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Huawei Nova 5T (Dual SIM 4G, 128GB/8GB) $433, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (Dual SIM 4G, 128GB/6GB) $445 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


Hi All,

Two great value mobile phone deals from Allphones eBay to take advantage of the current 15% off. They are in a similar price range, so below please find a comparison table if you are looking to make a decision :) Please apply coupon code P15LIGHT at checkout to reach the final price.

Feature Huawei Nova 5T Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (4G)
SIM Card Dual 4G/4G Nano Dual 4G/4G Nano
Display 6.26" IPS LCD, 1080 x 1080 x 2340 pixels 6.39" OLED, 1080 x 2340 pixels
Rear Camera Quad 48MP+16MP+2MP+2MP Dual 12MP+12MP
Front Camera 32MP Pop-up 24MP+2MP
Chipset Kirin 980 Snapdragon 845
Battery 3570mAh, 22.5W Fast Charging 3200mAh, 18W Fast Charging, 10W Wireless Charging
Storage/RAM 128GB/8GB 128GB/6GB
OS Android 9.0 Pie, upgradable to Andorid 10 Android 9.0 Pie, upgradable to Andorid 10)

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As usual, 100% AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, local Australia Manufacturers warranty.
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  • Ah, Friday night.

  • Ok, I'll give you 2. Comment. Comment.

    Seriously though, seems like an OK deal. I'm looking to upgrade my phone to a mid range dual sim with NFC. Nothing too big 6 inches is ample and as good a camera as possible.

    • What are you into? QV?

      • Given all the bullying by the Chinese government of Hong Kong, Australia, India etc. Why support companies with direct ties to that regime?

        • Totally disagree

          • @ti6331: this brand is owned by Chinese Gov

            • +13 votes

              @ak47992: I believe almost all companies in China are part owned by the state (government) they almost always have a party member within the organisation to make sure they tow the line… basically 1984 novel but in real life … lol

              So basically you’d need to avoid anything that has made in China on it which is basically everything these days …

              We wanted cheap manufacturing… and we have it so really we reap what we sow… wanting cheaper n cheaper products has lead to this..

        • Yeah you should probably boycott India too in that case as they have done worse atrocities in kashmir. And maybe the HK rioters that set fire to an innocent old man you might want to boycott too

        • shit bullying have tried this: https://bullyingnoway.gov.au/

        • India??? Ask India's neighbor countries (Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sikkim and Bhutan) for their opionions. Holy shit, these countries have been suffering for decades!

        • "qvinto" Does that mean we stop spending money locally in Australia because Our Own Australian

          Government/Military has been involved in what a lot of people would call "unjust wars" in

          Afghanistan/Iraq/Syria as well as sending our federal Police/military all

          around the Pacific Island/East Timor etc.

          • @ozhunter68: Australia is a free and democratic country with encforcable laws and accountable politicians. India is also a free democracy. China is an oppressive totalitarian communist state. A state who also happens to make a vast range of our products because of our complacency and desire for cheap goods. However not all things are made in China and in some cases we can make a more ethical choice - such as by buying a Korean made Samsung phone and not a Huawei phone made by a shady Chinese government owned company with questionable environmental, privacy, human rights and intellectual property behaviour. If you want to ignore these realities and engage in tu queqoc arguments about how Australia or India are "just as bad" bacuse of conflicts in Iraq or Kashmir then all i can suggest is to do some more reading to learn about the differences between totalitarian and democratic governments

            • @qvinto: Haha, that's funny. Most people don't know that Victorian Government signed a secret deal/contract with the Chinese for their "One Road One Belt" initiative, our politicians sell huge farms and water rights to them the Chinese, and let's not forget Darwins main port. Our Government was happily going ahead with Huawei Upgrades like the UK till US pulled us up, and we have purchased facial recognition systems from China for our new future smart cities ( Darwin slated first ).
              The US and West have done deals with China and given them technology since the seventies, not long after many huge corporations set up shop in China with blessings of Both sides in order for Both sides to Profit Hugely as well as other agendas I prefer not to discuss here.

              The average punter in the street just buys what is available and what he can afford, so they are only a small fish and not to blame, just like with climate change, all starts up the top, we just follow mostly.

              Bit rood to tell me to "do some more reading", yeah I read, but not same info as you do.

            • @qvinto: accountable politicians is that a joke, their one goal is to swindle enough votes for election

              maybe 100 years ago you had democracy, these days you're owned by the richest 150 individuals, they make the decisions not you.

            • @qvinto: Samsung have mfg plants in China and other overseas (non-Korea) locations… not to mention every other phone manufacturer. Apple, an American company, exclusively do their mfg in China for instance. If you want something that was not made in China, in part or in whole, you basically have… no smartphone?
              The "least" Chinese is probably LG, rather than Samsung.

            • @qvinto: "India is also a free democracy. " Hahahahahaha

            • @qvinto: Accountable politicians are you listening to yourself?
              I hope you are enjoying your NBN.

        • I totally agree not to buy Chinese electronic goods (especially where you keep personal information) - I will go with products from Australia, Korea, Taiwan and other countries instead. This is also in light that Tik Tok (a very popular social media app with ties to the CCP) has been caught out on Apple phones sending clipboard data back to China. They were caught because of the latest iOs upgrade which now informs users that this is happening. It's a lot harder to detect these backdoors when they are built into the hardware. Given the close ties Huawei has to the CCP, it is very likely their hardware is harvesting user information among other things.

          • @hotmumbo: People don't seem to understand the difference between Chinese owned companies and ones which have manufacturing plants there.
            Also the difference between totalitarian governments and democratic ones.
            Yes Australia and India have accountable politians because they are elected. China does not.
            Anyway this is pointless. For all the people who think there is no difference between Australian, Indian or Chinese govements or Korean, American or Chinese owned comapanies then fine, buy your Huawei phone since it's cheap. You may as well move to China since everything is cheaper there and your life and freedoms would be just the same as in Australia.

    • Avoid Chinese Brand

      • What is your brand? Does not look like a smart being on a bargain website.

      • The Chinese has its propaganda, the same as the US, Australia and all other countries. In this Huawei fiasco, just a big boy wants another boy's toy without breaking the WTO's rule, then put a "national security" tag on it. That is how the media want us to believe. It was how they did that for Alstom and Toshiba. Once they take what they wanted, I am sure all security concerns will be wiped clean. The share price will be sky rocked. The problem is, Huawei is not a public listed company, they cannot demand Huawei's upper management to have a "meeting" (to be detented) in the US.

        We as a ozbargainers just want a better deal, not played by the political games.

  • Isn't the mi mix 3 SD845

  • On the 'In The Box' section in the description, it says 5G.

  • Please apply coupon code PVOLTAGE

  • Can nova run Google apps?

    • +3 votes

      Hi lemmstar,

      FYI the Huawei Nova 5T has GMS (Google Mobile Services)

  • These type of deals always have so many upvotes but I wonder who actually buys? The iphone se deal has the same,amount of vote and is sold out (not an apple fanboy, got me oneplus 5t)

    • Maybe need a "mark as bought" button similar to the "mark as entered" button on comp posts. Would be interesting to see

    • The large upvotes is just a marketing ploy for people to buy even though not the best of deals.

  • If the battery on the Mix 3 was bigger I would've probably gone for it.

  • According to GSMArena, the Nova 5T has Kirin 980 chipset, same as P30/P30 Pro.

  • Can you bring back last week’s price on the Realme 6, or do a better deal on Oppo A91?
    OzBargain - AllPhones Realme 6 $376

  • Most of the countries have companies like this one, including USA, Australia, British. Some do it on the table, some do it under it.

    These fights to bash some companies are mainly commercial. They want to stop those companies from being more successful than the USA counterparts. French company Alstom was one example. But under WTO rules, any country cannot ban companies arbitrarily because they are more successful. However, there are a few exception, such as national security.

    If Huawei were a public listed company in the US, these fight were over long time ago.

  • No 3.5mm headphone jack on the Mix is that right?

    Is Mix far superior to the note 8T?

    Thinking of upgrading mine.

  • It’s a communist party affiliated Company and they are going around threatening Australia. Beware

  • Do you expect you'll get the Blue version of the 5T back in stock? Thanks!


      Hi markinaus,

      Unfortunately don't expect the Blue version back in stock as no ETA currently, only black in stock right now

  • Thanks OP, picked up a Nova 5T.
    It came out as $443 after discount though (not $433 as listed in title).

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