[VIC] Free Curry Meals for Jobless/Battlers/Elderly @ Tandoori Flames Indian Restaurant, South Kingsville


Incredibly, I was contacted by the owners and asked to kindly push this offer on OzB. Their generosity blew me away. Offer is open to anyone in need. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

Peace begins when the hungry are fed. One person can make a difference and here we are at Tandoori Flames trying our level best to feed the needy. This Pandemic, we are doing our best if you are hungry and have no money, don't worry, we have food for you!!! If you're hungry and have no money, please don't worry, we'll bring you some curry! Press the bell between 5-10pm, and we'll bring the food out to you.

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Tandoori Flames Melbourne
Tandoori Flames Melbourne


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    God bless them!

  • hope it doesnt get abused by those still well off…

  • These guys are the best Indian food in the area.

    • Try Mishra’s Kitchen in Yarraville - equally good.

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      They are good and this isn't a new offer for them. They've had the sign up offering free meals on their side entrance for quite some time.

    • i found there food to be over priced and small portioned - the one time i jumped over the bridge to eat in Kingsville.
      The quality and freshness wasn't there either.
      However great on them for supporting the community.

      • Why post a negative comment?

        • Why not?

          • @dasher86: The only reason it does not make sense is that they are not trying to sell the food but are giving it away. If you wanted to pay for the food and you did not like the portion of the food then that makes sense. In this post, it just comes across as low. Honest opinion.

            • @rhymingboxer1: And you're entitled to your honest opinion.
              When I went the food was that poor for the price i paid, it left a sour taste in my mouth.

              If you just want to eat there, pay and to support them that's well and fine, I support this notion too.
              However, I wanted to write my honest opinion and wanted to give a review for people who wanted to go there and try their food based on supporting the community AND getting a good meal - which when I went it wasn't.

              I also said that they were doing a great job for supporting the community.

              If that comes across as low - okay I'm low.

              • @dasher86: It's kind of hard to debate on something if you're going to take it personally. I just said what it felt to me about the post you wrote. There are thousands of ozbargainers who might disagree with me and that is okay. I am not telling you not to do it, all I am saying is that this is a wonderful post of a restaurant trying to do something good in times like this and you started the sentence by slandering them and then that cheeky use of however to try and nullify that slander. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, the way you wrote it came across as low. There is nothing more to it. You are entitled to your opinion just like I am :)

        • If it’s a honest comment that happens to be negative why not?

      • It can't be overpriced if it's free!

    • Used to live around the corner from Tandoori, easily the best Indian in the area. Also if you're in the market for fish & chips, Vernons next door is outstanding, I would probably move back there just for those chips!

    • maybe you should adjust your pallet and your intestines in preparation for flavour. It never ceases to amaze me that people who are too fussy to eat subcontinental cuisine seem to be the same ones that will happily eat a cheeseburger at McDonald's cooked by a 15 year old whose parents don't even trust them to do the cooking in their own home.

      • Yeah that's cos they been groomed since childhood to eat at McDonald's. It's an addiction, habit, association and flavour is secondary

      • pallet

        Maybe when I get back into a forklift.

        It never ceases to amaze me the assumptions people make.
        The joke flew away.

        I eat Thai cuisine which is way spicier.

        After reading your comment I noticed mine could've meant 2 ways, which people took offense to that.

        • No one takes offense to your 2 ways tight arse

        • It’s honestly not a big deal mate. It’s just the comments on a bargain website, get some perspective.

          I probably did read it the wrong way.

          By the way, I definitely wrote palate incorrectly, thanks for calling me out, it forced me to educate myself better.

      • Lighten up.. (You guys miss the joke obviously).. Sheesh!

  • People are going to take advantage of this because you’ve posted it here. I don’t think this is a good idea.

    • I'd like to think most people have strong morals & ethics. Discussed at length before I agreed to post this, so they're well aware of any possible implications.

      I was contacted by the owners and asked to kindly push this offer on OzB.

    • Not sure if we should judge people taking advantage of this. I take it that many people in need will read it close to the area and use the offer. People who can afford can pay for the food. 1-2 % will take advantage, let be it.

    • This thought crossed my mind as well, but with lockdown in place it's more locally focused for their community. They're still legends for offering this, regardless if there will be people taking advantage of it.

    • I hope they see a big increase in paying customers to make up for it. I always get my curries from Aangan in West Footscray, but I'll certainly make an effort to visit these guys next time I get a hankering for Indian.

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    Hopefully the battlers taking this up aren’t one of “Howard’s Battlers”.

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    If you can afford it and are nearby, perhaps put this restaurant on your list to order takeaway from?

  • Hope everyone in the area not in need supports them. Good people it seems

  • These guys make a mean vindaloo hope you stocked up on toilet paper

  • I don’t plan on getting the free meal. I come here to + this offer and will be spreading the word to the needy.

    Thanks for the generosity. This world needs more of these people.

  • Omg I love Indian food!

  • I don't even live in Victoria but big + from me so that more people can see this. If I do go there I would still pay for it to support them.

  • we live in the same suburb and i've seen the sign walking past a few times & loved that they do that.

    strangely enough it also showed up on reddit 2 days ago


  • Great gesture. God bless them! Where are those top-end restaurants who made huge profits during the good times?

    Also, there have been heaps of Indian restaurants showing this gesture as posted on OzBargain, but would love to see more of those with other cuisines as well - Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Italian and so on.

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      Very much a cultural thing I feel. Not suggesting other cultures aren't…but my take is Indian's are incredibly generous and very community orientated.

      Aussies were like that once. Feel like we've become to selfish overall generally speaking. Perhaps a sign of what technology is doing to societies in dehumanising everyone.

      • I think overall, the bulk of Australians are secular non believers of a higher power and forthcoming judgment. I think a good part of the Indian community’s generosity is underpinned and informed by their religious beliefs. They are a blessing to Australia.🇦🇺🙏💐

        • I don't think too many Indians' religious beliefs, apart from the Muslims, include a "higher power and forthcoming judgement."

      • after living on several continents, australians arent too bad (or as bad as some would say), maybe a bit spoilt for the most making keeping up with the jones a bit too much of a priority. while the values are present in religion they are not limited to religious beliefs.

      • As an immigrant, I reckon Aussies are generous. Otherwise there won't be many Indian restaurants in Australia.There's always a few idiots in every community I guess. Not just Aussies, collectively as a society we are becoming less generous.

        • Not sure if it's true for all countries though - a lot of the poor population in India is currently fed by generous community-run kitchens (many of those are just neighborhood kitchens run by random volunteers which don't even have a proper NGO status or any formal 'funding' channel). Obviously all this is in addition to all the government efforts that there can be. A colleague's family in India is actively involved in these efforts in one of the cities so he explained the situation in detail and showed pictures as well. In some cases, there are more volunteers coming forward than needed, which is impressive.

          This is just an example and not that poverty is that bad here, but we do have enough elderly and poor people within our country who struggle to go out and buy food or groceries during lockdown etc due to financial, mental or physical reasons. Community-run kitchens in the compounds of big mansions of the rich or community centres could be a great blessing for such unfortunate people. I know we have a few but they simply don't have reach at the suburb level. We probably need more, like in every big community or neighbourhood. They don't need to be proper kitchens - they can be just the collection points to collect donated food and distribute it to the needy. If India can do it, I am sure Aus can.

        • Not saying we aren't…but I think we were a lot more generous with time and care than we are now. A lot. I agree we are all becoming less generous…but I think those that can't lock themselves up in their bubbles (homes and work) and sideskirt dealing with other people's problems because it is theirs as a member of a shared community, aren't as generous as they like to think. Or we do.

          We aren't horrid…but there's too much fear of being labelled or accused or considered something other than caring genuinely that people just decide it's not worth the trouble I think. As well as being more disconnected generally. Conspiracy maybe…perhaps it's this pandemic that's got me all negative…and those acts of kindness aren't able to occur and keep the optimism of humanity and our society real.

    • Which restaurants make huge profits? First I've ever heard of that; the hospitality industry runs on wafer thin margins, and restaurants (both high end and low end) are going out of business all the time.

    • Other restaurants may have been doing this in the background through community centres and churches, where they distribute the food to those in need.

      My parents run a restaurant here in Melbourne and we have been doing it this way. We also got offers from friends who wanted to contribute to the expenses.

  • Are you in lockdown TA?

    • Yep, the whole of Greater Melbourne is :(

      • 😔. We are very lucky in the west. I’m on the final leg of a four week road trip around WA. It’s like nothing every happened. The top end was dead but the middle part is chock a block with grey nomads and families. I am so sorry for our ozbargain family in Victoria. 😢

  • Quite a few battlers on ozb. But they aren't poor….

  • I like their logo.

  • Support this business if or when you are well off

  • Well that is very generous. Hope any financially secure locals remember to support this business as paying customers to acknowledge this benevolent offer.

  • Is battler defined somewhere?

  • What a nice owner of the business! wish you a long life.

  • Please dont abuse this. Great gesture

  • +1 Respect

  • Thanks for this kind gesture Tandoori Flames.
    When I am in Melbourne next, will visit you.
    कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन ।
    मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भुर्मा ते संगोऽस्त्वकर्मणि ॥

    • English translation from Google -> You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty [Source: Bhagavad Gita, Chapter II, Verse 47]

      Great stuff!

  • Recommendations?

  • Superb gesture. Hope this reaches the needy ones :)

  • I guess you can pay for the food too (if you are not in need)?

  • There is still good ppl in the world

  • Was gonna get indian tonight - I’m gonna order takeaway from these guys! Legends

  • Definitely going to order takeaway from these guys. Hospo industry is suffering really badly and for these guys to come out and do this speaks volumes about their business ethics.

    As a few people have mentioned above, if you can afford it, this is NOT the opportunity to go and get a free meal. Rather, for every free meal they give away they need at least 2 or 3 paying customers to compensate.

  • IMO Indians are one of the most attacked groups in this country, yet they keep returning kindness. The turban guys are awesome. Haven't seen such involvement by many other groups including the aborigines.

  • Great gesture.

    Indeed it's culture thing. at very early age kids taught about good karma and helping needy and less fortunate people in the society.

    We don't have to be millionaire to support less fortunate people. even if you earn $100 you can share $5 to less fortunate and it gives you more good karma than millionaire spending thousands in charity.

    Sikh are leading in feeding hungry/needy/less fortunate people all around the world. other less remembered community is "JAINS".

    Jains contributes to staggering 62% to total charity fund in India though they are less than 1% population.

    Jains run 12000 out of 16000 GAUSHALAS (an Indian shelter for homeless or unwanted cattle).

  • These people even have free belly dancing on weekends but has stoped since Covid. Its also famous for hosting small parties.

    Love the food taste.

    Small portion for pricing. Rest all perfect.

  • Wonderful gesture

    You can do this Victorians :)

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