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30% off Garmin Products for Bupa Members


My first deal so be gentle. Just found an email that said that instead of the 20% off Garmin products for Bupa members, there's a limited offer where the discount is 30%. Offer shows as ending on July 5th so not a lot of time left.

Some sample prices:
Fenix 6 Pro: $804.30
Forerunner 945: $699.30

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  • I am not sure if this applies to the current offer but just be mindful that you could be waiting a long while. I purchased some accessories from garmin on 28 May only to find out (when I received the email for the order) that they can take 30-45 business days to deliver. Cash taken out of my account on 25 June. Still have not received the items and no updates/communication from garmin whatsoever.

  • Veeery long running deal. At least 4 years by now.
    Barely a deal though for popular devices given so many Rebel etc specials and discounts.

    • 30% is definitely a deal. 20% is normal Bupa discount.

    • The normal deal is 20% off with Bupa, not 30%. This deal makes it the lowest prices I've seen for the models I quoted in the opening post. Only thing that came close for latest generation devices was the eBay Plus 20% off recently, most other sales are for older generation devices like 935/Fenix 5.

    • Oops my bad. Indeed 30%, not 20% as regular.
      Should start reading properly

  • Thanks for this. 30% discount for the new Edge 1030 Plus is a very good deal.

  • Nice one. I’ve used the 20 a few times so this is great. Just a shame there’s no chance of TRS refund!!

  • Anyone with Bupa and would be willing to help get me something :) Located in Melbourne and happy to Meet up or shipped to me and PayPal transfer!

  • Is the Quatix 6 available through Bupa and if so what’s the price?

    • What ever is currently on the garmin site is available.
      quatix 6 @ $999
      quatix 6 Titanium @ $1499
      quatix 6x Solar @ $1799

      Then take off the 30% to get your price.

      Basically by clicking from bupa to garmin, there is a 30% discount applied in the cart.

  • Trying to see the price for the Forerunner 645, but it's not showing even though it says it's in stock? I can add the 245 to my cart but not the 645..

    • I noticed that a while back when I checked the 645. Despite the numbering being x45 it is one generation behind the 245/945, perhaps Garmin doesn't want to sell it via their site anymore. Not ideal or fast but the 645 shows up regularly on Amazon US with a decent discount.

      • Yeah saw that it was technically "older" but had more specs overall, and an important selling point for me was the paywave function. That and music are what I'm looking in a watch with very accurate GPS tracking without needing a phone

        ..and the 945 is ridiculously expensive

  • Link that Bupa gives is: https://buy.garmin.com/en-AU/AU/c10002-p1.html?cdncache=fals...
    Not sure if that works without being logged into Bupa…

  • I've been looking for a satellite communicator. Perfect timing and even better price! Cheers

  • Forerunner 45S for $230 delivered, nice

  • Was still working this morning just had to click through to checkout to get the reduced price.

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