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Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse $129 + Delivery (Free Click & Collect) @ Mwave


Decent deal on a great mouse. This model does not appear to have the updated HERO sensor, but still great value overall.

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  • What do I miss out on realistically by getting this and not the 'updated HERO sensor' version?

  • That is a good price for a G903. I'm using mine right now :)

  • I have a MX Master 2S which I find to be pretty good for daily work use, but it's a bit bulky. I know this was kind of addressed in the Master 3, but what are everyone's thoughts on these gaming mice for every day use compared to the likes of "professional" mice like the MX Master 2S and 3?

    • I had a decent logitech gaming mouse before I got the MX Master 3. Mate, trust me the MX M3 is genuinely great.

    • Depends on your grip IMO.

      I use a G604 for daily professional work use since I can use the macros/keyboard shortcuts effectively for everything from keyboard shortcuts to macros for actions. The left thumb rest, as well as the "sniper mode" can be useful.

    • I find my G903 more comfortable to hold over long periods of time (when gaming) vs. my Master 3. The scrolling click is also more tactile and you're given the option of 6 buttons which can be assigned to macros or commands, whereas the MX Masters have 2 buttons and a gesture feature.

      The MX Master 3 is slightly too tall for my hand so my pinky doesn't touch my mousepad when I hold it, so I tend to rotate my forearm further to compensate for that. On my G903, this isn't an issue and my hand is still in a somewhat natural resting position (slightly rotated)

    • Depends on what you're doing.

      I like g60x range because can do Bluetooth and runs off AA instead of needing a cable to charge.

      If I'm ever at work and battery dies or I need to pair it up to another laptop, I just buy a AA or the functionality is there.

      903 for home use but I've been an avid g60x user for work for the above reasons.

      • I don't really play any games but love some good lights though, I am mainly leaning towards G604 because of it's dual connectivity feature, sometimes if I can't do something on VDI and need to switch to work laptop I hate disconnecting from my pc and then connecting back since my PC sits on floor under the desk.

        Visually I love how G903 looks, I might try and see if bing lee can price match or not, I have G604 put aside for now and picking it up this arvo.

    • I personally have both a G604 and a G903. I generally prefer the G604 for work with the macro buttons, thumb rest and I really like the switching between Lightspeed (which I use in my USB C dock/switch for my desktop PC as well) and Bluetooth for when I take the laptop away from this area. If you don't care for the RGB or ambidexterous nature, I think I prefer the G604 in general.

  • What's the difference between this and the G304?

    Purely trying to work out if I screwed anything up or not.

  • It seems out of stock now and the price goes back to normal