[Unobtainable Deal] 9 Hot & Spicy or Original Recipe Pieces for $9.95 on Tuesdays @ KFC via App

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Need a reason to love Tuesday? How about 9? Cuz our 9 for $9.95 Hot & Spicy is guaranteed to make ya day.

9 for $9.95 Hot & Spicy Tuesday

KFC App Only

Most likely Australia wide from this Facebook post teasing Hot & Spicy coming soon

Mod: This deal is actually for Newcastle NSW store only according to KFC Customer service, not Australia wide as the deal was originally posted. We have unpublished the deal and moved it to the forum as unobtainable, as the deal is not obtainable for 99% of users.

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  • +2

    Nothing for the ACT.

    Gotta watch for these "advanced deals", so many upvotes before they are confirmed :(

  • +4

    Hiding large price increases behind the Hot & Spicy announcement!
    And no deal in NSW

  • +8

    Kentucky Fried C**ts

  • +1

    I can't find it under new products either. KFC has forsaken us disease- riddled Victorians!

  • +4

    Boycott KFC

    • +10

      VIC has gone through enough, we don't deserve to be teased like this

      • +1

        No Hot & Spicy and all prices have been put up

  • Is this available in NSW?

    • No.

      BUT Use the app to get 12 hot n spicy for $14.95 plus 2 other items in the build your bucket menu.

  • So hot and spicy is back but not the 9 for 9.95$ deal? Is that accurate? (In sydney).

    • +2

      yes, that is what I can see in the app as well.
      it is inline with their recent FB

      imo, this is quite a lazy deal post considering 9 for $9.95 kfc deal is pretty popular

  • +4

    WTF. Price of 3 piece box went from $11.95 (Vic) to $13.60.
    And I don't see the 9pc for 9.95 anywhere.

    • +7

      Giant Feast from $42.95 to $49.95
      Cheap as Chips from $20.95 to $24.95 (should be renamed as Expensive as FU*K)

      • +4

        I just ordered the Cheap as Chips, although stated $24.95 at the Order Page, when it comes to payment I only paid the original $20.95

        • +1

          Interesting. Maybe they were having problems with their app. I noticed their prices went back down.

  • +3

    Called up a few stores in VIC and confirmed that they are not running this deal.

  • +1

    What a disappointment! That was my planned lunch(VIC).

    • +1

      My planned dinner. I'm pissed as I have no meat thawed ready to cook.

    • -2

      9 pieces of chicken for lunch??

      On a scale of one to diabetes how you feeling??

  • +1

    Pitchforks (and masks) at the ready

  • +3

    Build your bucket seems like the next best thing, just change the original pieces to H&S at your local store. Working for me in vic
    12 pieces for $14.95 but needs 3 items minimum

  • +1

    Looking at my app and i'm in Vic, i can see a lot of Hot & spicy offers e.g. Hot & spicy Giant feast $49.95. But not 9 pieces for 9.95.

  • +1

    I have never understood why KFC with shops and outlets across Australia, in all states, has such a disjointed approach to its marketing campaigns.

    There is a patchwork of different product offerings in different states, even between different suburbs in Sydney.

    • Two different owners, Collins and Yum Foods.

      • Are the KFC stores in Newcastle owned by a different company to the company that runs the KFC stores in Sydney?

        • I'm not sure but I don't think so; I think the Newcastle store that's actually running the 9 for $9.95 deal is the fancy new "drive thru only" site that opened last year, so they don't have to worry about making sure people observe social distancing while queueing.

  • +1

    Nothing here in SA. Booooo

  • +3

    messaged them on FB and got this response…

    Hi Luigy, thanks for the message. 9 pieces of Hot and Spicy for $9.95 on Tuesdays is available for ordering through the app only at Newcastle stores. This deal is not currently available in other stores. In QLD, the deal is 9 pieces for $10.95. Rebecca - Customer Service.

    Guess its only Newcastle NSW for the deal.

    • +1

      Newcastle here I come!

  • +1

    facebook customer service says:"thanks for the message. 9 pieces of Hot and Spicy for $9.95 on Tuesdays is available for ordering through the app only at Newcastle stores. This deal is not currently available in other stores. Rebecca - Customer Service."

  • +2

    Hi Nathw ,thanks for your message. We are committed to offering great value product but occasionally price increases are necessary to ensure we can continue to give our customers the highest quality food and drinks. Thanks again, Rebecca – Customer Service.

    • +1

      Lol….I got the same message on FB when I queried their price increase.

  • +1

    Nothing but disappointment from false hope…

  • +6

    misleading advertising, not available at most stores. they also jacked the prices of everything else by 10 to 20%.

    • I think they main issue was the advertising people saw didn't have information saying where this was applicable. A small selected stores or QLD only on the advertising would have solve the problem.

    • I never see the ad myself (NSW), but if OP is in QLD and get that ad, I dont see it as misleading advertising

  • +18

    2020 just keeps getting worse and worse

  • +3

    Was planning to grab this for dinner (in VIC), but oh well.

    Might just do the build your own bucket, 12 pieces for $14.95 is still okay.

    • With minimum 3 items

      • +2

        Yeah I know, we usually grab 3x 6 wicked wings, but might go 1x 12 hot and spicy and 2x wicked wings. Still not a bad deal.

        • +2

          Can you see hot and spicy in Build a Bucket? I can’t on mine (VIC)
          EDIT: I just found it, press the pencil and Modify pieces

          • @rumham25: Yep need to add the original recipe and edit it like you mentioned :)

          • @rumham25: Did this trick, went and pick up… not a single H&S in my bucket :(

  • Being WFH and I was excited to go out and have kfc for lunch in Sydney. I have to neg you op!

  • +2

    Should I go for 3 Fill Up boxes

    • +1

      that seems to be the best value from the price increase

  • Planned lunch but not getting this anywhere in VIC, disappointed

  • +7

    I guess I'm just gonna drink water today

    • +3

      Make sure to check if your water utility company has shopback

  • +1

    Interesting. I can't remove my upvote which was based on the fact that this is available in VIC, so this deal will remain as Top Deal even though the proposition have just been changed to be QLD only.

  • A friend and I are disappointed this is not available, but the bright side is 6 pieces H&S, 6 wicked wings, large chips and large potato & gravy for $21 if you build your own bucket :)

    • +1

      Streetwise dinner box = $19.95 for 10x pieces + 2x large chips.

      Not sure why anyone would WANT to eat that nasty clag paste gravy, but you can probably swap one of the chips for it, might be able to swap to hot and spicy in the app, and/or leave it as-is to get more value chicken pieces as you wouldn't be getting all wings.

      • My app doesn't show the Streetwise Dinner Box. Is this restricted to certain locations only?

        • Streetwise box has been removed, finished.

          • +1

            @ssquid: When? I bought it just a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if it was ever in the app because my local store doesn't have app ordering. I think it's on a button on their cash registers though because I always forget the exact name and just ask "Can I have the 'dinner box' with ten pieces of chicken for about $20?". It's not up on their menu boards either but they always know what I mean.

            • -1

              @Faulty P xel: I was thinking of the streetwise feast; 6 pieces of chicken, 3 tenders, 6 nuggets and 2 large sides for $21.95. Disappeared about a month ago and was replaced with the mixed feast (which is less chicken for more money).

            • @Faulty P xel: Thanks! Didn't know this deal existed since it isn't advertised in-store, but they were able to grab the offer for me since it is registered as "Dinner Box with 10 pieces" and not "Streetwise Box" in their menu boards!

              • @verdikt: Yeah I was sure KFC staff told me it was called a 'Dinner Box'. But when I searched for the exact name to post it in this thread, other bargain sites had it listed as "Streetwise Dinner Box"!? eg. https://www.frugalfeeds.com.au/2016/deal-kfc-19-95-streetwis...

                I think if you get the free survey chips and drink with this, that they're supposed to upgrade you to a large drink too.

                If I'm going to eat it at home I don't see the point in getting their chips. You can buy a 1kg bag for $2 at Colesworths and fry them at home in a few minutes. So sometimes I ask them if there's any swaps they can do if I forfeit the chips. eg. Do the survey for the free chips and drink but ask can I swap those and both large chips for a large coleslaw and large drink etc. But I seem to get a different reply every time.

                The second last time I bought this I forfeited all the chips and can of drink and persuaded them to swap a few of the wings/drumsticks for breast/thigh pieces instead. It's hit and miss though because next person will say "We only do set combinations of pieces." I've found it easier to get swaps in-store too, and found them more flexible when they're not busy, rather than the drive thru though where there's no discussion.

  • Where in the app are these located? Can't seem to find them.

    • It's under new products

  • I saw it in my app! 9 for $10.95 though - I am in WA.

  • +1

    Disappointed - it was my planned lunch. Vic here

    • same I have been telling my wife we are getting lunch from KFC since sunday

  • Not in NSW

  • Showing $10.95 under New Products in WA. Not available in South Perth branch, but is available at Karrawara.

  • Normal Tuesday price in QLD, 9 pieces for $10.95

    • Better than SA where I fork out $14.95 for 6 pieces! But hey, at least hot n spicy is back!!

  • Gah just read the comments and realised it's not available in Vic… :/ guess it worked out for them after all, browsed around the app and got sucked into buying the H&S giant feast for $50….

    Though for some reason it checked out at $42.95 so a small win for me? 😅

  • I have voted +ve as I was really looking forward to this. HOW DO I CHANGE IT TO A NEG?

  • Just wanted to order but just found the bad news VIC is excluded. :(

  • +4

    my day has been ruined

  • +4

    Yesterday I sent this deal to my family members (we are in NSW) after missing out on Krispy Kreme isolation donuts.
    Me: KFC has Hot and Spicy chicken 9 pcs for $9.95

    Dad: Can't see the deal? ( I made him install the KFC app on his phone)
    Brother: Where is the deal?
    Sister in law: Oh, no KFC?
    Wife: I thought you were getting KFC?

    Me after reading this thread and telling them the bad new that it's only available in QLD and Newcastle,NSW:
    *I am now hiding for from my family. If I am not heard from, please know that both KFC and Krispy Kreme are motives involved in my disappearance. haha

  • Not in NSW, only 4.95box

  • No 9 pieces for $10.95 in my app (NSW).

    I did get a 3 piece box today for lunch though…So good.

  • I already planned dinner with my friends and their children around this deal and now they'll be so disappointed unless I follow through. Feel like I've been taken by the ole' bait and switch! Oh well, I guess we're having KFC tonight regardless of the deal!

    • +1

      Oh well, I guess we're having KFC tonight regardless of the deal!

      KFC bait and switch successful! :(

  • Went to buy a 3 piece feed (with hot n spicy) instead… They accidentally chucked in a bonus large chips!
    Now need to burn off a calorie or two

  • +1

    No LOVE for VIC 😭
    This just ruined my day and my dinner plan

  • Installing that KFC app last night was just a waste of time and SD card space then. :(

  • Thanks to people whinging looks like they've removed it for whoever had it as an available deal in the app.
    No longer shows up in my app, Brisbane North, QLD.

  • $10.95 - WA

  • Is this deal still on for today?

  • +2

    My chicken was crunchy, but not really spicy.

  • now that we cant get 9 for 10 anyone know the next most optimal hot and spicy chicken per $ meal would be

    • +1

      build your own bucket!

  • Didn't have the $9.95 deal but paid $20.95 for 8 pieces, 6 nuggets, 2 sauces and 4 sides.

    Happy with that.

    • How? Feel like I got ripped off. Only got 12 pieces and 6 wicked wings for 10c cheaper.

      • In the app, Colonel's Offers > Cheap As Chips deal.

        Haymarket, Sydney.

  • So I just had the hot n spicy and as usual it was not hot at all. Can feel the pepper and it has a strong fiery smell but not hot at all.

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