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[Pre Order] Certa Smart Battery Charger $19.99 Delivered @ Kogan


Probably the cheapest price till date. Got one for myself.

Dont forget your 2% cashback from cashreward.

Ensure your battery is roaring to go when you are with this easy and worry-free smart charger.

Supports all lead-acid battery types – WET, MF, Ca, AGM, Gel & more!
5 Stage fully automatic charging
1.0A microcompresser charger ideal for 6V-12V vehicles
Capacity between 4.0Ah – 120Ah
Reverse polarity protected, short circuit proof, overheating, overloading and overcharging safe
Dust and splash-proof (IP65) – suitable for outdoor use
Fully automatic with heaps of safety features including overcharge and overload protection, and an IP65 water and dust resistant rating, this all-lead-acid-type Certa Smart Battery Charger is the ideal choice for your next fishing trip or outback caravan expedition.

5 Stage auto-charging

With five fully-automatic charging steps, you can set and forget without worry about leaving the charger on the battery for too long.

  1. Soft start – measures the battery condition
  2. Bulk – delivers maximum current until the internal voltage has reached the set level
  3. Absorption – completes the charging up to nearly 100%, then reduces voltage as the battery nears capacity
  4. Float – periodic charging to maintain 100% charge
  5. Pulse – battery receives a pulse and starts a new charge cycle once the voltage drops to the set limit

Mod Update 20/7: Available again for Presale (Ships on 9th Nov).

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  • Thanks OP! Have been looking for one.

  • Charging current of 1 amp is going to take a very long time to charge a 120 amp hour battery.

  • Bought one, not sure why, but thanks OP

  • Great price thanks Op!

    Looking at buying one of these as I dont use my car much these days.
    Good reviews as well. Bargain $20 with free delivery.

  • 1A is only good for trickle charging for cars in storage. My 6A(max) charger takes about half a day to charge my car battery from an almost flat state.

  • If you are not specifically looking for a trickle charger then don't buy this.

    If you think you want a car battery charger in case you get a flat, then this charger is NOT for you.

    Most car batteries will be in excess of 100Ah rated, which means it'll take 100 hours for this charger to charge a completely flat battery.
    In reality a battery that is completely flat will be destroyed anyway, so hopefully if you get a flat it'll still have at least 40% juice left. But even so, you are looking at about 24 hours charge time before you can even start the car once, or about 3-5 days to fully charge the battery.

    This charger is more useful for people who drive their car once a week/fortnight/month and want to leave it on a trickle charge when they are not driving.
    Watching grass grow is faster than this charging your car battery.

  • Anyone know if this would work with scooter/motorcycle batteries?

    Seeing we're in lockdown .. could be a good way to make sure the battery survives .. lol

  • I cant really say this is a bargain for a 1amp charger, even a alternator is 75 to 120 amps…

  • Thanks OP needed a 6v one for some sealed lead acid lantern batteries for the day we can go camping again!

  • for car storage, would it be better to just unhook the negative terminal? not fussed about saving radio stations.

  • No switch and can charge lead acid, AGM and Gel? Fishy…

  • This vs CTEK?

    • If it's a ctek 1A charger then get this instead.

      • Why? I have a 0.85amp ctek and it's fantastic for keeping batteries and restoring dead/poor performing batteries.

        Is this one even better?

        I also have large 25amp projecta chargers - but that's for different jobs than the ctek.

        • I have three ctek trickle chargers and one projecta and bought this too. Why? Twenty bucks. Cteks are at least three times this price.
          My projecta charger has been working pretty much non stop for 6 years. I’ll gamble with this for the price.

        • Price. A ctek costs much more for very little benefit.

  • Can't use for jump starting I guess?

  • +1 vote

    Thanks op. Just nabbed one too. I have a trickle charger for my motorbike but the car has been flat on me a couple times lately (new battery too) since it rarely gets a run.

  • sold out i guess i saved myself $20

  • -2 votes

    1A is Useless. You need at least 5A. Repco has 6A charger which is clearance. Check this


    • This is untrue. If you want to winterize your jetski and not have the battery go flat, this is the thing you need. Any more than 2A and you will cause damage.

      • Smart chargers know when it should stop. Dont worry about this. 1A takes forever to charge car battery. 6A 7A even takes 8h 9h to charge a car battery from flat to full. So how long do you think it would take for a 1A charger to do this job?

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