[PC] Steam - Humble Choice July 2020 (incl. Void Bastards, AoW: Planetfall, Basingstoke) - $19.99/$29.99 - Humble Bundle


The new Humble Bundle Monthly Bundle is here. Depending on your plan you can choose 3, 9 or 10 of the following games:

  • Verlet Swing
  • Don't escape: 4 days to survive
  • Yuppie Psycho
  • Metal Unit
  • Basingstoke
  • Void Bastards
  • Age of Wonders: Planetfall
  • BSG: Deadlock
  • Beat Hazard 2
  • Railway Empire
  • Sigma Theory
  • Earthlock


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  • How the mighty have fallen

  • +16 votes

    pausing for my 3rd month in a row.. :o

    • Only reason I haven't cancelled yet is because I'm on the grandfathered pricing plan!

    • +6 votes

      I'd fully cancel but there's always the chance that eventually we'll get a good month and the classic price tag will have been worth holding on to.

      • Kind of kicking myself, if I had known there was a pause option I would have kept it as well but I only signed up for the Spyro/Crash/Cod bundle & cancelled after. Where was the pause option though?

        • It's under manage your subscription I believe.
          They really hate you doing it too, you have to click about 3 or 4 times to confirm "yes I don't want this month" and you need to do so every single month. They even offer a $4 discount to try and prevent you from doing so.

          But the quality of games just isn't there. Not that they're bad games, but generally there will only be x1 big game in the lot so if you have that already the remaining indie niche titles probably won't seem worth it to you.

    • I'm on the grandfatehred plans as well (10 game choice) just pause it for a month.. that's what I did last month.. this month most of those game have been on my want list for a long time so I'll start my subscription again.

      • Don't know if it's targeted, but when I was pausing for months in a row, I would get a "$3 off offer to unpause" near the end of the month while I was paused. If you're in no rush, it might be worth trying for that.

        I got a $4 off offer when I immediately paused this month's bundle too. I assume that was a one time only offer at the time of pausing though

    • subscription services like this is so scummy, show good titles at the start then once ur on the plan, give u shovelware

      • At least you own these ones… unlike some other services where you don't have access at all once you unsubscribe!

  • void bastards is not bad.. the rest of the list..yikes

    • There isnt a single game rated below 78% on this entire list and there are 4 games rated higher than Void Bastards… broaden your horizons. Dont just assume something is bad because you havent heard of it or is part of a genre you dont frequently play.

      EARTHLOCK - 78% - Mostly Positve
      Age of Wonders - 79% - Mostly Positve
      Sigma Theory - 79% - Mostly Positve
      Railway Empire - 81% - Very Positve
      Basingstoke - 82% - Very Positve
      Metal Unit - 82% - Very Positve
      Battlestar Galactica Deadlock - 83% - Very Positve
      Void Bastards - 88% - Very Positve
      Beat Hazard 2 - 92% - Very Positve
      Verlet Swing - 95% - Very Positve
      Yuppie Psycho - 95% Overwhelmingly Positve
      Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive - 99% Overwhelmingly Positve

  • Thanks for reminding me to pause this month

  • Do these have good Steam ratings?

    • 3/12 are rated mostly positve (70-79%)
      7/12 are rated Very Positive (80%-94%)
      2/12 are rated Overwhelmingly Positve (95%-99%)

      • Thanks for doing the leg work. Seems like the group think has turn on HB lately because somehow they expect AAA games or game of the year games every month from what has always been an Indy collection.

        • The problem is that we are getting a bit spoiled with all the cheap/free games from other sources. Epic Store has been offering high quality games for free, while Xbox Game Pass for PC offers day one releases for $5/month.

  • Use to check Humble regularly and post good deals. Now I wouldn't even bother to go to their site. Sigh…

  • They seriously need to pick up their game (pun intended) if they want people to pay for this monthly tripe. Last one I paid for was January's with Dirt Rally 2, Two Point Hospital, and couple other decent ones that month. Otherwise I suspect the end is nigh. They are playing us for mugs lately.

  • Games have been extremely shitty lately only still subbed cause i don't wanna loose the old pricing i would never pay the crazy amount there asking now.

  • I have to say, I'm happy about this redirect back to indies. I wasn't initially, but I am now. It saves me from getting lots of duplicate keys/gives me a chance to investigate games I wouldn't otherwise

  • I was disappointed at the strategy/turn based focus again this month, went to pause and got offered $4USD off… Ok $12 AU to try a couple of the games is worth it.

  • Cue everyone whinging about how shit all the games are that equate to about $2 each…

    • I'd rather not pay $2 for a game to sit in my library unplayed.
      God knows there are a lot of those already.

  • I got basic for 1 month because I planned on buying railway empire on steam during sale for $30+, so for $20 I got that + void bastards and planet fall.

  • so… where is the pause subscription button?

  • This is the first month I actually don't like, Void Bastards is the only okay one. Still love the subscription despite this one bad month.

  • Classic plan can only pause once at a time right? We cant pause multiple months one after another?