[Unobtainable Deal] 9 Hot & Spicy or Original Recipe Pieces for $9.95 on Tuesdays @ KFC via App

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Need a reason to love Tuesday? How about 9? Cuz our 9 for $9.95 Hot & Spicy is guaranteed to make ya day.

9 for $9.95 Hot & Spicy Tuesday

KFC App Only

Most likely Australia wide from this Facebook post teasing Hot & Spicy coming soon

Mod: This deal is actually for Newcastle NSW store only according to KFC Customer service, not Australia wide as the deal was originally posted. We have unpublished the deal and moved it to the forum as unobtainable, as the deal is not obtainable for 99% of users.

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  • +15

    Anyone noticed KFC reduced the sizes?

    • +63

      The pieces do look a bit smaller now since I bring the chicken to my mouth instead of burying my face in the bucket.

    • +1

      The chicken pieces now are indiscernible parts, either they're chopping the chickens into smaller parts, or the chickens are way smaller, can't tell. A 3 piece feed feels like a snack rather than a feed though

    • +1

      A lot smaller and, not as chrispy & crunchy as well.

    • +3

      Maybe your'e getting bigger?
      Or maybe KFC are genetically engineering chickens to be slightly smaller than usual for some unknown reason…

    • Yup, they make 12 pieces per chicken I think.

      • -1

        Let's see if we can work this out:
        Wings are cut in half x2 (4 pieces)
        Legs (2 pieces)
        Thighs (2 pieces)
        Ribs (2 pieces)
        Breast - not sure but I think there's actually 3 pieces because they have that middle piece?
        So there's 13 pieces (?)

        • Wings are cut in half for hotwings, but not for the normal… I count 10pcs.
          Wings x 2
          Drumsticks x 2
          Mariland x 2
          Ribs/back x 2
          Breasts x 2

          Size does seem smaller, but from sourcing smaller chickens as opposed to cutting smaller.

          • @jkim: The breast is cut into 2 parts, I think.

            • @DisabledUser225214: I counted 2 breasts… are you saying they are further cut into 1/2 so 4 per chicken?

        • +1

          13 pieces makes for an unlucky chicken

      • +15

        Ex- KFC employee here. There are 1 breast, 2 wings, 2 thighs, 2 ribs and 2 drumstick per chicken which we call a “head” of chicken.

        We sometimes also got special bags with just thighs and drumsticks in them.

        • What happened to the other breast?

          • +5

            @nfr: It's the way the chicken gets cut up. Parts of the second breast go into the rib pieces.

          • @nfr: they used that for crispy strip… 4 or 6 cuts depends on size of chicken.

        • What chickens are used these days? I know steggles are used but not sure of the other brand/brands of chicken.

        • +1

          It's coming back to me. Give me 4 head of OR, we've got a rush coming on. Shudder…

    • +5

      drumsticks are tiny now

    • +1

      gawd, i though i'm the only one noticing it. i got a feeling these sub standard sized pieces get sold only on Tuesday specials.

      • +1

        KFC employees are negging all the comments where the pieces are smaller…

    • -14

      You got get kid cant count i get avgs 15 each time love them poor area

      • +22

        From that poorly written "sentence" of yours i am guessing that you must be one of those kids from the poor area too.

      • +2

        Kfc is sometimes worse depending on the area. so you might get more, but bad quality.

    • +7

      Got a 3 piece box at the drive through the other night, took it home and opened the box to see one of the tiniest 'pieces' of chicken I've seen. I weighed it out of curiosity, only 54g with about 4 bones in it, the others were about 85-100g. It was tinier than the shitty dinner roll you get. Put in a complaint and got a credit for another free box, can't wait to see how tiny the pieces are in that box too.

      • +1

        Agree, if it doesn't look as it appears in the picture then you are within your rights to complain

      • GG boys

      • +1

        One piece is 77 grams, according to this: https://www.kfc.com.au/menu/chicken/1-piece-chicken

      • wait till you see a wicked wing is bigger than a normal wing at my local KFC.

      • Where did you complain? I had the same issue with a ridiculously small piece last week but didn't think it was worth it… But having a free ridiculously tiny piece of chicken sits a bit different…

        • Just on the Contact Us part of the KFC AU website. Didn't go through the support assistant, just the normal complaint form.

      • which part of the chicken was it?

    • +1

      Chicken Treat's crunchified chicken is better (and larger). If they did a hot and spicy option there wouldnt be a need to go to KFC if you live in a state that has them. The chips are better too. KFC is just a soggy mess these days

      • +3

        I've airfried H&S KFC chicken before. Makes it amazing - no soggy mess.
        I used to only do it for my leftovers but now I bring it home to do.
        At $9.95 for 1 chicken (minus one breast as above), it works out to be pretty cheap.

        • +1

          good idea kind of defeats the purpose of takeaway if you have to cook it too

          • +2

            @juki: It's cooked, he's just re crisping it.

        • That's what I do too.

          A few extra mins in the air fryer when you get home makes it taste like what it is supposed to taste like.

          It's almost as if KFC doesn't know how to cook their own chicken.

        • +1

          You aren’t missing a breast piece, some of the breast meat is included in the rib pieces.

    • +1

      Small size chicken for nandos too. It feels like a genetic mod to make chicken smaller. So more meals can be made.. more profits. It seems like the trend for every major chains.

      • +1

        Agree.. nando's fans here.
        Back in the old days whole chx can fill us up plus couple pieces take away.
        Now whole chx is barely enough.

    • Good news is they are not any smaller…bad news is that is because they already order the smallest chickens possible :P

    • Don’t get me started on Wagon Wheels

      • +1
        • Pringles
    • My refresher towels are smaller

  • +12

    Hot n Spicy back nationwide or would that just be for select places like QLD?

    • +5

      Sweet. No longer need to only get the hot & spicy from KFC Town Hall in Sydney!

      • It's a joke that it's only available at town hall

        • Heard that artarmon and maybe chatswood westfield has it as well

          • +2

            @brnaodn: Townhall, central station and Artarmon

            • @tidie: can confirm have purchased from chatswood westfield, asked kfc via messenger beforehand

        • It is, but Town Hall also seemed to have consistently good quality KFC… at least compared to the mess that is KFC Harbourside.

      • Haymarket got it too.

      • +1

        Also always available at the Haymarket KFC as well (closer to China Town area).

    • +4

      Not sure the answer to your question
      but H&S all year round at Vic Gardens in Melbourne.

      • And AFAIK only there in greater Melbourne.

    • I was quite shocked when I learned that H&S is not a permanent menu item outside of WA. Why is it not more common?

  • +2

    better to nationwide ! !!!!!

  • +9

    False alarm guys, OP is from QLD. Won't be nationwide.

    It will be posted on their KFC Australia FB page if it is nationwide

    • +1

      My local KFC in VIC had a signboard in store that shows hot and spicy to start on Tuesday.

      Edit: nevermind, wasn't thinking about the 9 for 9.95

    • yeah qld have hot and spicy more often
      I don't remember the last time I had it in nsw :(

      • Sydney city has them all year round. Specifically the Haymarket store and Ultimo. I think the other Townhall store is closed now isn't it? If it isn't, that store has it too.

      • We here, in the greatest state on this continent, have hot and spicy every day, and 9 for 10.95 (yeah, ech, my dollary-doo) on every Tuesday.

  • Is this QLD only or nationwide?

  • +7

    Finally…….please include VIC

    • +4

      Yea, we need some good news.

    • +3

      Yeah coz it's going to be hard work going to QLD to get it.

      • Only if we don't have a lock down…….tsk tsk tsk

  • +5

    Omg… please be nationwide! It's been too long without H&S!

    EDIT: Seems to be nationwide?!!! https://www.frugalfeeds.com.au/2020/news-kfc-hot-and-spicy-c...

    • +1

      Please be real!

      • +22

        MELBOURNIANS LISTEN UP!!! Had a friend who worked at KFC. APPARENTLY IT IS BACK IN VICTORIA!!! 14 JULY 2020

        SAVE THE DATE…


        • +3

          Oh man I'm going to get soooo fat…ter.

        • +2

          You can get H&S all year round at Victoria Gardens if it’s worth the drive for you, FYI.

  • +1

    Got excited only to be disappointed. Looks like no hot n spicy in iso!

  • +1

    dinna sorted

  • Yes!!

  • +11

    I’ll take 20 meals, thanks!

    • +5

      A steal at $32000-odd

    • +4

      Just make sure you don't have a KFC party at home.

      • Bloody government. Talk about an over reaction. People are already down enough as is.

  • this has been on the app in qld for $10.95 very recently (which is already a very decent deal). good to see it go back to its original price

    • +5

      It's 9 pieces for $10.95 every Tuesday of the year in Qld. Don't even need to use the app. Works in drive-through etc.

      Plus we have hot and spicy year round too.

  • +3

    It's about time KFC was awarded some Michelin stars. Delicious.

    • +4

      That Michelin man probably should stay away from deep fried chicken and potatoes..

      • Michelin man looks like a drumstick and potatoes

    • It credits it to this page though for the $9.95 deal

  • +5

    Did someone say AFP?

  • +6

    Here's a yummy tip for when wings are on sale and you buy up big.
    I buy a couple of extra boxes of wings, dismember and de-bone them and keep them in the fridge (they should last nearly a week). Then whenever you want a tasty snack, grab handful of your deboned 'pulled' chicken, spread out on some al-foil on a tray and grill in the oven for about 3 minutes.

    It's all just meat and crispy skin, one of these best snacks ever!

    • +5

      Get yourself an airfryer. Thank me later.

      • +3

        An Air Fryer is just a small oven, I already have one of those.

        • +5

          That's what someone who doesn't have an airfryer would say until they try reheating KFC in one of those bad boys. You're missing out, hombre.

          • +1

            @Munki: Air-fryer is where it's at for KFC.

    • +3

      Get yourself a deep fryer. Thank me later.

      • Get yourself a statin. Thank me later.

      • +1

        I've outsourced my deep frying to KFC…

        • I just felt like saying deep fryers are cooler than air fryers.

          tbh the wings and whatnot from KFC actually come out pretty decent in the microwave for me, I just call it a day there.

  • +1

    They really should make the Hot and Spicy a permanent thing.

    • +3

      If you live near the city. George st and haymarket have hot & spicy all year round. Just change the location in the app to verify

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