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D-Link D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router $128 @ Harvey Norman


Seems like a good deal. coming down from $399 to $128.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    I have the dlink dir1960, the Mcaffee app is just a pain, it doesn’t even let me login to disable it anymore so you will have some domains that will be filtered out

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    Got this at $99 from Centercom last time, cannot recommend

    • Why?

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        Yeah I got this one as well. The speed is fine. The setup is trash and the phone app sucks. I didnt bother to setup up McAfee as that's know to be trash 10yrs ago and anyone who was sucked in by that deserves to be… suck in.

        It is what is it. You have to ask why a $399 router is $99.

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          Oh yeah, don't get me started on the setup. Was such a pain.

          • @Major Major: The setup app is stupid, but after you get the default wifi password from the app, you have to use laptop to set up it by the Web. I got it from centrecom, and have used it for about 1 month. Nothing wrong with it. Everything is good now. Don't forget to change all the default passwords, it makes you feel easier for setting up later.

        • you know why it drop from $399 to $99? Because people don't care about the mcafee. The mcafee function makes it used to be more expensive. I don't care about that function and consider it like a normal router. It has 512 MB ram that can handle multiple devices very well. My smart home has 17 devices and the router is very stable. I guess that you didn't upgrade the new firmware. I upgraded mine to newest firmware at the first time I set up it

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        Read comments from last post

        My wifi signal would drop out randomly with this, whereas the $30 router it was replacing never skipped a beat.

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          i never got anything like that. Mine is solid… its on 24/7 and once it works, it works, I never had to reboot.

          Granted I use mine as an AP and I'm exclusively running pretty much laptops on 5ghz on intel only cards.

          Once its running its fine, for me.

          The speed is fine. If I'm banging 867 speed on current cards, line of slight maybe 10m away then that's what the wifi spec says so I cant complain about that.

        • i had same experience. bought from centrecom for $99. returned it after a week of trying to make it work well. speeds were great but couldnt get it to not drop. ended up with a Nighthawk X6 R8000 off gumtree for just a bit more. been flawless so far.

        • Don't forget to upgrade new firmware. If you are using FTTN like me, don't forget to change your modem to bridge mode and let this router connect to the ISP directly. This would make your connection much more stable.

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    Get mesh wifi..etc: tenda, tp link, mesh wifi can act as stand-alone router to NBN box. I never look back since I upgraded to Tp link m5 3 packs, wifi is fully covered and speed is stable . Also my desktop and xbox can plug into one of the unit as ethernet cable which speed faster then via wifi signal. Set up is super easy too

    • I found the tender mw6 is garbage. My isp modem from years ago delivers higher speeds that are constant. tenda will give me slower speeds with sudden lag even though connection between the 2 tendas is excellent, and the tenda unit is 1.5 metres from computer. There is also the fault that they won't work with google home's unless tenda is put into bridge mode

      How would anyone know that, and there's no reason it should be. tp link m5 is the one to get I think.

      • I don't know much of Tenda but I owned Tp Lonk M5 for a few weeks now, flawless units, easy setup with Mate NBN account. Highly recommended!

  • Happy with my smartthings wifi. Comes with plume and their security which is free for life.

    Good speed, haven't had any issues
    Ac1300 though

    • I was considering one of these. Where did you get it?

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        Got them in December during Xmas sale at racv shop. They had an even bigger sale a few months ago…missed out (they were clearing it out <100)

        I think you can only get them from jb. They had a 20-30% sale last month I think.

        • Ahh, thanks. I didn't think the JB ones were the same - they don't mention anything about mesh in the description - it just sounding like a wifi version of the smartthings hub.

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    It looks like it's about to take off.

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    Dead post I know, but I had this tab opened and when I saw that it was expired I decided to click on the "Go to Deal" button out of curiosity, it's now $98 lol.

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