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[PC] Epic - Free - Torchlight II - Epic Store


The next freebie from the Epic Store.

This time it is: Torchlight II


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  • beta for mortal shell just came out a couple days ago on epic. if you're into your DS, might wanna give it a go.

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  • A great game and miles better than the Torchlight 3 in development.

  • Probably the only freebie I wont be claiming. Played the crap out of it on Steam. Awesome game.

    • One of those games I played through a few times because I love the genre, but for whatever reason find it so forgettable I only remember the visuals and some of the abilities and items. I couldn't tell you the story or any highlight enemy fights.

  • Noice, I'll give this one a whirl, although I'm psyched to play some killing floor 2 as it unlocked this morning. Now to wait for it to download…. cries in shitty nbn

  • Better than Diablo 3

    • Good to hear. I didn't try Diablo 3 because it requires internet connection.

    • Diablo 3 on launch I would have agreed (maybe) however I found that TL2 definitely doesn't have the same level of replayability that D3 does now. That being said, I haven't played Torchlight 2 in a couple of years so that may have changed.

    • I bought Diablo 3 the other week and have only played about an hour or two, I find it really boring.
      LOVE Torchlight 2 and 1.

  • Awesome game. I can’t even begin to count how many hours I sank into this game. Replays just never got boring. Be on the lookout for some subtle tongue-in-cheek humour and cultural references sprinkled throughout, too.

  • I found the first game did little for me. Dunno if this is better, I'll probably never play it. Free is free!

    • The correct term would be ARPG. Saying 'Diablo clone' is like calling all vacuum cleaners 'Hoovers'.

      • i think what he means is diablo pioneered this genre, nobody would have thought people would spend countless hours repeatedly killing bosses just for rare loot, it may look different but the game mechanics are very much similar

        • I think Diablo clone is a fair call, It's like Band-aid, It's such an overwhelming presence in the genre that everything else is compared to it.

          Plus isnt it made by ex Diablo team members?

  • This is a nice game. Has this ever been on sale on the Switch? The Demo plays pretty nicely on there, but I don't want to pay full price Switch tax for I something I paid for years ago on PC.

    • Price history for the Switch version Best is 30% off, taking it down to $21.

    • It's pretty bad on Switch I'll be honest.

      It suffers badly from 'texture pop-in' as you run around, maps with fog or overlays can lag a bit which on the harder difficulties is dangerous.

      And perhaps worst of all is the targetting, you basically can't choose your targets properly.
      You can choose the general direction, but filtering is ham-fisted and the game has no choice for 'highest level' or 'biggest threat'.

      So if you run into a pack with elites or uniques in the mix, you can die pretty easily, especially on Elite Hardcore.

      They did however finally bring reset potions across.

      • Like most games, PC is going take a dump on the Switch but I did pick up Torchlight II on Switch when it was $21 as its still a fun game to have portably in quick bursts. Nice to now have a copy on the PC too though - pity no cross play.

  • Good game.
    Better than Torchlight 3

  • Great game!

  • Just so you know tencent china owns 40% of Epic Games. which is surprising

    • At this point, you're better off naming game companies that aren't owned by tencent or heavily relies on them.

      • dont really care who owns epic, as long as they continue to give out free good games.

        • and spy on you in the meantime

          • @cumova: What do you think Steam, Origin, Google, Facebnok, Twitter etc. do?
            Origin and Steam got into trouble in Europe for that some years ago.
            Facebook has to have different T&Cs for some countries in Europe due to their liberal data collecting and spying policies and clauses in their standard T&Cs.
            Just a few days ago the highest European Court held the "Privacy Shield" agreement to be null and void as the US does not respect and protect individuals' rights and data privacy/protection sufficiently.
            Yes, China is a spy state but don't think just because a company is from the US you are not being spied on.

          • @cumova: To find out how much gaming time do you spend per day on Epic?

  • Good game. Definitely the best of the three.

  • There's a tick box to share your email with 'Perfect World' (Chinese gaming company). You can leave that unticked and still receive the freebie

  • I really enjoyed TL2, however TL3 seems to be a bit disappointing.

  • Thanks Lysander!

  • Oh is that blue box “Check out all the latest and upcoming Free Games.” new?

    I like it. It’ll keep me on top of the constant freebies

    • Yeah scotty added that this week, you can also access it from the 'Pages' menu at the top of OzBargain for easy access FYI.

  • Thanks Lysander!

  • this is multiplayer? works for mac users too??

  • How do I run on Windows 10? when i go in to the library in the launcher it states OS not compatible? I can't see an option to download the game either and try to run in compatibility mode for Windows 7/Xp etc

  • I know the date says tomorrow but its free right now for anyone looking to pick it up a day early

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