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$10 Coles E-Voucher + $0 Fee on First Transfer @ Western Union


I just transferred $1 to my Transferwise account with $0 fee. Code only worked on app for me. Not working via TransferWise

$10 Coles Evoucher + $0 Fee on First App Transfer @ Western Union


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  • just transferred $1 as well… not sure when I would receive coles voucher. Has OP already received one?

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    I get promo code not found

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    Anyone want free $1. Pm me

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    Can I use this to pay for the taxes and shipping on my trunk boxes full of gold from Prince Mumba jumba?

  • A bit of work but worth it. Thank OP.

    • did you use the app? did you get any confirmation re coles?

  • cabt find a place to ebter code in app

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    Didn’t work for me on app, had to be desktop.

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    ok. dont choose to source the money from a poli transaction. you wont see the apply code link.

  • Ok I was able to apply the code, waive the fee, and transfer $1.
    How do I know it worked and I'm getting the e-voucher?

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    Very confusing and spent so much time on this.

    You enter the promo code when using the credit card method ($2.90 fee one). When you enter the code a $2.90 discount code will be applied.

    Refer to screenshot where code applied.

    I'm not even confident I'll get the $10 Coles voucher. Can't even click on T&Cs when the page loaded on my phone or locate what these are anywhere on the app or website. So can't locate when they will be issued.

    Perhaps OP can add in the description or title that a credit/debit card method needs to be used in order for the discount code section to appear.

    • you can actually withdraw money from credit card and transfer to your own account???

      This can save at least a month mortgage interest if you got spare $6k credit limit credit card do nothing and payback when statement due.

      btw did you register as a user???

      • interesting.. doesn't it count as a cash advance?

        • not sure thou… but it seems @Horrorstory did it that way.

          would interesting to know whether count as spend or cash advance

          • @thomalfa: Yes yes it does. See point 2.
            You don't expect to earn cashback/points that easy do you?

            • @rookie317: thanks for the info…
              don't think too much of the points…
              but rather the interest saved on mortgage from the additional funds.

              • @thomalfa: Sorry if I came across douchy. I didn't mean to mock you. I just thought it's relatively common sense that you can't withdraw cash (physical or digital) from credit card without incurring cash advance charge.

        • Depends on your card, some don't but western union still charges a spread. Its not free even with the discount.

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    Used to like these deals but I'm starting to feel I am spending too much time/effort on them and got too little back.

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      Agreed, just wasted more time than this is worth, and not even sure I got the voucher yet.

  • For new users only ?

    • i assumed we have to create a user account and 1st time only???

      • ya seems so …i ain't qualifiy then.

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    I see a few of you got confused here, here were my steps using the app to send money: In step 1, need to choose Bank Account, Credit Card, then click on Promo Code to enter it. Quite easy actually.

    • Perhaps OP should mention in the description that a credit/debit card payment method needs to be used in order for the discount code option to appear instead of relying on people reading comments 🙂

  • Is the Western Union forex rates better than transferwise or ozforex for overseas transfers?

    • nah..much worse

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        depends, transferwise eat you with exhorbitant fee, $10000 they sting you with $100 so you end up with same amount.

        • Wait, which fx pair did you do for Transferwise to charge you 1%? I've been frequently with Transferwise (USD, SGD, CAD, AUD) and their fee has always been around 0.3-0.5% for me. Here's the rate as of now.

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    Promo code not found

  • anyone know if it count as cash advance on credit card?

    • Use a Visa/Mastercard debit perhaps.

  • Anyone got their transactions cancelled? Tried a few times of different amounts & cards.

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    Mmm …not sure if the profit is worth the security risk.
    I feel like it's another company ripe for being hacked and I may have just made a mistake…

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      well western union is unlikely looking for doing doggy stuff unless your desktop is hacked by malware.

      Their rate is pretty good for OS TT if compare to the big 4 and other financial institutes but subject to check every time.

  • Worst app ever.

  • I can't see terms and conditions

  • why does it have to be to transfer wise account. can you transfer to anyone's bank account in Australia or does it have to be to an overseas account to qualify for the coles e voucher?

  • opened wife an account on same phone a $25 coles e card offer for first $500 popped up didnt get a chance to do screen print before it disappeared so im not sure if there is a promo code to use?

  • Does the $10 Coles E-Gift Card come through instantly? I did the transfer 72 hours ago and I still haven't received it

    • same here.

  • Anybody got the Coles voucher yet?

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    Just received an email saying my money has been refunded. I had sent the money to myself via transferwise. So effectively they have cancelled it.

  • I also just received 3 emails in quick succession saying they have refunded the transaction through transferwise.

    We’re sorry, but we were unable to complete your money transfer

    A refund has been issued to your credit or debit card and may take 3 to 5 business days to appear in your account.

    Please call Customer Care 0800 29 7579 for a refund

    • People still received gift card even after the refund.

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    Mine the same, 3 of them.

  • yes best not send it to transfer wise they arent a real bank mine got rejected too but wife sent her 500 to my local bank account and i received it today. not sure if i should try my account again and send it to a local au bank account instead as they now have my ID and ive used the promo code? havent gotten any coles e voucher either it may have been a waste of time and id collection con. OP please remove transfer wise from post title as it will be rejected.

  • Has anyone received their Coles gift card?

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      nope :/

  • nada. cant use code again so i tried poli.

  • Same here, no voucher & refunded. And their phone number in email doesn't work. Called and requested to have account & details deleted.

    • how did you call when when phone number dosent work?

      • ever heard of Google?

        have a great Sunday :)

  • This is turning into a shambles.

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    I just sent them an email and asked about the voucher promotion. This is their reply:


    Good day!

    Thank you for contacting Western Union.

    We wish to inform you that the eligible participants are those who have received an SMS, in-app & email from us and completed a digital transaction for a principal amount of at least AUD $500 excluding fees during the promotion period: April 1 – 30, 2020. Once you have completed your first transaction online you should receive the voucher after 30 days the money transfer was sent.

    We apologize for the inconvenience it might have caused you.

    Should you have any further concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


    Western Union Customer Care


    • May be a different offer? as this one states expires Dec. 31st 2020

  • "WelcomeAU" no longer works.

    Says "Voucher no longer accepted".

  • i think WelcomeAU is a one off code cant use it a second time on same account so i had to do a poli the second time since i had already used WelcomeAU for the failed transfer wise transaction. wife got the $500 offer pop up on app but it disappeared before i could click on it so i dont know terms but she sent me $500 so hopefully $25 voucher will show up for her in 30 days.

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    Biggest shamble ever and no voucher. Fake news

  • I have been in contact with Western union via email. They have said that there is an issue with the issuing of the credit vouchers and the vouchers will not be sent in the next week but they will be sent as soon as possible.

  • i shall wait 30 days before contacting them.

  • I have just received a voucher this morning. I paid through transferwise so it works. This despite the fact that the $1 sent was returned to my account. A pleasant surprise. Also I was given a choice of vouchers not just Coles so I bought an Amazon one.

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    Mine just came through from a bank to bank transfer, also got a choice of a few gift cards.

    Edit: Coles $10 out of stock, $5 still available and you can get two

  • thanks op just order a $10 coles gc ok. now just waiting to see if the wife will get her $25 email to redeem

  • Thanks OP I got $25 voucher :D