YouTube Premium Argentine Peso $119 (~A$2.40) Per Month (VPN Required)


It's really simple:

  1. Change your VPN to Argentina
  2. Go to YouTube Premium and sign up.
  3. Takes two seconds to get a local address.

The amount will be shown in 119 Argentine Peso
— Equal in July 2020 to $2.42 Australian Dollars

It used to be India we would rely on for this hack, but as Argentina's money printer goes brrr… They're the current new leader.

  • Best if you use a credit card that doesn't have foreign exchange fees.
    — it'll only set you back a few cents if your does.

  • Please post your fave VPNs in the comments
    — Many here use Nord as it was 97% discounted here sometime ago

  • Please let us know if you find a more affordable country.

Worth noting this will fluctuate with the currency conversion.. That'll probably be a good thing as the pLandemic continues to spiral currencies ;)

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  • I signed up to the India one last year while it was available
    Paying about $4.54 per month for a family account currently

  • Are there any drawbacks to getting Google Play Music this way?

    • I don't use Music but pretty sure it's included…
      Maybe wait for someone with Premium to read this and confirm :)

      EDIT: I assumed it read 'YT Music' not Google Music.. Haven't looked into that myself.

    • I thought Google play music was transferring to YT Music? so this sub might be a great deal?

      • Further comments below say it's included - Awesome.

      • It is, they are currently migrating people over before shutting down GPM at the end of the year. My experience since they copied my library over a few weeks ago has been garbage, I hate it.

        Currently considering the switch to Apple Music, so this deal might be great to keep add free youtube.

        • Agree I've only briefly looked at YouTube music not really a fan either, send a stand mix of videos even if you just want to play music. I couldn't find a chrome cast button on the web or desktop player in short of casting the tab.

          GOM has been great especially the radio feature that makes the auto playlist of similar music. It doesn't seem to remember listening history on various devices.

          I've been using Tidal for $4/month for the 90 day offer, and considering scrapping GPM/YT music as I like the hi-fi and MQA streaming quality. Would like no ads in YouTube though

          Wonder if you can upgrade for cheap using this method above? Won't be using the VPN only for sign up.


          • @G-rig: I know you mentioned the desktop version, which i find weird they're not there. But just want to point out the casting and "radio" exist on their mobile app.

            • @Umcookies: Hey mate yes works on my mobile app too, just not on the browser.
              Don't really expect it on the desktop app (Tidal only casts from browser also).
              None of these streaming apps do gapless very well.

    • This includes YouTube and Google Play (YouTube) music.
      Source = i pay the Australian price for this until today

      • Im interested in the Google Play Music subscription

        As an added bonus, your YouTube Premium membership includes (when available in your country) a free subscription to Google Play Music, with access to its extensive catalog of music. If you're already a Google Play Music subscriber, you'll receive a free Music Premium membership.

        But I'm wondering if purchasing in Argentina changes the content on Google Play

        • I've got a family plan paid via India. Can't say I've noticed any difference

        • GPM doesn't change, suggestions on YouTube music are all Indian for me

        • I've got the Indian version and haven't noticed any impact on recommendations. As per other responses though perhaps the 'popular locally' suggestions are impacted - not a feature a use but YMMV.

          I just need to convince my wife to stop watching boyband and kids songs under my YouTube account on the TV - that DOES play merry hell with my recommendations.

      • Hey man is it easy enough to change from Aus subscription to this Argentinian one? Do you have to mess around with cancelling and resubbing or anything?

        • I imagine so.. But if the 10 mins of messing around once to save $10 a month isn't worth it for you, don't worry about it.

        • I signed up today. On the 13th i went in and cancelled my subscription which fortunately expired on the 18th of July.
          Today just did the VPN and signed up for $3.59 for the family subscription. Happy days.
          Took 10 min.

    • The recommendations in the music streaming services are based on what's popular in that country. Which shows up in the home page of the app.

      There are also licensing differences, so you might find that some songs/artists/albums are not available in one country subscription but available in others.
      This isn't an issue if you're getting a new subscription. But when I went from the Aus one to the Indian one, a small handful of songs that I had saved in playlists were not available. I just had to go through and find them again in another album.

    • Yes, you get the top charts and suggestions of that country.
      In my case, India

    • As others have said, licensing, recommendations, top charts and other browse / radio functions default to India / Wherever.

      A minor inconvenience for me, but well worth the savings.

    • Only drawback I get from Indian one is that it has there locality for the popular music/categories, but you can still use any of it.

  • How much is family for Argentina? Isn't India the cheapest option?

    • Na boss, Peso is rekt!

      129 Indian Rupee equals
      2.47 Australian Dollar


      119 Argentine Peso equals
      2.42 Australian Dollar

      Oh, that's the single prices to compare, family should be similar.

  • I thought I had a good deal with a student membership. This is epic. Thank you!

    • +11 votes

      If I can just help one person. Boom. You're welcome.

    • I'm pretty sure you can use your Australian student email to get the Argentina Student membership. At least it works with India YT premium.

      • Negative. I tried but no student membership in Argentina.

        YouTube student memberships are available in the following locations currently:

        Costa Rica
        Czech Republic
        Dominican Republic
        El Salvador
        Hong Kong
        New Zealand
        North Macedonia
        Saudi Arabia
        South Africa
        United Arab Emirates
        United Kingdom
        United States

      • You sir, just helped me to save another 50 INR per month. Didn’t even know I could sign up as a student on the Indian page. Thank you!

  • I use YT Music and it is included with the premium subscription :)

    • As an added bonus, your YouTube Premium membership includes (when available in your country) a free subscription to Google Play Music, with access to its extensive catalog of music. If you're already a Google Play Music subscriber, you'll receive a free Music Premium membership.

      if you didnt already know

      • Just for futures note to anyone reading this, google play music is shutting down at the end of the year i believe.

    • I remember I was really stoked when I found out about that! Bye bye $6 Apple Music student membership.

  • What if you are already subscribed in Australia. Is it possible to change country? Thanks.

    • Yes,
      It's possible to change over, I did it last year,
      Just cancel your current subscription and then use a VPN to change over

      • do you know if this will work if i pay by google credit? I've bought multiple google gift cards in the past and still have a lot of credit left.

        • When I changed my Google account from USA to Australian I lost all the credit I had from the free survey credit. Just buy the family subscription on a different Google account and then add your Australian one as a family member.

    • Yep. I just did this. Went through cancellation (not pause) and then it came up on subscription page to subscribe in ARS currency.

  • Finally I can shift away from all these Indian music recommdations whenever I open YouTube !

  • Same should apply to Netflix.

  • How much is the student plan?

  • Once you sign up on a VPN, do you need to use that VPN whenever you access?

  • haven't seen a deal like this but with spotify for a while.

  • Any other subscriptions worth getting? Already got Netflix in peso haha

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