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eBay AU: up to 6% (Was 3%) Cashback to Your Superannuation @ Boost Your Super


Hi Everyone,

An extra Boost to Your Super is now available for a short time only. The Alcohol & Food category is currently the highest.
We pay the cashback straight to your super account so it can grow as a few dollars today can be worth much more in +20 years.

Category Boost Normally
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories 5% 2.5%
Health & Beauty 5% 2.5%
Alcohol & Food 6% 2.5%
Miscellaneous Home & Garden 5% 2.5%
Sports 5% 2.5%
Entertainment Memorabilia 4% 2%
Books, Comics & Magazines; DVDs & Movies; Music 4% 2%
Lifestyle 3% 1.5%
Art & Antiques, Miscellaneous Collectables 3% 1.5%
Sports & Leisure, Hobbies & Games, Tickets & Events 3% 1.5%
Musical Instruments, Vehicle Parts & Accessories 3% 1.5%
Business & Industrial 2.5% 1%
Cameras & Photo, Cell Phones & Accessories 2% 1%
Computers, Tablets & Networking 2% 1%
Consumer Electronics 2% 1%
Miscellaneous Fashion 2% 1%
eBay Motors, Real Estate, Gift Cards & Coupons 1% 0.5%


  • No or low cashback for purchase of gift cards and items sold by charities.
  • No or low cashback for purchases with voucher, coupon or promotion code not sourced from Boost Your Super. We normally have some available.
  • No or low cashback for purchases with eBay Plus memberships
  • Any returns from a cart will result in the entire cashback being cancelled of all items that were in the cart.
  • Auctions won with bidding sniper tools are ineligible for cashback
  • Cashback excludes taxes and shipping fees
  • Bonus transaction amount will be added to your account within 1-2 business days of transaction being approved by eBay

Referral Links

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Referrers get 20% of the referee's earning for the first year.

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  • +3

    Why into super where it is taxed at 15%?

    I'd rather get it as cash through cashrewards/shopback.

    • +2

      When you get cashback straight away you don't really get that much. But if it is put into super it grows over time and compounds with your other super to be worth even more than if it was growing on it's own. It is put into your super as a non-concessional contribution - which means when it is withdrawn you are not taxed on it either.

      • +1

        But we have to wait till 60yrs old to touch the cashback whereas 60days on CR and SB?

        • +6

          And I thought 60 days for cashback was long…lol

        • +1

          Sure. You can get an ice-cream with it in 60 days …. or something much nicer when you are no longer earning any salary. We think your're future self will thank you for missing out on an ice-cream once in a while :).

          • +2

            @Boost Your Super: today $value is higher than future $ value. Finance 101. Plus I can control the cashback to make bigger or put into home loan to save interest expenses. Someone controls the fund once in the Super unless it is in Self managed. I maybe wrong but I prefer $ now than some 30years later.

          • +1

            @Boost Your Super: Looks like the image on your website promotes enjoying ice-cream though…?

        • +2

          Only to assume if we live to 60 years old.

        • You planning on being James Dean?

        • If you’re affected by covid you can withdraw super now, so maybe that’s a work around.

      • Seems interesting, however is my understanding correct about the waiting time:

        I buy something at ebay on the first day of the quarter. I potentially have to wait 90 + 21 = 111 days before it gets paid into my super?

        • If you buy on the first day of the quarter then yes you could wait that long. The 21 days is a buffer though and is usually less than this. However, for most people 3.65 months is little time when waiting for super. And we are also working on reducing both the 90 days and the 21 days.

  • +10

    If people really wanted to contribute to super the can do it from pre-tax income and thus save tax. Why will someone contribute cash (however much it is) from tax-paid money?
    Weird business model.

    • +3

      IMO they are just trying to stand out from CR and SB while pretending to care about your super. That's why they are trying hard to justify putting their affiliate money into your super is a BETTER idea.

    • We think you should contribute to super both pre-tax and post-tax if you can. Some benefits of contributing post-tax are:

  • +2

    This is stupid lmao

    • Absolutely.

      Want to know what's even dumber? The average fee paid by the Australian's forced into private superannuation is 0.8%.

      Over 30 years that results in a $600,000 loss compared to paying no fees. There are numerous examples of no fee funds that have been operating for many decades which are easy to set up.

      Australian's have been told a story for idiots about superannuation saving them from a retirement disaster but the arrangement is there to allow the private sector to get that $15,000.

      That's right: in order for you to lose that $600,000 the private sector makes $15,000 over 30 years by charging that %0.8 fee.

      So dumb.

      • What you mean by "private" superannuation? Non-industry super funds?!

      • There are numerous examples of no fee funds

        Um, can you give one of those examples?

      • I'm not aware of a no fee fund but a quick google brings up a piece from Barefoot Investor two years ago, that's still a hefty fee, jesus christ - https://www.barefootinvestor.com/articles/a-super-fund-optio.... I might look into the index fund option, Im with REST, but I'm happy to shift the remains of my super around if there are better deals

      • Show me a no fee fund pls… I'm ready to switch. The lowest investment option I have seen with a reasonable return is International Shares Indexed by Hostplus 0.09% + $78/year.

  • +5

    Imagine when the time comes and finally enjoying the cashback while sitting on your couch inside nursing home 😂

    • +1

      assuming you dont die from cancer, any accident or murder.

      • +4

        Is that a threat?

    • Yeah I'm not banking on enjoying my super in the future lmao

  • How do you avoid breaching a user's contribution cap with this form of cashback?

    • According to the ATO non-concessional contributions cap is $100k if ou do not claim an income tax deduction. See here: ato website
      If you are making more than $100k of non-concessional contributions you are likely to be rich and have a financial advisor / tax accountant ensuring this was done right.

  • I don't even know how to lot into my super let alone change it lol.

    • +1

      Here are some ways to find your super on the ATO website:ato super search Worth finding out where your super is, how much you have and what simple things you can do so you don't get a nasty surprise when you retire.

  • +1

    OP, is the money you get from your referral/affiliated links going straight into your super?

    If not, then you can't lecture us on "don't enjoy the ice cream now, enjoy it when you're retired", when you yourself is enjoying the ice cream now.

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