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AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT - $845, Ryzen 7 3800XT - $665 @ F1TechComputers


Long time lurker, first-time poster.

Seems to be the only place in Australia online that I can see who has this in stock. Release date is supposedly today (7th July, USA).
Unknown if the price is a bargain or not. The Italy Amazon leaks suggested a €569.69 price (Approx $930 AUD) for the 3900XT. Official MSRP is $499 USD (Approx $715 AUD)

Nervous to pull the trigger. Have never had any experience with F1TechComputers.
I confirmed with the company that it is indeed in stock via email.
The store is in Chatswood, but they also offer shipping.

Shopping Express has the 3800XT also listed for $665 but out of stock - https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/amd-ryzen-7-3800xt-4....

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  • 5-10% faster but 30% price premium

  • Overpriced for so little gain.
    Better to get 3900x or 3700x

  • hey Philleh id wait bud :) not really worth pulling the trigger on at the moment … just see what the 4000 series bring with them, if your desperate for an upgrade/build then as the guys above mention 3900X and 3700X are the way to go… 3900X for productivity and 3700X for gaming and a bit of productivity .. gluck!

    • Yeah the price to performance just doesn't seem there. 3800XT seems better value vs 3900XT but 4000 series hopefully by the end of the year. Rocking 6700K atm though and struggling to Game + Stream.

      • lol i'm on a 4790 sooo you def can wait a bit more! not too worried about the cpu's currently available or ones that are coming soon i'm more waiting to see what happens in the GPU arena … just holding out the tiniest hope AMD brings something to the party and these ridiculous GPU prices also come down like CPU's have…

    • when to expect 4000 series

      • Last I heard was an announcement this year around September. Not sure on actual product release.

        • yep that is pretty much confirmed by AMD. release is usually not far behind announcement so id say in time for Christmas

  • Doesn't look like a good price. If it's 499 USD, the rough comparison would be add GST (+10%) and then convert, so about $788 for 3900XT. Of course there's other factors, but I'd wait until more retailers stock it.

    Alternatively if you want to use Italian price remove VAT (22%) (edit: correction from 30%) and add GST (10%) and convert currency. Again only approximate, but about $833. Importing from USA/Europe should be cheaper at this price.

  • Just get 3900X, the increased 100Mhz is not worth it

    • Seeing as my 3600X doesn't hit it's claimed peak frequency under any circumstances, it's probably bullshit too.

  • +5 votes

    Dont buy yet
    Having it in stock does not make it a bargain

  • Better option at great price :)


  • Here's what happens when you don't have good competition…..

    Shoes on the other foot now

  • Doesn't seem like a good deal vs regular 3700X etc.

  • If you're reading this and haven't bought a 3800X/T, don't, get a 3700X. I mean, at time of writing, it is $200 less for a 3700X vs a 3800XT, and $150 less than an X, those letters give you about… nothing. It's better quality silicon, but it does practically nothing in any performance benchmark.

    For another $114, you can instead get a 3900X which has 50% more cores, and will make a difference for practical applications that utilise multi-threaded tasks.

    Go to 17:32 on this video for a conclusion, they have all the data to back this up earlier in the video as well.

    Do not, buy this, at this price.