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Boost Prepaid | 12 Mnths Exp | 80GB Data | $130 @ United Mount Lawley (in Store Only)


Sorry guys completely sold out now.

Apologies as this deal is only available in Perth. Store location: United Mt Lawley, 791 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley 6050 (Store Special only)

Y’all are well familiar with the ever popular boost sim $150 but just for info anyways:

-BOOST 12 Months Long Term Expiry Prepaid
-Special price @ $130 for 12 months of service (Actual Price $150)
-80 GB DATA to use for 1 year
-Unlimited calls & text to standard numbers within Australia
-Unlimited standard calls & text to 25 select countries including INDIA, CHINA, PAKISTAN AND MANY MORE.
-Plus 1200 mins standard calls & text to 30 select destinations.
-Telstra's 4G network.


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  • +1

    Thanks. Can you use this to recharge?

    • No

    • “Recharge available to Current Customer activate before 10th august “ … sadly
      I will just give this a miss , as mine expires in December this year

      • +1

        Sim available with us have an expiry date of March 2022 so you can probably buy them and activate once your contract expires:)

        • Hey U still have them in stock? what about $300 is there any discounts on those too?

      • So can use as recharge?

        • +2

          No you can't use as recharge,you have to Port out then back.

      • Are you currently on Boost?

  • Any offers with more data?

  • Hi OP, is it available to post to Brisbane :)?

    • +1

      $135 for 1/ $130 for 2 or more ea, posted sim including shipping as we incur more charges. Dm me if interested:)

      • Dm ed you :)

      • DM'ed you~

  • +1

    can it still be use? I wonder
    as that $150 deal supposed to expired on the 30/6/2020

    I thought all the users/customers needs to activate it before that date.

    • The sim expiry is till March 2022. We note down sim number for all sim we sell. If you do encounter any official updates of $150 sim starter pack plan expiring before March 2022, We are happy to refund all unopened sim pack:) However, I think it is very unlikely that the $150 is going anywhere soon.

      • The $150 recharge is definitely going away.



        The $150 starter pack isn't even available on their website anymore.

        While people have until 2022 to activate the SIM it is not clear whether they can activate the $150 12 month option after 10 August. I hope they can because I would like to port out and back when my current 12 month recharge expires.

        • Recharges are available for those who activate a new SIM pack by 10 Aug.

        • I will confirm this with the retailer tomorrow:)

        • +2


          This says they are still allowing the recharges online just not selling the vouchers anymore

          • +1

            @rumchaser: I agree.

            The vouchers which Boost sold in the past would be still valid before expiry.

  • Pity they don't post

    • +5

      $135 for 1/ $130 for 2 or more ea, posted sim including shipping as we incur more charges. Dm me if interested:)

      • I have pm'd you.

      • -1

        I sent a message.Pls reply

      • Dmed

      • I have pm you. Needed 2 sims.

  • Does anyone know if 80GB is finished before 12 months, can you buy top up data only? If yes, how much does it cost?

  • Noob question: can I transfers a Telstra prepaid number to Boost?

    • Yes, you can I ported from Telstra to Boost last month.

    • Yes, but you'll need to call Boost and have them send you a blank SIM, then call again to initiate the transfer.

      Done this for my wife and several family members, quick and easy every time.

      • Blank SIM = $2?

        • No, you can request boost to send a blank sim to you for free (expect delays due to COVID). Yes you can use a $2 sim if you like that's what I did and I am sure you can use any value sim even the $150 but call them to double check if its ok. I did it with a $2 sim as I wanted to make sure it worked and needed to be ported across asap and didn't have time to wait for a deal and delivery of sim card.

          This is my steps last month:
          * Changed my plan from Telstra Postpaid to Prepaid when plan was up.
          * Purchased a $2 Boost Sim as there wasn't many good deals on at the time, needed it asap and couldn't wait for postage of a new sim/blank card, also wanted to make sure it was going to work and not waste $150.
          * Called Boost to activate and port on a Friday, support said it would take 4-24 Hours to port and they gave me a temporary number that would change back to my original ported number once completed.
          * They started the port on my Mobile service/Number telling me to insert the boost new Sim card and gave me a temporary number, so I checked my Telstra account and my number was removed from my Telstra account services.
          * Saturday afternoon it still hadn't ported over so I called them on Sunday morning as I thought it would be the quietest time of the day because of the COVID they had limited support. They checked it and said they needed to manually complete it and asked me to turn the phone off and on again and it was instantly done.

        • No cost for the special sim if porting from Telstra.

          I received a mailed sim from Boost last month but didn’t get to port and sign up for the $150 offer before June 30.

          If I buy this sim, can I still port using the special mailed sim and then use this? Anyone know?

          • @chitcat: You can call Boost and tell them the serial number of your sim card. They would be able to tell if you can still use it which I'm pretty sure you can. This is what I'm going to do next month when my Telsra prepaid is expired.

      • No blank Sim needed as it was done over the phone. I just did it from Telstra prepaid to Boost prepaid. First they allocate you a new number and then transfer your number in. Please bare in mind the process takes 15-20 mins plus the 40 mins on hold time. You do have to call customer care to resolve your issue as it cannot be done online.

    • Easiest way to do this is to get an Optus or Vodafone $2 Sim, transfer your number to that (no need to recharge) and once the transfer is complete, then transfer to Boost.

      This way you avoid having to deal with customer service which is a big pain in the ass, especially during covid with incredibly long hold times, avoid at all costs

      • You can't activate without recharging now. Unless I've missed something it won't let you activate without a minimum $10 recharge.

        • With Optus you can, if it's a paid for $2 SIM then it just let's you recharge later or if it was free, you can bypass the recharge stage by going to recharge with a credit card and then using invalid CC details. After it's declined 3 times it will skip the step.

          Use card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 (not an active CC but a valid number), expiry date any date in the future, CVV any 3 digit number and your own name.

          • @realfancyman: Go to any Optus store, and tell them you want to port your number to Optus. They will give you a SIM free of cost and do the port out procedure. Just tell them that you will activate a plan later on. Just walk out and once number is ported to Optus, do a port out to Boost.

            • @usmanhafeez2000: Sure, but why would you when you can do it yourself online?

              • @realfancyman: just to avoid purchasing $2 SIM :P

                • @usmanhafeez2000: https://offer.optus.com.au/shop/prepaid/sim-card/2-sim :)

                  Plus a bunch of Optus stores have them in a stand out front to take

                  • @realfancyman: Thanks mate.
                    On a separate note, have been reading comments from various users who are porting in to Boost from other networks and are stuck for days and even weeks. And lack of support from boost isn’t helping. I am currently with Belong, and have bought $150 Boost starter pack, and want to port out to Boost. What is the best way to do that. Belong to Boost directly or move to Optus network and then to Boost? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

                    • @usmanhafeez2000: Just yesterday I did this.

                      Went from Telstra to Optus, the port was complete in about 2 minutes. After that I tried to port to Boost however, you need to wait about 30 minutes after porting out of Telstra so the port out can finish provisioning in Telstra's system.

                      Then port to Boost and this also took only about 2 minutes. I did this on two seperate services last night around 5pm and it was flawless.

  • As a non WA resident, I can't price match this with OW, can I?

  • Ooooh a WA offer, nice :) Thanks OP

  • Hi Guys, please do not message anymore for sims to be posted. Those who have already messaged, can you please send in your details as requested as sim stocks are running out. You are still welcome to check at Perth servo as there are few still available there….

    • Hi,
      I messaged you a couple of hours ago. I sent my details for 2 sims

  • +1

    Is this available in all United petrol station ?

    • Apologies as this deal is only available in Perth. Store location: United Mt Lawley, 791 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley 6050 (Store Special only)

  • Time to claim 28 Degrees price protection

  • Great deal, just scored one from their servo location.

    • Anymore left? Can’t find their working phone number… says not connected when I called.

      • +1

        Yup I saw at least 10 if not more left in the guy's stash. You'd be pretty safe if you headed in now.

      • Yep around 8 left at servo. Servo closes at 9 pm though.

  • Hi all,
    Has anybody purchased this before? Do they give a SIM card and a recharge coupon or is it just a sim pack of 150 dollars with recharge coupon inside it?

    • Hi, its a starter sim, so it comes preloaded with $150 annual plan as per the link in the deal.

  • Hey peeps, just 4 more sims left at Servo. Grab them if you are nearby in the area. To be honest, we are not exactly adept at bulk selling, so apologies to those who missed out getting their sim shipped.Hopefully we will have more of them next month:)

    • Hopefully we will have more of them next month:)

      You mean of the Boost $150 365 day SIMs? I thought they are no longer being produced?

      • +3

        Just had a chat with Boost rep. Sim $150 starter packs are no longer being produced. But whatever quantities are out in market are valid and can be activated till their expiry date (in this deal until march 2022).
        Our supplier has indictaed that they still have stock so probably there will be more stock next month:)

        • Great, thanks!

        • Awesome, I would be interested when the new stock arrives next month.

        • Good to hear.

  • +1

    Received, thanks OP.

    • +2

      Cheers😊Happy to know that.

      • +1

        Same here as well. Thanks!

  • Is there any chance that some of these may be available tomorrow for posting (as per the deleted post) - or are the sold out/accounted for?

    • +1

      Admin has ‘kindly’ hidden my post as they probably don’t agree with creating a new deal when the last deal wasn’t that old. I am working with them to get it reinstated 😊

      • If they don't, I'll express my interest here :)

  • I'm looking to pickup one of these today. Are they still available?

    • Hey mate. Yes only 6 more left. Please get them today before they run out

  • Hey OP what’s the story re: activation date?

    10th August deadline, would you be able to share some insight? Thanks.

    • Last time I asked Boost rep, he said that all starter kit will be honoured for activation uptil their exp date.
      Not sure but 10 Aug is probably the date by which you can recharge $150 plan on your existing boost service.
      I believe that a new Boost Plan announcement will be made in Aug, similar to $150 plan, perhaps.

      • So, if this starter pack is activated say in November 2020, that SIM won't be able to use the $150 recharge in November 2021?

        • Yes that’s my understanding

  • Just 2 more sim left, before the stock is sold out. Sorry, there won’t be another stock of existing $150 Boost Plan.

  • Is there any more available??

    • Nah mate sorry. All sold out.

  • Anyone interested to buy it, can buy it from below link which is a physical store as well as sell online. Price is $145 but sign up for their news letter to get a $10% discount code. SIM will be delivered next day (if you are in Sydney) via Australia Post EMS. I purchased yesterday, paid $130.50 and just received in mail today:


    • FYI, sold out there too.

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