Crimesafe doors are really worth?

Just looking for security door for front door.. just a curiously wondering Crimesafe doors are really worth to spend that much money??

Anyone has a positive outcome or a near miss?

What would be your thoughts in comparison to crimesafe or any other local brand from Bunnings??


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    I really like the build quality but tbh, any burglar wanting to get in would get through in a few seconds with a battery powered angle grinder.

    Here is a list of things they test the door against so you don't have to take my word for it. I can cut a big opening under a minute.

    Here is the cost of a battery powered angle grinder.

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      Nothing says stealth burglary like an angle grinder

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        Best stealth is plain sight.

        Look like a tradie who is meant to be there. Bring an angle grinder and a big tool box on rollers.

        Just walk straight up the the back door and load up the tool box with valuables and get out.

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        Nothing says stealth criminality like a dutch oven

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      would get through in a few seconds with a battery powered angle grinder.

      Maybe if it was just a frame with mesh, but what about something like this?

      Of course it goes without saying that if they want to get in, they will, but I think that would slow them down considerably…

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        If they are the old steel stuff, maybe a few minutes. If it is aluminium like most of the stuff out there, it's not going to make a measurable difference.

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    We have a crimsafe

    Feels tough but I wouldn't exactly sleep with just that protecting the house.

    Apparently crimsafe is just a patented way of building the door where is claps the screen a certain way. So it really depends on the store I guess. We got ours from wynston.

    I'm sure alternatives are very similar but not patented and thus cheaper

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    Does it make your house look more secure and harder to break into than your neighbours? Yes.


    I think home alarm system and crimsafe made our home and contents insurance cheaper.
    But anyone wanting to break into a house can if they are prepared.

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      How effective has your huffing and puffing and blowing technique been these days?


        Not very well. But I’ve helped a few mates who locked keys in their houses. Bit harder when you want to avoid damage.

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    I don't think it is really the type of thing to protect your house while you are away. Because if somebody wants l to come in they will just smash a window as you are not home or jimmy the laundry door. Where this Crimsafe or Invisiguard type door is beneficial is when you are home and you want to leave the front timber door open for air flow, or the back patio door open for air flow. It will stop potential home invaders / intruders that will try to barge in.

    I do know of stories where feuding family members had a fight and the drug fueled psycho cousin came charging at the front door during Sunday lunch and could not kick it down and evetually gave up.

    If you want a deterrant for while people are away from home then a Wi-Fi security system would be better.


    An alternative you may want to look at and compare quotes before you commit is the Australian made Prowler Proof. I believe this brand has good quality and is used in commercial settings. I had a sliding door made in heritage green to match and found it doesn't block the light too much and still get good airflow.


    We chose crimsafe for aesthetic reasons. During the day it's see through, great airflow. If the front door is closed you can see the nice timber of the door. our installer said it's strong enough to sleep with screen door only, never tried it. Cost about 1k installed (gulp), but we love it.


    I think bars would be a bigger deterrent against a break in.

    We have an iron gate kind of door with crime safe like meshed that's just screwed in which is more of a deterrent I reckon. Wouldnt be as tough as a crimsafe though being just screwed in.

    The crim safe has 3 or 4 lockings from memory so pretty tough

    I was told that it won't stop someone per se but it will hold them off and make enough noise to attract attention.

    So might be worthwhile.

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    You know what they say, if it's not Crimsafe it's not crim safe.

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      They still don't stop ghosts.


    I wouldn't bother spending money on something like this for security reasons. We had one in our old house and the only thing we used it for was so we could leave the front door open for airflow without kids and pets getting into the street. It would only stop opportunistic/idiot burglars getting in and they could get in through a window far more easily anyway.

    Better to have other deterrents such as security cameras.


    Home security is only as good as the weakest point. Not a lot of point spending up big on a door that is super secure when the window next to it can be opened easily.

    I might consider if I was in a high crime area and it was the only entry point with low security.


    good point of crimsafe was the cat and dog could not wreck it. Cat sharpened her claws using it. However the mesh was big so mozzie s could climb thru.


    We have Crimsafe on all doors and windows. Will this stop a determined thief from getting in while we are away? Of course not.

    However when the thief looks at my house, and then looks at my 2 neighbouring houses with no screens, whose house do you think they will target ;)


    Had the prowler proof one installed. I reckon it's better than the official brand 316 as compare to crimsafe 314.

    In any case we installed it more a tiny deterrent with security cameras as well.

    Best thing is we can leave the alfresco doors open all summer.

    Dogs hair doesn't get stuck get stuck and it is really easy to clean.

    When it comes to security it's more being a bigger deterrent vs your neighborhood end of day if they really want in even cameras won't stop them. Ie. Most people have their energex box outside their house(cameras don't work without power/internet)

    Make sure you get quotes from different brands our quotes ranged from 8000-15,000

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    No, Crimsafe will rust.
    If you were ready to pay that much for Crimsafe, Get quotes for Invisigard


    I have crimsafe installed as the backdoor as the time when I moved in I worried about people climbing through the backgate and would come into my house through the back of my garden. Crimsafe door is tough. Besides the middle lock, there are also locks at the top and the bottom which means your key actually turn 3 locks. The door is securer than the normal grill door which sometimes people could stick their fingers in and unlock the switch. Later on I have dogs and I asked the Crimsafe people if they could cut a hole to make a doggie door and I got told they couldn't as it is crimsafe. Now when I think of it I should have installed the crimsafe door as the front door. I think it is money worth. Sometimes we hear news people get robbed by answering the front doors. Some people install grill door as the front door and then do flyscreen over the front door. This is not safe as people can cut through the fly screen. People can then stick their fingers through the grill and open the door. If you have crimsafe then you don't have to worry as people can't cut through.

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    Also consider
    They custom build your security door to your colour/measurements..
    and can include triple locks/pet door etc.

    They have a budget option for about $260 but a custom hinged screen door with bug seal is about $400 I think.

    They also do custom sliding doors for around the same price.

    They sometimes have sales.
    They just had a EOFY sale with 15% off/free delivery and free triple locks.

    My brother and I have ordered from them with good results.

    There's a mob in brisbane called Hanmei who do similar custom work.


      Seconline are great cost saving alternative to the original crimsafe. Used them for many years with A+ results. Subscribe to their emails and you will be notified of their sales.


    We got Invisiguard (like Crimsafe). I like it and it makes me feel safer answering the door / leaving the door open (whilst being at home / upstairs with children).

    I think security cameras (or a Ring doorbell) are a stronger deterrent though!

    But Invisiguard are great - especially with young children.
    We also have it on our laundry door and an enclosed patio area (= outdoor playroom) - the children and animals try and they can’t break through it (where they could with the standard Flyscreens upstairs)

    If you’re in Sydney we hired Roystons in Brookvale and they’ve done all our Invisiguard + Flyscreens too.


    I would like to hear people's thoughts on how Invisi-Gard or Prowler Proof considered to be better than Crimsafe?
    Cost wise they are almost the same. I am yet to hear how one of them is vastly superior to the others.

    No, Crimsafe will rust.

    Absolute rubbish!!!
    Does your kitchen sink rust after decades of use? They are all made of almost the same grade stainless steel.


      Invisiguard is 316 grade
      Crimsafe is 304 grade
      That is not almost the same and is an important distinction depending on location

      Security mesh has lots of surface area for prolonged outdoor exposure to rain, rain with air particulates, fog, moisture from plants/grass/forests, condensation/dew, marine spray and salts. People usually don't wash their security mesh on a daily basis from dirt that can hold water to the mesh keeping it moist.

      My kitchen sink is indoors which is washed daily and kept clean with particulate free water. my sink will rust if i leave it dirty for a long time

      Stainless steel will rust but 304 grade will rust first compared to 316. Invisiguard is better quality stainless steel than Crimsafe, but other factors like price and warranty can make the decision


    Bought a Crimsafe door from an authorised dealer in Adelaide. The sales rep didn't measure the frame correctly, so there was a 10mm gap on the locking side after installation. Perfect for a jemmy bar. They refused to remake the door and instead packed out the door frame on the hinge side. The Crimsafe mesh is a bugger to clean. Always looks dirty. They recommend car washing detergent but it doesn't work for me :(