Do You Think I Need to Pay Extra to Receive My Desktop Earlier?

I placed an order from Techfast on the 18th of June, and I am still waiting.

I was trying to refund on June, but I did not because of their policy (25% deduction)

Their expected delivery time was yesterday(8th of July).
However, they gave me 3 options today including:

Option 1) Gigabyte Bronze PSU: you can add this to your order for $59. Just let me know and I can issue an invoice for payment via credit card, and merge it into your order. There will be minimal delays for your order if you choose this option.

Option 2) 80 Plus Gold PSU: Alternatively, we have 80 Plus Gold rated units available, for $149. Due to Australian supply shortages and recent supplier pricing increases, this price is $149 and I'm not able to offer a better price. The brand of these may vary between Gigabyte, In-Win and Deepcool and while I can leave an order note on your preference, I cannot guarantee which model will be used as stock levels vary.

Option 3) Wait: If you are happy to wait for the bundled 750W unit you are welcome to do so. I don't have a specific time for which they will arrive due to logstics fluctuations, but your system would be completed as soon as possible when they do.

Ridiculously, I will only pay $139 if I order option2 on their website.

I will send an email to fair trading and wait with option 3.

Please give me any advice, if you have another opinion.

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  • Looks like you're not the only one. Might want to contact them and agree to cancel the whole order without penalty if there's no stock and they cannot fulfill order.

  • Exactly the same situation for me.

    Really frustrating.

    Order number TF87272631

  • Common trend to pick shitty components to bring the cost down

    • Wow…that's horrid.

    • I mentioned this years ago but was drowned out by the chorus of 'wow, so cheap!' etc. and the rep never responds to hard questions about their constant choice of cheap shit parts that go into their builds which always focus on the CPU/GPU and neglect important components.

      PCCG's reputation speaks for itself.

    • The issue is that nobody understands what PSUs belong in what sort of setups and which manufacturers produce better components.
      Watch as there's a power surge and your entire "budget" 3700x 2070 super pc gets fried because of your shitty bronze psu.

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    If they cannot provide the order for the original price in a timely manner, you can get a full refund for no penalty, if they refuse complain to fair trading.

    • Dont bother with fair trading, just hit the merchant with a credit card chargeback for good not delivered is much easier and straightforward.

      • Agree. Consumer protection entities are a farce. It's skewed in favour of the business. So yeah - cancel the credit card transaction.

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    Happy to help out and clarify the situation.

    On the power supply delay, it's just an unfortunate reality of the supply situation in Australia, which we are doing our best to manage with different options. If there was a like for like replacement (i.e. a 750 non rated to 750 non rated unit) available, we would swap it in without hesitation or price difference. But there are no such options available to us, so an upgrade to a better, Bronze rated unit is being offered with the applicable cost difference to us applied. We are unable to absorb that cost on what is a better specification.

    On timing, the email also stated they should be arriving in 7 to 10 days. The units are being dispatched on the 14th and should arrive a few days after, hence the 7-10 day approximate time frame. I fully get it is a disappointing delay, but COVID-19 has been and still does continue to affect international supply chains, so we're really trying our best to provide working solutions. We're not asking customers to "upgrade or never get their system" - i.e. it's not a forced upgrade tactic - it's saying there will be an additional wait which I fully understand sucks, but offering some alternatives, which is a better product as well.

    The $149 price versus the $139 on the site is an unfortunate error - the correct price is $139. This includes the labor cost of installation, etc. I understand an InWin unit is available as a deal for $139, but that is not our distributor's selling price for this one.

    Please PM me if you need any further help and I'll help, as always.

      • There's good and bad reasons to sell builds before all the parts arrive. It's ok to do so if advertised build/delivery timeframes allow for the time to get the parts in. That allows the business to use parts as they come in, minimising $s invested in stock (working capital). That's good from cash flow perspective and reduces exposure to falling parts prices - something common to pc parts. That allows businesses to operate on lower margins, passing savings on to customers.
        However it's not okay to sell builds on the basis of having parts or getting them in time when you know that's not the case. Which category does Techfast fall into? Initially they would have been caught out like alot of businesses by unexpected delays caused by COVID-19. That's really not their fault. However, delays in getting items because of COVID-19 are now well known. So businesses need to factor that into their planning ie make sure that parts are either in stock or will definitely be available with COVID-19 delays factored in, in time to meet quoted build/delivery timeframes. Alternatively, they need contingency plans if parts aren't available so they don't disappoint customers e.g. offer free or discounted upgrades etc or at very worst a full refund. It's not the customer's fault if the business cant supply on time.
        Ultimately businesses are better to under promise and over deliver than the reverse!

  • I like Option 4: Wait another for another 2 weeks. Once it arrives it will be DOA, return to base for testing, 1 week to start diagnosing. 1 week to return PC.

    There's like a post on every single techfast deal about slow delivery times, it's not like you haven't been warned.

    • There are also comments from other people saying they didn't have any problems… Can't blame OP for hoping for the best

  • I, too, placed an order on the 18th, sent them an e-mail wondering whats going on with my order, and now still waiting for reply. Seems like you got better luck, at least you got a reply.

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    Had a similar experience with them earlier in the year. Ordered a PC, didn't hear anything for a month and then found out they didn't actually have the parts I ordered & then expected me to pay extra for a comparable part. Would avoid these folks at all costs.

    I got a full refund in that case, and you are definitely entitled to one.

    • To elaborate, at the time TechFast claimed the parts had arrived damaged. Was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt at that stage, but after a few months of reading similar stories, I'm more inclined to believe they didn't actually have the parts and were caught out when covid increased prices.

  • Hmm what's it called when you advertise and sell a customer on a certain deal (bait) and then are unable to fulfil that obligation without spending more? (switch)?

    Oh yeah, BAIT AND SWITCH

  • Glad i didn't buy from them, was going to but went thru all of their posts which unpleasant experience pulled me out. If something is too good to be true in appearance, it probably is too good to be true in reality. Mostly complaints were in delay delivery and cheap out PSU.

    • I've always said, once you peel back a few layers, these deals are really not deals at all. Outside the CPU, the rest comprises of either garbage quality or mismatched components, and upgrading to better PSU, more RAM, bigger SSD etc, well all of a sudden, you are on par with MWave, Scorptec, PCCG and the like.

      On top of this, delay in deliveries, lack of communications & PC failure within the first week.

      And there are the Techfast shills..

      I have been asked 3 times by people I know about these deals, and my reply was to stay well away.

      • Credit to them though the marketing approach was amazing. Under cut competitors on big ticket parts like graphics card and processor, the rest of the components just load em up with cheap parts and then rake it in.

  • Personally my experience has been great with techfast but that was last year before Covid and all.

    Techfast have to put in the more expensive parts for the orders that they have taken already and wear the cost (in the long run, it is better than the bad publicity).

    The other two alternates is to offer full refund before order due date arrive and advise customers or for those who are tech savy, send all the parts bar the PSU so they can buy and put together themselves but also ensure to cover warranty and offer refund and a discount for the same amount that would have otherwise been charged for labor.

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    Another example where if it were a smaller retailer that had insufficient quantity, the deal would be removed and maybe banned based on negative experience.

  • When I ordered this product on their website, the status was "Available: In Stock".

    Due to COVID-19 or their suppliers, they cannot dispatch the product on 14th business days(19days=almost 3 weeks). I can fully understand.

    What I expected was they offer the option of a full refund with their apologies.
    If I want, they help me to find other products with the new expected date.
    I might pay more and ask them to do so.

    However, they send me an email with options
    1. $59
    2. $149(was $139)
    3. Wait, if you do not want to pay more due to COVID-19
    so, I am frustrated.

    Did I expect too much? I have not experienced this kind of customer service before.

    Anyway, I requested a full refund without deduction(25%).

    • I find that reasonable, if they can't get the parts they promised, sure, they can offer 2 additional-cost alternatives but should absolutely give you the option for a full refund too…

      • There should be an option 4 - Full refund.

        Then it becomes reasonable.

      • As I said in my posting, I requested a full refund from the 24th of June, but there is no refund option. If they have another option - 4. A full refund, I am not writing this comments.

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    Hi OP

    I'll request a full refund as its illegal to ask for 25% restock if the company doesn't deliver in a reasonable timeframe according to ACL. If they say no report them to ACL or do a credit card recharge.

    Convid or no Convid that's not your issue don't advertise selling a product unless you have stock!

  • Their expected delivery time was yesterday(8th of July).

    Amazing the unit is not even assembled let alone en-route for delivery.

    because of their policy (25% deduction)

    Nice little earner.. restocking fee on parts that aren't in stock and most likely will never be purchased

  • I hope you get 100% refund. I’m glad I did not buy from them. I wouls suggest, you buy all the components, and get someone to build it for you. Plenty on gumtree that charges $50-$100.

    As for buying components, Shopping Express is amazing. I was surprise to get a text stating my order is ready for pick up at Auspost only 3 days after I placed my order. Especially for Ryzen 3300x for $204. I was a lil nervous about the stock status because it’s common knowledge that it’s low stock worldwide. On Amazon and PC partpicker US, zero stock.

    Even better you can attempt to build yourself snd enlist paid help if you get stuck. Isn’t building it the best part?

    • I got my SE delivered by the third day too, wasn't even express post just regular parcel post. They are amazingly quick in Melbourne right now.

      • I am in Bris! it’s faster than sending mail locally which takes 1 week with the $1.10 stamps.

  • I was so tempted to buy one of the builds on ebay recently because it quoted <1 week delivery. Was skeptical because I know techfast has said they don't sell prebuilt PCs and because they were quoting 2 week delivery on ozbargain at that time. Ended up pulling the trigger elsewhere and glad I did. I know I'd be upset if I was left in the same position.

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    @all - we have carefully considered everyone's feedback, and have decided to upgrade all affected systems to the Bronze Power Supply, free of charge. Additionally, anyone who paid the $59 will be refunded, and still receive the bronze psu. Anyone who chose the gold will be given the information to choose for themselves.

    This was not a bait and switch, I 100% maintain this. The Bronze PSUs were offered at cost, no margin, so were not making anything on them. The original power supplies are directly affected by COVID, and we have a business to run, so we were trying to offer a workable solution on an upgraded product, at cost price to avoid a loss. As it stands, we are now absorbing this loss, which is significant.

    On a personal level, while I understand people's reactions, I would hope that this, once again, demonstrates my and our business' commitment to the OzBargain community who we have worked very closely with for more than 2 years now, and have been responsible in large part for our continued growth. We are not a faceless, big corporation - this is me, Luke, who replies to comments and PMs and to whom dozens and dozens of people have come to with questions, favours, discount requests, or needing assistance, and I have always tried my best to do the right thing, and will continue to do so.


    • Well done for confronting this head on Luke. $h*t happens

    • If you had just upgraded them from the start, you wouldn't be getting all these negative comments. A $59 loss (on a $1000 system) is better than an unhappy customer. Words spread, especially bad ones. But good on you for listening to the community's feedback and doing the right thing.

      • It's not like it's a 1000 profit on the system to be a small loss. They are a small business you don't store lots of inventory and I assume their supplier over promised the psu supply they had, which they promised here and ended up in a hard spot wanting to still be great to the ozb community but still maintain there business in a time where mnay are struggling. All be lessons in the end. Lukes commitment and support is above what you find with others. Well done @luketechfast

        • I read somewhere that the margins on PC parts are SLIM we are talking 3% Slim.

          On a $1000 order they may stand to make $30 on parts + a bit extra on markup for labour of building the PC. A $59 hit to the margin would bring them to break even almost.

        • Then why have weekly sales? Luring in more people to buy stock that isn't there?

          Sorry but you're never going to convince me that they haven't overpromised and underdelivered.

      • From their POV, the $59 per box is pretty close to the margin on the build, so of course they'd hesitate to do the upgrade for free up front for a whole batch when maybe they could get away with some people paying and others waiting.

        It also sets the precedent that it'll be expected every time there's a parts delay from now on (something that happens all the time), so it isn't as much of a no brainer as it seems from the consumer's side or they'd go broke really easily.

        • A reasonable delay is fine, but an indefinite delay isn't. If you read the main post, they are not even sure when the stock PSU's will arrive. Do you think it's fair for customers to wait indefinitely for the PSU's to arrive? Nobody is demanding for an upgrade. They just want their system to come on time. And if an upgraded PSU is the only thing available, it should be provided free of charge. Either that, or provide the customer a full refund, which they seem reluctant to do.

    • Thank you Luke, great work on your behalf. Sorry for all the backlash you have received.

      • Well it was genuine feedback. Shouldn't be sorry for doing the right thing.

        • I suppose so, however does feel a little unfair with how quick a mob mentality gets generated. Luke and Techfast have done some great deals for us on Ozbargain, doesn't feel right to swing the sword on them right away when things get tough. We lose the human factor.

          • @Zylam Marex: I agree with the human factor but it applies both ways. The key is to treat your customers the way you would want to be treated if you were a customer. I don't think that was happening until the community feedback kicked in.

    • Good on you mate, it's this sort of stuff that would make me go with techfast for my next build.

    • Great to hear Luke! Hope you aren't taking any of this personally :)

    • You provide good setups for cheap costs at obvious razor thin margins. 7-10 days extra is not unacceptable

      If I want a phone fast. I go to JB Hifi and I purchase the phone. If I want a phone slow… I got to TobysDeals and wait 5 weeks.

      Some people want to have their cake and eat it to.

    • why don't you offer cancellation and full refund as an option for those affected?

      • Exactly, and then none of this would have happened. Despite his moving speech a month later with no pc and no option for refund is poor business practice and lazy at best; rude and dishonest at worst.

    • Good on you, Luke.
      You've been working right with us Ozbargainers the past few years now. Best of luck!

    • Good on ya Luke

    • TBH, I bought PC box for Christmas for my son. Was priced well and received when expected. Hasn't missed a beat and components used didn't seem low end. Yes some people have issues but just wanted to say that there are many other positives out there including me too. Keep aiming high and continue to improve your service and the positives will become more.

    • I appreciate the gesture and that'll make some people happy. I fully understand there are issues with supply and hiccups due to COVID.

      I think the thing I was mostly concerned about from the post was the "restocking fee" and lack of an option to back out of a deal where the original deal could not be fullfilled. I've found myself in a similar situation over the years with other retailers and never had a problem just getting a refund.

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    Using COVID-19 as a justification for inability to fulfil orders on time was fine in April and May. However, COVID-19 is the new normal now and needs to be factored into the operations of your business. And no, a banner at the top of your website warning people that COVID-19 will result in unpredictable outcomes is not a great strategy. You need to adapt your business practices to these challenges if you are expecting to fare better than the competition and survive the inevitable downturn.

    Just-in-time operation is probably not the best option at this time. You may be better off to hold stock of whatever items are available and offer configuration options based on stock and real-time allocation. Or keep going as you are and expect criticism and a few hits to your reputation. Being the cheapest may or may not be enough. While this is OzBargain and everyone is here for the lowest price, there is a line that people draw where a $10 savings may not be worth weeks of unexpected delays.

    As an example, I paid +$6 for a CPU cooler and +$1.35 for shipping because one retailer had the item listed as "in stock, ships within 24 hours" and delivered using a same day courier in Sydney. The competition was "in stock at supplier, ships in 4-5 days" and delivered using Australia Post from interstate. I was quite happy to pay the extra $7.35 on a hundred dollar order and get the goods before the weekend as opposed to maybe late next week.

  • Thanks Luke. I have one of your systems and it has been great for over a year. Will buy again in the future if I need.

  • The question now that is taunting me is, what if OP did not post to OZBargain. What if there was no pressure? Is this a case of "Dont ask for permission, ask for forgiveness" ?

    Did TechFast try and see if OP would pay, and now have been caught out?

    • I don’t think so. Like any good business you listen to feedback. It just so happens that ozbargain channels a lot of that feedback

    • If OP had not posted, nothing would’ve happened. People would’ve had the same options.

      Pay for an upgrade, pay for a more expensive upgrade, wait an unknown amount of time or pay 25% restocking fee for a refund.

      Techfast didn’t offer the free bronze psu upgrade out of the goodness of their hearts.

      They saw public opinion turn massively against them and they were pressured into making a calculated business decision to salvage their brand.

      It was a calculated decision to appease/subdue the deserved backlash.

      EA’s Battlefront 2 loot box apology wasn’t done because they wanted to do good and get rid of in game gambling and pay to win mechanics.They only changed their stance once negative backlash reached a point where it would be unprofitable to continue advocating for loot boxes.

      The same goes for Techfast, they’d make more money upgrading the psu’s to bronze than continuing to make people pay for upgrades and lose costumers from negative feedback.

      If they were doing it out of good will, they would have offered a full refund or the free upgrade in the first place without needing the community to push them in that direction.

      The free upgrade is an acceptable remedy but Techfast shouldn’t be praised for needing to be pressured to step up.

  • Speaks volumes for the quality of the original power supply..

    Gigabyte bronze retails for sub $100 (assume lower with volume pricing) leaving a nominal value of $40 for the original unit after the quoted $59 "upgrade" fee pre damage control…

    • You assume the price of an upgrade is the difference in price between the upgraded part and the original component. It should be the case but in some cases I suspect it's not. Some of the prices I've seen for upgrades look close to the lowest cost of actually buying the upgraded part outright. However, it's difficult to tell with any certainty as the actual brand/model of the parts in question is often unclear.

      They wouldn't be the first company with a business model that relies on upselling to boost returns. The headline price of systems at around the cost of components attracts customers and the less than ideal configurations/components encourages them to spend up on fully priced upgrades.

      There's nothing wrong with doing this. It's your choice to buy and also your choice to upgrade. However, customers should always compare the final cost of their proposed system with the cost of buying the components i.e. not just look at the advertised headline price vs cost of parts in the original configuration.

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