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DeLonghi La Specialista Pump Espresso Machine (Matt Black) $759.05 Including 5% off + $100 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi


Hi everyone first post while shopping for coffee machines. Hope I've done this correctly. Credit to Brandogs for the coupon code. Most places have this code machine at $849 some are close to $750 however with the combined $100 gift card I believe this is a purchase. Reviews on YouTube seem promising for this machine.

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  • Hrm, the reviews on productreview for this product are…absolutely terrible to say the least: https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/delonghi-la-specia...

    I normally don't rely on productreview for fake positive reviews, but the complaints seem to ring true about the leaking problems with this machine.

    • Yep I'm in 2 minds now…I was pretty keen at first but reviews appear that there is issues with drip tray or water tank…hmmm

  • 759 dollars for a coffee machine that comes with crappy pressurised baskets? No thanks.

  • Had this machine and got rid of it as soon as I could. If you are sold on a machine with an inbuilt grinder I'd recommend looking at the Breville counterparts.

    I'd suggest a separate machine and grinder if you can be swayed though..

    • yep used to have sunbeam em7000 and breville smart grinder , worked great, now have the breville dual boiler, coffees are about the same …..fineness of grind and coffee roast darkness is where i noticed i can influence the coffee result rather than the machine between the sunbeam and breville.

    • My neighbor has this and I have Brevilla cafe express. I would prefer the Delonghi with tamping lever than my express. Didn't notice a difference when it came to the grind.

  • Go the Silvia for sure if you can spend a bit more.


    • doesn’t froth milk and make coffee at the same time ….

      • Very true and if that’s your most important criteria then maybe this is the way to go, although some comments suggest it’s not a great machine. For me, features like how well it makes a coffee, build quality, consistency, reliability are more a priority.

        My current machine (Synchronika) does do both frothing & coffee simultaneously but I never use that feature. The Silvia is considered one of the best entry level machines, I had one for 7 years and worked flawlessly and I sold it for 80% of my original purchase price. Definitely worth considering and importantly IMO makes great coffee with some practise.

        Reviews on product review for what they are worth are generally very good https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/rancilio-miss-silv...

        • I've got a Silvia and a Breville 920.

          The Breville is easier to use and more tolerant of user stuff-ups. And yes, you can straight from making coffee to steaming milk. It is a big piece of kit though - important if your kitchen is smaller.

          The Silvia is smaller. You can't go straight to steaming after extraction and you need to be in the zone for grind sizing, amount of coffee in the filter, and heaviness of tamping. It is a very reliable piece of equipment. Come the Apocalypse, it'll be cockroaches and Silvia coffee machines that survive. Our Silvia is approaching birthday No.10.

          A standalone burr grinder makes more difference (IMHO) that the machine used for extraction.

        • How well it makes coffee, is about 90% up to the user.

  • I have this machine and i have been happy with it. The thing I like most is the integrated tamping. I don't get any mess on the counter and the perfect tamp.

    People complain about things like only having pressurised baskets (you can purchase non-pressurised of you want to use them) or integrated grinder without super fine control but I don't have the time, knowledge or palette to care about these things and I suspect most people don't.

    It makes a great coffee for me every day, much better than the capsules I came from and creates minimal mess.

    I did have a leaking problem on one occasion which actually fixed itself but delonghi sent out a new drip tray that has an updated design. I have installed this even though the leak had already fixed itself.

    If you want a commercial grade machine that allows you to fiddle to your heart's content get another machine which costs more or takes considerable more time, if you want a machine that is easy and makes a good coffee then consider this one.

    • Lack of mess when you want a quick coffee in the morning made me buy one as well. Very happy so far.
      I don't mind fiddling with settings from occasionally, but I'm not a barista and 80% of time, just need a good, quick cup of coffee, and this machine does it very well.

      Also, aesthetically, this is one of the nicest looking things in my kitchen now :)

  • I'd just wait for the appropriate discount and buy a Breville dual boiler at this price, or move the budget a bit upwards and get an italian machine.

  • I suspect the Breville BES875 is a better choice than this one.
    Costco had them on sale for $100 off in $549 in May so guessing the regular price should be $650.
    The Delonghi appears to have quality issues, with water leaks reported, has the inferior panarello milk steamer from the Dedica which seems to be better at making meringues than textured milk, and as much as they advertise 2 independent heating systems, in practice you can't steam and extract simultaneously anyhow.
    In the second video the Breville looks much better designed to me - with clear separation of the grinder from the brewing and better layout for service, whereas the Delonghi looks to me like everything thrown together, so maybe more mess with grinds contamination etc inside, and looks a nightmare to get to anything inside.

    Comparison video


    • If you aren't going to sit there trying to get the perfect coffee time after time, the Delonghi is better, as far less to clean up and less mess. Also have gone through two cafe express in 3 years due to grinder failure, you have to send the whole machine back.

  • Does this have the same aluminium portafilter as the Dedica?

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