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Astone MP-310DT Full HD Dual DVB-T PVR Media Player with 2TB HDD + HDMI Cable $189 + Ship + More


Astone Media Gear MP-310DT 1080p Media Player Dual DVB-T HDMI/ MKV/ RMVB/ GLAN/ DTS with WD20EARX 2TB HDD discounted to $189 with Free HDMI Cable link below. Offer expires on Midday 17/10/2011

Astone Media Gear MP-310DT 1080p Media Player & Dual DVB-T Recorder
The Astone MP-310DT Network Media Player with dual DVB-T tuner rocks all the cutting-edge technology you would expect in a state-of-the-art media player, but it’s also packing first-to-market technology you didn’t even think was possible. Now this latest model equipped with USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet and Dual DVB-T tuner.

The Astone MP-310DT Network Media Player contains latest USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet, which fulfills your need for speed, the real proof is in the playback, and this revolutionary media player delivers the smoothest HD playback on the market. Experience the pure performance of Gigabit Wired Networking for the very best in media streaming. Wireless networking is also supported with optional Wireless-N via an external USB adapter.

You also get instant access and flawless support of all your top internet content including YouTube, Yahoo Weather, Stock information, Flickr, Facebook and more.

Included HDD: Western Digital WD20EARX 2TB 64M IntelliPower SATA3 Caviar Green

Manufacturer's Link

FREE HDMI M-M 1.8m cable with any purchase of Astone Media Player, Buy 1 get 1 Free Ratio

Pick up is available in Sydney

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  • lol.

    $189 + ship + more

    • that ebay listing mentions nothing about a hard drive, this includes a 2tb drive, plus i-tech allow pickup
      ps i bought this when it was for $99 w/o hdd, top unit for the price especially if you already have a spare sata hdd

  • seems a very good deal

  • +1 vote

    Thanks for your support, 40+ sold already. Don't forget to add to Free HDMI cable item into shopping cart when ordering the media player. cheers.

  • $189(current deal)-$99(previous deal on 310DT) = $90

    $90 for the 2TB drive & hdmi cable = no thanks!

    specially for those who already have some spare hdds
    i-tech should give upgrade options instead?

  • I bought the Astone MP-310DT last time when it was $99 and added my own hard drive, but this is still a good deal considering it comes with a 2TB hard drive.

    This media player is very new and certainly isn't perfect yet. It has a glitch where occasionally audio is lost and you need to go into a menu to reset it. Also there isn't yet a way to view a 7 day TV episode guide so you have to schedule future recordings manually. I have hopes that a future firmware update will fix the issues and glitches, but from experience Astone haven't been too fast providing improved firmware for their other media players. I also have the AP-300 and an AP-360T players which were pretty awful when originally released but eventually decent firmware arrived which now make them quite enjoyable to use. Now they all network nicely together and I can record TV in one room then watch it in another room quite easily, or record TV on the MP-310DT and watch it wirelessly on my laptop.

    Web access is pretty poor. It occasionally streams YouTube using the YouTube XL interface but most of the time it doesn't seem to work well. It doesn't work at all with YouTube's 'normal' web page because the MP-310DT does not support Flash. There's no way to fash-forward or rewind YouTube videos, making it pretty useless for viewing anything other than short clips. That also means a whole bunch of other websites aren't usable with it. Web page controls are pretty woeful and it's very hard to scroll or do anything meaningful, and there's no way to scale a web page so if you're using HDMI on a TV that does not allow overscan to be turned off, using the web browser is impossible. Don't buy it for web access.

    For the price it's great, but don't expect perfection. The media playet, network sharing and remote control are excellent. Recording works well but scheduling is pretty lacking at the moment. It may get there eventually, but if you like recording a lot of TV shows it's not yet a good replacement for a dedicated PVR. Also this box can record live TV but can't record from an AV source such as Foxtel, unlike the older AP-360T. If however you only record things occasionally but want to use it as a media player most of the time, it's fantastic.

  • it's clear from the start this unit is primarily a media player with pvr/browser functions added later, in fact the hardware is the same as AC Ryan playon hd but with the dual tv tuner module added
    ps i don't get the audio glitch problem, is this using hdmi? try swapping cables or test with another tv

  • Can this be used as a "digital set top box" for older TVs?

  • Yes it can be used on older tv's. It has Composite & Component out, as well as hdmi.
    UMart has it for $114 without HDD.

    It's exactly the same unit as the Dxtreme DX-390 sold by Harris Technology for around $200 without HDD. User manual, full specs, forums etc all available on line if you Google "DX-390". Whirlpool has a very informative Thread also.