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Asrock X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 Mini ITX Thunderbolt 3 AMD Motherboard $365.33 + $18.27 Delivery @ Amazon UK via AU


Credit for the method to get it to this price goes to sylon from this post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/550308

Good price for this MB.

Don't forget cashback

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  • So I know that theirs a weird method for adding these deals to cart, but how are they actually being found? Are they literally just showing up in search?

  • $365.33
    Only 2 available. Order now.

  • the Gigabyte X570 I Aorus pro wifi is similarly priced as well using the same method. i would say this is better value than the Asrock. i use this board myself and i like it a lot. Its $344 + shipping which is what i paid last year pre-covid.

    • i dont see it anywhere …

      • just checked they changed it. still in my cart for $344 though… pity i already have one lol

        • to be honest unless you want the extra pcie4 lanes which on an ITX makes no sense its not much better than the B550's and they are currently overpriced… and i think the asus n msi ones include a front type c connector these dont… still a great price for x570 :)

          • @scud70: yeah understandable, it is not really necessary compared to the B550 but given the small price gap between this deal might as well shell out the extra $50 or so for the X570 imo. If B550 were not over inflated at the moment i would say B550 but since there is not much difference with these deals i say why not go X570 for the sake of it. As for ITX i couldn't find any B550 boards searching out of curiosity the other day so that makes the X570 decision a lot easier for some people.
            EDIT: just found an ASUS b550 ITX but price is like $370 minimum.

        • found it for $344 + 19 Shipping … through google shopping hahahaha thanks mate ordered one :)

  • yeah amazon slipped up here - we all get to see just how much cheaper things we used to be able to ship in until our yank controlled government helped amazon set up here at taxpayer expense whilst removing our ability to ship things in direct from the us and the uk amazons.

    add in the anti china border tax and the war we are waging on china on America's behalf and u get to see just how we have all been screwed by our uncle sam government.

    we are literally being gouged hundreds of dollars an item by our dishonest pollies following the removal of our ability to buy elsewhere cheaply directly ….

    way 2 many dumb aussies voting for foreign controlled parties

  • anything recommended for a matx build? ordered 3800x, and considering to upgrade ab350m-pro to a more recent model.

    • If you have a good b350 with a decent vrm and airflow in the case it might be ok just to stay on it for now…. Otherwise a b550/x570 is a good option for a 3800x :)

  • what do you oz bargainers recommend B550 motherboard or X570 i like the MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge thinking of building a semi budget PC with Ryzen 5 with ability to upgrade etc at a later time

    • B550 is still cheaper than a x570, gives you the same upgrade path and very close if not better vrm quality in some ATX boards.. X570 however gives you pcie4 lanes across the board whereas b550 has the pcie4 lanes for storage and gfx card slot.. I would personally go for a B550 at this point in time unless they are both the same price or close then x570… I just got an x570 itx board from amazon uk as it was cheaper than a b550.. :)

  • I want the MSI B550 ITX board but the damn thing is basically out of stock everywhere. Seems they just can't make enough of these things atm so inflation is getting a bit while.