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Sony WH-1000xm3 $329.80, AirPods Pro $329.15 + Free Shipping @ Allphones eBay


Hi Guys

Manage to lower the 2x most popular ozbargain Wireless Noise Cancelling Headset (Sony WH-1000xm3 $329, AirPods Pro $329 + Free Shipping).

Hope you enjoy!

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  • XM4 is coming also AirPods Studio.
    Still good price for those in need urgently.

  • Any chance of a sub $250 deal on the

    • Lol dream high I guess

    • Sub 300 for the WH-1000XM3 is possible but sub 250, maybe try 2nd shopping on gumtree or wait for the stores to put them on clearance? Given the pricing for the M2 didn’t dip under $250 until February this year, you may have to wait for a little bit.

      Also, If you subscribe to Sony Online, they sometimes send out vouchers for their online store. Most recent ones are $10-$50.
      Price match to get the cheapest price you can find and stack the voucher on top. I got a pair for ~$280 last month. I don’t think there was any price lower than around ~$280 for a brand new pair.

    • Oh wait the WF-1000XM3 has been having under ~$250 deals quite regularly tho. But tbh I think the WF is a bit overrated. I got a pair, having quite a few troubles with it ( audio cut off, weird white noises, meh ANC). Replaced two times and finally just returned it.

      • I've had the same troubles! Thought I had the worst luck, because I just haven't seen many people talk about it.
        I'm on my second pair and thinking it might be time to return them and find a better set of earphones.

      • Current WF-1000XM3 user here. I also had XM2 and will buy XM4 when they come out.

        I use my XM3 on a daily basis for at least three hours a day, on MS Teams, Webex conference calls + I play music on them in between the calls. Have not encountered any of the described issues, ever! Before the COVID-19 used them for work commute and a noisy office for at least 5 hours a day.

        ANC is even better than on XM2 and market leading. The only issue is that as a headset, it doesn't produce great, consistent voice quality in noisy environments (it's fine for WFH).

        There is nothing in this price bracket that comes close to XM3. As usual, individual experience may differ.

        • Wait are we talking about the same thing?
          The headset (WH) is amazing hands down.

          But the earbuds (WF)are definitely not my favs. Maybe I was just extremely unlucky to have two malfunctioning sets but aside from that, the WF are not the most comfortable earbuds to use. I even have to buy memory foam ear buds to use with it since the foam that Sony supplied is meh.

          Also they didn’t really have the Mark 2. They jumped from the WF-1000X to the WF-1000XM3 just to keep inline with the WH-1000XM3.

        • What mic do you use for your calls?

          I'm trying to decide between Sony or a Jabra/Plantronics headset which has a boom mic.

          • @abb: i've been looking for something similar.
            ANC but with a good mic like the plantronics headset which has a boom mic, so you dont get the background noises while taking

    • Hey mate can you PM please? Thank you.

  • Folks, I believe I have a more livable way to deal with the switch device issue with the WH-1000XM3s. The original problem is that even though the WH-1000XM3 can pair 8 devices, they will automatically connect to the last device if in range. There is no button to switch and no multi-point connectivity.

    My old way to workaround this was to go into the bluetooth settings of device#1 and choose disconnect (or turn bluetooth off). The headphones are now ON but disconnected and ready for a new connection. Now I go into the settings of device#2, choose the headphone bluetooth device and select connect.

    For me, while this works, often I'm not in reach of device#1 while wanting to use device#2 (assumption is that both devices have been paired in the past).

    …so now I do this instead:

    1. Hold the power button of the WH-1000XM3 for 7 secs to enter pairing mode.
    2. Go into the settings of device#2 and click connect to the already previously paried headphones. The headphones exit pairing mode and connect to device#2.

    There is no need to forget and re-add the bluetooth device.

    Let me know if anyone finds this useful, or if this something already known.

    • If you have an Android device with NFC, you can easily connect the headphones by tapping the left can with the back of your phone. Works everytime.

    • Thanks for the tip… Good for connecting to devices without NFC

    • Actually, if it's connected to device 1, all that you have to do is goto device 2's Bluetooth settings and tap on the Sony headphones. The headphones will then connect to device 2 automatically.

      • Just tested at it didn’t work for me. I connected on device 2 (iPhone 11) and it said it was connected, however connection to device 1 (iPad 2018) remained and audio from device 1 didn’t play through the WHs.

      • I just tested connecting to a 2nd device too and had the same result as Hargain Bunter. Shows as connected on device 2 but won't play audio. Maybe it depends on the device? My test was with a Macbook Pro 2013 and an iPhone.

        The pairing mode workaround worked fine.

  • $329 is still a deal for xm3?

  • If you have all Apple gear get the Beats Studio wireless, got mine $250 new on ebay. After having bose QC3511 and the 700, Beats are so much better to connect between macs,ipads,iphones, with the W1 chip.

    • Yes agree my QC35 ii are terrible when connecting to my Apple gear….I don’t like the Beats however hoping Apple release over ear headphones soon!

      • I was the same till i got a pair. Rumour is Apple's are coming but will be mega bucks. I reckon $699.

  • Are Allphones safe to buy from? Could they be grey imports?

    • +1 vote

      We only buy and sell Au stock from local distributor, we don't do grey/direct import.


      • Thanks Op but what’s your after sales service like? I asked a question about the quicycle on a previous post and you never replied?

        • +1 vote

          Hi thatsapaddlin

          Sorry, I always try my best to monitor and reply post comments(definately not all the comments), if you do have inquire about after sales service please contact our dedicated CS team monitor ebay message and email [email protected] normally you will get response 1~4 hours during business hours also depending on the daily inquires.

          you can also try to PM our ozb rep regarding about the post.

  • Amazon have the silver version at $329.80 with free shipping on prime. I've been waiting for these to drop <$300 for tax reasons.. not quite there yet!

  • Thanks for the Deal.

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