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R7-3700X Gaming PCs [16G/240G]: $1669 w RTX 2070 Super / $1969 w RTX 2080 Super + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks, Ryzen 7 3700X gaming PCs similar to the Ryzen 5 3500X variants but bundled with 16GB 2666MHz RAM to bring the starting price down a little further (upgrade available if desired).

Ryzen 7 3700X / RTX 2070 Super 8GB Gaming PC: $1668 after 3700X-2070S-JUL

Ryzen 7 3700X / RTX 2080 Super 8GB Gaming PC: $1968 after 3700X-2080S-JUL

Base spec of:

  • B350 motherboard
  • 16GB 2666MHz RAM
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD
  • 750W PSU 650W 80+ Bronze PSU
  • MSI MAG Forge 100R Case


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  • Any plans for ITX or SFF builds?

    • Still waiting for supply to increase/settle back down before looking into SFF products any further. At least a couple of months away yet.

  • Hey Luke,

    Doesn't allow you to upgrade the 2080 build. Link could be broken

  • These are pretty solid deals. I'm probably going to wait for the next generation. As a general rule, how long after the tech releases before you start doing similar deals, say with the 4700X and 3080/S? Obviously I'm not trying to demand a date for their releases, just how long after they drop should I start checking your site?

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      Generally as soon as we have either physical hands on, or confirmation of dispatch to us, we can offer deals. Too risky to offer any earlier for a few reasons. So when you hear they're available in system builders in Australia, chances are we'll be offering them. No word whatsoever on month/year yet.

    • No, this is one of their worse deals yet. It will be more than $1.8k after upgrading the PSU and mobo. You can build a proper rtx 2070 super system for 1.5k or less using proper brand components. Rtx 2070 super is $750 at pc byte and the other components isn't worth $1k. They use crappy PSU and Mobo (especially the PSU, which is a huge fire hazard!!).

      • I find it hard to believe you can put together a system with the 3700x and a 2070S for 1.5k or less with quality parts.
        As you mentioned the gpu is 750, the cpu is ~500, this leaves you ~250 for mobo, psu, memory, ssd and case.
        Care to share the items you would use and their prices?

        Edit: So there's a deal on the 3700x for 455, assuming you have prime for free shipping from US, that still only leaves you ~300 for the rest of the components.

      • I mean, for it to be a bad deal, there'd have to be better options. I don't see any sub $2k 2080 builds elsewhere.

      • Wish I had of read this comment before making my order last month.

        Today I hit 15 working days since my order and only now they email me with an update.

        The update is the option to pay extra for a different PSU (they're asking $149 to UPGRADE my 'unbranded' 750W PSU to a gold 750W PSU.

        The other option is to wait indefinitely (no expected date was known/given) for the PSU that was bundled with my build to arrive at their warehouse.

        1. How could they only know now, 15 working days after I placed my order, they did not have the stock required to fulfill my order
        2. How can they legitimately offer no compensation for their error, but instead essentially force me an upsell in order to recieve my order as opposed to waiting indefinitely.

        For anyone reading this they charge the full amount for the build the day the order is placed; whether or not they have stock when it comes time to build your order is another thing I guess…

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    This is one of the strangest base pairings I've ever seen tbh …

    2666Mhz with a R3700x + 2060?? Why
    B350 with a R3700x?? And only upgrade option to B450 is to the non-Max versions?? Why
    Only 240GB base SSD?? Why (COD alone is like 280GB)
    WTF is an Allied PSU? They seem to be in the "Avoid at all cost" tier of PSUs

    Honestly, it looks like you're trying to pick the sexy components that makes the build looks good very well but under the hood, it's a hot mess. If you wanted to make a build that's half solid, it'd shoot up to around $2500 which makes this a non-deal

    • The PSU is a major fire hazard. It doesn't even have proper PCIE connectors. They simply used a molex to pcie adaptor. For a system like this I'd avoid this PSU at all costs.

      Also you can easily build the rtx 2070 super system for ~1.5k using proper brand components.

      • Prove it!

        • My thoughts exactly.
          See my post above, you have ~$300 for the rest of the system for your "quality" components minus the cpu, go.

          • @Neggy-Z: You're completely missing the point. This post is trying to make it seem as though you can spend only $1600 and have a 3700x/2060s system. Well tough luck you can't. I'm not saying I can do better, I'm saying they haven't done better either.
            My problem is pairing bad under-the-hood components which no one pays attention to with highly rated and expensive shiny components on the surface just so people think they can have it all. Fork out $1600 and have the DrEaM 4k FPS DeStRoYeR system. To have a balanced build you need to raise this to around $2000. And at that price, this is not a deal. The pairing just doesn't make any sense.

            • @er1992: I'm missing the point… really? Says the guy talking about a 2060s when this post is about 2070s/2080s.
              And what do you mean by 'tough luck you can't', clearly this post proves otherwise, are they optimal components? no of course not but it is possible, you have to cut corners somewhere.
              Most people don't care or know enough about the 'under the hood' components to know better, that is the real issue.

              The only questionable component is the psu, you have the option to choose a gold powersupply if you want.
              The system under full load will probably pull around 350w? Even with the lower quality psu it will be fine.
              As for the motherboard, as long as it boots and runs that will be all the average person needs. Please don't bring up future proofing for a better cpu, the people buying these types of pc's rarely do that.
              The memory is a little on the slow side but will function perfectly fine.

              And if there ever is an issue with any of the components, well that's what tech support is for.

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                @Neggy-Z: Haha alright mate it seems like you don't know much about the subject judging by "as long as it boots and runs that will be all the average person needs". Please refer to my other post touching on, a very surface level, the issues with a bad PSU here => https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8967640/redir

                Also so I made a mistake saying 2060 instead of 2070. Wow! I apologise BUT this actually proves my point even better. The issue is definitely not just the PSU.

                • Why would you bottleneck your 3700x/2070s with a 2666mhz RAM?
                • Also what sort of games require a 2070s? I bet you not a game that's gonna cost you less than 50-100GB right? Then the 240GB SSD is stupid. Also there's not a mention of what sort of crappy dramless entry-level SSD is being used here (My money is on the cheapest and slowest). Also your board is bottlenecking you.
                • The VRM on B350s is just not built to handle a beast like 3700x. While I on a Tomahawk max can handle an overclocked 3700x and 3800mhz ram under full load easily, you won't. And hey that's money you'll need to put towards your next build because you won't have room to expand. B350s are also end-of-lined. So there won't be support for zen 3 while Max versions will (sorry had to mention future-proofing).

                I can go on and on. But please research more about bottlenecks in PC building and you will soon find that doesn't matter if you have a SLI 2080TI if your other components don't support it. It's like a symphony. Every piece needs to play the correct note to create a harmony or else you'll have a shitshow.

              • @Neggy-Z: The PSU is the single most important component of any build. Do not skimp on it unless you want to potentially destroy every component connected to it. Not to mention the potential fire hazard.

    • yeh have to agree with you there on this build, those base components are not at all what you should be using for 3700X and a 2070S let alone a 2080S!, the RAM is baffeling as the cost of RAM is not even that high at the moment.. RAM and Storage are at or close to pre-covid prices so this makes no sense.. Ripjaws at 3200 are frequently at low $100 mark…

      have to give this build a Lenny shrug ¯_(ツ)_/¯ unforunately… as it makes no sense lol

    • Amen brother, everytime i see a techfast deal they are big noting the CPU and GPU whilst everything else in the system is trash.

    • PSU is a real issue. I don't mind the rest as long as it offers great value.

      • Genuine question: why is the PSU such an issue?

        • PSU is the heart of your system that pumps blood through it basically. There are numerous things that can go wrong. Power surges, undersupply of electricity, a sudden shutoff, etc. The PSU might not cope and could toast itself. But worse if the components are cheap and not very well tested and graded, it could fry literally the entire system. That nice shiny $600 GPU gooooooooone with a single power surge. Worst-case scenario bad PSUs can short out or run too hot and actually cause a fire. Now that nice shiny 500k house is goooooooone … lols for the exaggeration.
          Other issues are the power consumption. Given that CPU and GPU combo, the builder is offloading the cost of the CPU to your electricity bill. Bad PSUs are low efficiency. Meaning that they need to draw more power from the socket to provide the same wattage to your PC, hence more usage. They also get hotter and you need better cooling.

          But hey it's like the silicon lottery. You might never run into an issue but it's an important enough part of the system that warrants the extra $100. A nice platinum PSU could easily run for over 10 years so it's worth the investment as well.

          • @er1992: Interestingly I'm still waiting on my order from last month (hit 15 working/business days today actually).

            Today they emailed me with the option to pay extra for a different PSU, and when I say extra I don't mean the difference between the two, I mean more than it would cost for the upgrade on a new system on their site right now.

            The other option is to wait indefinitely for them to get more of the PSU I ordered.

            I wish I had of read your comment before making my order as this whole experience with them has been super disappointing and frustrating.

            • @SiliconBased: Not too late to cancel order I guess? I'm pretty sure the mention of a complaint to FairWork would do the trick. You paid what you paid for and you can't get it and you don't want to pay the extra. So either give me my money back or upgrade free of charge

        • My friend who had allied psu (550w) had fire on pcie cable (while playing LOL, r5 2600+rx580) . Plus I've heard couple story here where allied psu failure killed other parts like gpu with it.

          Its a psu that cannot output what is rated for and probably no safety feature at all. Push more than 300w out of this unit, you risk burning your pc and house down.

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      Always happy to take feedback on board. This has been our approach for some time; sometimes we offer higher spec systems (such as the various EOFYS deals), sometimes as a base spec.
      -The 2666MHz RAM is there to lower the base cost of the build. Many customers install their own RAM post purchase. The upgrade option is there if desired.
      -The B350 has been and continues to be a reliable chipset for 3700X, however B450, MSI Mortar Max B450M and X570 upgrades are available if desired.
      -Similar to RAM, the base SSD is intended to lower the cost of entry for those who bring their own storage, and there are plenty who do, and upgrade options are available for those who don't.
      -The Allied 750W PSU has been the power supply for our builds for a very long time and performs on par with other non-rated brands on the market. It has 8 + 6+2 PCIe power connectors, no adapters are used. An 80+ Gold rated upgrade option is also there if desired.

      • Thanks for explaining and taking on the feedback.

        Maybe you could offer a similar build but with the more premium components with a slight discount compared to picking the upgrades.

        Try offering 3200mhz RAM, B450 Motherboard and Better PSU as the base spec and see if the reception/interest is better.

        Obviously it is human nature to complain so there will be those who still whinge but the number/rate of sales should give you an idea of what works.

        All the best.

      • Yes but the cost of your "optional upgrades" is ridiculous! $149 for MSI B450M Mortar the cost of one of these boards is $179 anyway! I have bought a system off you as well!!… But that's when the upgrades where a decent price, definitely for the consumer.

        From previous deals - Upgraded Ram was $29 (about right - the business would have made an extra $10 depending on product - so you just up sold and increased your per person spend) and the PSU from the original 750 Watt to a Gold rated 80+ PSU was $49 (again you up sold me, hopefully for extra profit again) and I got what is arguably a better system because of it!

        I think the 'cheapest' possible system is fine, but dont start mixing in words to say 'optional upgrades' because anyone choosing them from you is buying silly!

        You also need to remember the consumer is BUYING the upgrade i.e. the $149 MSI B450M Mortar Motherboard [Supports 3200MHz RAM and m.2 NVME SSD] is ON TOP of the board you dont need to spend i.e. you would have allocated $50 for the board in the current build so you get to 'save' that board and the spend on this one.

        • Very valid suggestions here - include upgrade options for fair prices I'd say, not to the point where you're giving it away but at least closer if not at the actual difference in price of the replacement item/

        • Interestingly today, 15 working days after I placed my order, they emailed me with the option to pay extra for a different PSU, and when I say extra I don't mean the difference between the two, I mean more than it would cost for the upgrade on a new system on their site right now.

          They're asking $149 to UPGRADE my 'unbranded' 750W PSU to a gold 750W PSU. It only costs $139 to do this same upgrade on a new build right now on the site and someone literally just posted a new deal (not techfast) for a stand alone gold 750W PSU for $139!

          My other option is to wait indefinitely for them to get more of the PSU I ordered.

          I wish I had of read your comment before making my order as this whole experience with them has been super disappointing and frustrating.

  • So there's a PSU upgrade option, but which brand/model do you get?
    "750W 80+ Gold Power Supply"?

  • Again, where is the 5700 deal?

  • @luketechfast after upgrades wouldnt you have been much better off with the EOFYS deals on 3700x 2070s/2080s that came with B450M Mortar Max/16gb 3200 ram for $2149?? does your b450 upgrade for this dela include the mortar max even?

  • I placed an order from Techfast on the 18th of June, and I am still waiting.
    Today, they gave me options including
    1. pay more
    2. wait more (approximately 7~10 days, they don't have a specific time)
    Please give me any advice.

    • Pay more why? That's horrible business strategy that's goin to hurt them now.

      • Option 1) Gigabyte Bronze PSU: you can add this to your order for $59. Just let me know and I can issue an invoice for payment via credit card, and merge it into your order. There will be minimal delays for your order if you choose this option.

        Option 2) 80 Plus Gold PSU: Alternatively, we have 80 Plus Gold rated units available, for $149. Due to Australian supply shortages and recent supplier pricing increases, this price is $149 and I'm not able to offer a better price. The brand of these may vary between Gigabyte, In-Win and Deepcool and while I can leave an order note on your preference, I cannot guarantee which model will be used as stock levels vary.

        Option 3) Wait: If you are happy to wait for the bundled 750W unit you are welcome to do so. I don't have a specific time for which they will arrive due to logstics fluctuations, but your system would be completed as soon as possible when they do.

  • Hi Luke,

    I'm sorry to message you like this but I'm really disappointed with my experience so far.

    I purchased a PC approximately three weeks from you guys (the 2080 super plus 3500X posted in early June).

    Since then I have seen you post similar specs with significant price drops, which is understandable and always a part of bargain hunting.

    However today I recieved a message from the warehouse as we approach the promise fulfillment date (14 working days) asking me to pay an extra $60 for a lower watt PSU (650W instead of 750W) or an extra $149 for the gold 750W, even though it's only $139 to upgrade to this PSU in your current builds.

    Finally my last option was to wait INDEFINITELY until the warehouse recieved the PSU that was bundled with my build.

    I can totally understand not being able to pass on discounts due to price drops for customers that have already placed their order, but right now it feels like I'm being punished for having placed my order last month.

    My order number is TF87272631

    Overall just really frustrated with the whole situation. I'm not the most computer literate so I thought going through you guys would make things easier but it just seems to have made it harder!

  • Given the lack of supply on allied PSU's will customers buying this get the Gigabyte bronze upgrade for free?

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      No, the power supplies are due in 7 to 10 days time so the only affected customers are in their estimated delivery windows now. The bronze power supply is available as a $59 upgrade otherwise.

  • @luketechfast after upgrades wouldnt you have been much better off with the EOFYS deals on 3700x 2070s/2080s that came with B450M Mortar Max/16gb 3200 ram for $2149?? does your b450 upgrade for this dela include the mortar max even?

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    Hi Luke
    noticed this was revised- what are the key differencs?

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    @luketechfast For the motherboard upgrade surely there is a more reasonable price for the MSI Mortar B450 M-ATX than $149 you are charging for upgrade??? multiple sites have it avaialble for $179 so surely you dont value the biostar b360 at $30 (or less given you buy them bulk)??

    • UPDATE - Luke has adjusted these prices slightly which makes the upgrade fairer. Great to see how they take on feedback

  • -2 votes

    Also note ryzen 3700x at record low prices https://www.techspot.com/news/85983-amd-ryzen-7-3700x-now-26...

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