Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker $246.75 (Was $329), Pro $315 (Was $630) Delivered @ Anova Culinary


First post, so please let me know if I miss anything!

Anova have their Precision Cooker Pro for 50% off again, ($315 from $630), not a bad deal if you have been keen to pick one of these up and you missed the June deal, (like myself).

They also have 25% off the standard model which is $246.75 down from $329.

Unsure of when this deal will end, as I cannot find an expiry date as of yet.

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    Wish they had a discount on their containers…

  • I've had the Anova for a bit over two years and I bought an Inkbird a couple of months ago off eBay for $95, save your money and get the Inkbird.

    • Why did you buy a second one?

      • So he could Sous Vide while he Sous Vide's dawg

      • I wanted to try it, Anova still working fine. Nothing wrong with the Anova stuff except the price. The Inkbird I think has all the Anova pro features… But I do simple cooks anyway, I just want to be able to set everything in the device without my phone- which you can.

      • I have two (well three now, if you count the old Sunbeam Sous Vide Duo, which is a bit different). I have the original Anova, and just bought the Pro in the previous June sale (which I haven’t actually used yet!).

        Having two allows you to do two cooks at different temperatures at the same time: eg. steaks to different levels of done-ness; or steaks in one, potatoes (for mash) in the other, which is something I have actually done (using the old Anova and Sunbeam). This is not necessary at all (as you could just do them in batches), but it’s a convenience luxury.

        It also means that if my original Anova carks it, I’m still good to go! (My mate who I ordered the original Anova with had his unit die recently, which he just replaced - so that caused me to impulse purchase the Pro preemptively!)

        Also, the Pro is more powerful, and designed for commercial usage, so I would be more confident using the Pro for extended cooks than I would the original Anova. (Which will also extends the life of my original Anova, preemptive prevention as per above!)

        But really that’s just purchase rationalisation - it’s not really necessary, just an extra toy to play with! :)

        (I’m tempted to buy an Inkbird, just for shits and gigs! lol)

        • Inkbird is heaps better than the Anova original, I haven't given the pro a go but I've never cooked over three hours- so I'm probably not the target demographic. It's just another Chinese device in the house which is already mailed by my robot vacuum. If say give it a shot, $95/$100 is good value for what it does I reckon.

          I actually dropped a thermometer in the water and tested both devices and the accuracy and maintenance of temp between the devices was the same.

  • This would be perfect for cooking Guga's steak :)

  • These used to be like $150 didnt they? What happened?

  • Is the pro worth extra money? Anyone own one that can comment? I've seen some sous vide cooking videos and it looks like the type of cooking I'd like.

    • It looks and sounds just like my sub $100 inkbird. I mean the anova does fractions of a degree Fahrenheit but I don't cook anything that needs that type of precision.

    • The Pro is unlikely to be worth the extra money for most people. It's got a greater capacity, but I have never got close to approaching the standard models capacity.

    • Yeah you don't need the pro. I don't think you even need blue-tooth/wifi at all.
      I just set mine on the device itself - the BT/Wifi are just annoying.

  • Pulled the trigger thanks op

  • Great deal! I’ve had the original Anova since 2016 and it’s still going strong, but thought it would be timely to pull the trigger on the pro. More stable cooking for longer!

  • I enjoy premium products too… but why would you set fire to money for no reason? Get the Inkbird.

    Just because a product is much cheaper than it normally sells for doesn’t make it worth buying.

  • I got one of these like 2 years ago and it's still in its box

    Thanks for the reminder

  • $283.50 for the Pro

    If you put this in the cart and go to the checkout page, fill it all out with email address and then close the page without ordering. You get an email 4 days later with a 10% off code. Says can't be used with sale items but worked fine for me.

  • Received my pro, plugged it in, connected to the app which required me to update it. Did the update, it restarted, and now the buttons don't work except for '+'..
    Filed a support ticket, waiting..

  • What container are people using?