomly work other times it’d get no signal. I had to force restart when it was doing that due to no screen. I tried using HDMI instead, same problem. Then the next morning I went to turn it on and then all start but I noticed the lights on the mobo no longer on and the USBs not working.

      • Any contact from techfast yet?

        Non invasive troubleshooting.. try unplugging the power cable from the psu and wait 10 mins before plugging it back in and try powering on the pc.

        • Not yet. I’ve tried that I figure it’s best to not turn it back on until they give me advice. I hear the power supply fan cpu and rest of fans running on start up. I think the motherboard is cooked, As no lights show. To hear error beeps, do you need to have speakers? I thought that was on board?

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            @Kkkzo: That bunch of wires you pulled out should have one labelled spk/spkr for the case speaker.. some do some don't… it's not just error beeps, should get a beep on successful post- varies depending on bios.

            Case fans seem to be powered from psu via molex, independent of motherboard.. cpu fan is powered via motherboard.. suggests board is still functional.

            Could be board or any component attached to it.. hard to diagnose without stripping it down and reseating one at a time.

    • Not sure why someone negged you.

      We had a case years ago where a system simply would not boot when in the case. We'd take it out and it'd work fine on the bench.

      It was just luck that I was called out to attend to a customer during putting back in the case. Had only put the power switch on. Came back and hit the power button, and it all worked fine.

      Turned out to be the case speaker.

      Replaced it and the system ran fine.

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    I just want to note I know this is kinda not the place to ask for help I don’t mean any negativity towards techfast. I am just desperate to have a working PC.

  • Fixed woooo. Hopefully it doesnt happen again.

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      What fixed it?

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        Removing cmos battery waiting 5 mins putting it back in and resetting the bios.

        • I was going to ask you to replace the mobo battery until I saw your fix. Had the same problem with my own built PC 10 years ago.

    • The next time it happens… Try turning off the power mains for both the pc and monitor.

      I've been getting the no signal bullshit since last year because of some windows update, and apparently some display port cables feeds it power non stop.

      I'm not sure what your pc setup is like but you may want to try hdmi/dvi if you're using a display cable.

      • So you haven't found a fix? I can't run 144hz on HDMI

        • Ya still happens to this day.

          When I switch channels to hdmi then back to display port, it dosnt work sometimes too, annoying.

          Too lazy to buy a bunch of display cables to trial and error.

          • @Zeral: Did you get your PC from techfast?

            • @Kkkzo: Got it from scorptec & built it from scratch, reused old fans etc.

              It's an old pc, got it while the 7700k was hot.

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    Ok, calm down, relax, take a deep breath. I understand your frustration. First of all, you mentioned you would occasionally get no signal to the monitor. How do you know that occasional problem has not become permanent? How do you know the PC doesn't boot up? What if the problem is in the Monitor? Do you see anything come up on your monitor other than the monitor brand logo? Have you tried it with another monitor or the cable that connects PC and monitor? Does the monitor's ON light turns on when you turn on your PC? If not, then it's more likely the connection to the monitor or monitor itself, or in rare case, the graphic card. Try switching these three if you have spares just in case. Graphic card is usually not required these days unless gaming/3d designing etc., so you can try connecting directly to the motherboard and use CPU as gfx processor to see if that works. If the monitor turns on, try accessing the BIOS (Refer to the manual of your motherboard to see which button accesses BIOS, usually F1, F2, F10, Delete, Esc (keep pressing after you turn on the PC)). If you can access bios and keyboard works in bios, try starting in safe mode (keep pressing F8 as soon as you turn on power). If none of these work, but the Monitor light DOES turn on, it seems corrupt Operating System or corrupt BIOS issue. If the monitor/monitor light does NOT turn on, then it is more likely a physical issue.

  • Make sure to check if the graphics card fans are spinning too in future. If not spinning it could be a loose power cable to it.

  • I do have same problem, my mortar b450 max got light led stuck on vga card, I do have update the bios but nothing changed, I clear the cmos but still, next step I guess will be try the battery and change ram slots

    • Separate graphics card? If you're cpu has vid try the onboard vga out?

  • -1

    Techfast are shit, I'm definitely never buying or recommending one again.

    • Minus the small hiccup I’m happy with my build. They were fairly quick to help me solve my issue.

      • +1

        Glad you're happy. Mine had an error, had to go back.

        When I got it back, it's still one of the most shoddily built things I've come across.

        You get what you pay for I guess.

  • Back to having the no signal issue. I'll be playing a game then randomly the monitor stops working. The only way I can get it to show a signal is by turning the PSU button off and on.

    • No signal doesn't mean it's the monitor…
      Try updated drivers for the video card.

      • I know it’s not the monitor. It loses signal then the pc powers off…
        My drivers are updated that’s not the issue. Something wrong with this hardware…

  • Tried reseating the ram and gfx card. Damn near over this pc by now. https://streamable.com/nr5pxx

    It’ll work again for 5 mins then same shit.

    • Could be anything really, quite likely to be PSU. Is it an Allied brand one? Few have complained about those previously.


      You'll probably need to go back to Techfast and deal with the support process unfortunately.

      • Yeah it’s allied. Idk why they keep using them if they are worthless.

        • That would probably be the issue then. They keep using them because that's how they build 'cheap' offers. Skimp on the smaller stuff most people don't bother to look into.

          Either contact them to get it fixed which could take a while or consider buying a PSU upgrade yourself (although shouldn't need to).

          • @Hybroid: I got a 750w allied ass do I just buy a name brand with the same wattage?

  • Onboard graphics?

    Does it only crash under load in games?…

    Looked at the error reports?

    • Nah even just browsing the web it’ll shut down. The amount of time it lasts is getting shorter and shorter every time I boot. I need to buy a new PSU but no idea what one nor how to install it😣

  • I just received a machine from Techfast, its for my son, firstly the motherboard is misaligned with the case so that all of the ports are unusable. This was not due to any knocks in delivery as the box is intact and there are no signs of any damage or duress. The machine wont boot into Bios at all. Unfortunately you are not longer able to call techfast, only email them. I have heard good things about Techfast, I am hoping they were correct. The next few days will tell.

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