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Mistral Air Fryer 3.5L $49 @ Woolworths


Saw this at Eastern Creek Woolworths tonight, so the deal appears to be available again - previously posted here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/539754

I bought one for myself, it was strangely towards the back of the fruit/vege section. Checked in-store stock via the link https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/79116/mist... (product doesn't appear via search) and it seems to be showing correctly, and in a number of locations/states. Perhaps call your local store to confirm stock. Good luck!

Hot air technology for healthier frying
1500 Watts
3.5 Litre capacity
Detachable non-stick basket with rack
Adjustable temperature control 80-200°C
Power & heating indicator lights
30 minute timer

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  • Price on title pls

  • Should have just copy/paste title from the previous deal lol

  • are the kmart, coles, Kogan, woolies ones pretty much the same?
    parents want.a cheapie, kmart is sold out

    • I got one last time I found the build quality better than the Kmart one.

      If this one long running deal why my last deal expired 😒

    • With the same volume, mistral from woolies is cheaper than Kmart one ($69)

  • would be great if they had stock.Last time barely any locations had any….

    • Just checked and no place near me had stock. Presume it is just left over stock from last time.

      • If it helps (depending on where in Melbourne you are from), there were plenty at the Oakleigh Central Woolworths store this afternoon. At the back of the fruit and vegetables section (go figure why it was placed there), before you get to the meat area.

        • Melbourne you are from),

          Is this an essential item to go out to buy?

          • @superforever: Consider they likely bought food too, which yes is essential. So is cooking it.

          • @superforever: I didn't buy it. I was actually out buying essential groceries only and just happened to see this on display as I was walking past the fruit and vegetables towards the meat. Then when I saw this post, I thought I'd share that it is available at this particular store.

            To answer your question, no, this is not an essential item to go out and buy (at least for me it is not), but who am I to judge what is essential to another? ;)

    • +1 vote

      A lot of stores are pushing them out now. Where abouts are you? Ask them in store if they have any and if they don't ask them to look at nearby stores to see if they have any. Their stock on hand figure is definitely more accurate than the online site and you'll have a better chance at snagging one.

      • any reason why they're being pushed out? Quality???

        • Pretty sure the business ordered a large amount during the initial airfryer hype a few months ago and only now just received their order. Nothing to do with bad quality or anything of the sort.

  • I bought one 2 weeks ago..
    Performs very well.. I didn't see much difference from my previous philips air fryer.

  • Mistral *Mini fan-forced oven.

    There, I fixed the product name. =)

    • All air fryer is using the same concept, blowing the hot air from the heated steel, just like mini fan-forced oven. Don’t know why some are negging you.

  • is 3.5L big enough?

  • Thanks. Just ordered one to click and collect. My mum's been looking for one of these to try out.

    Seems to be heaps of stock in this part of Sydney (Chullora, Roselands, Punchbowl, Greenacre, Lidcombe all have available stock).

  • Replaced my second Philips with this.

    Phillips warranty works ( teflon failed on the 1st).

    Philips is more efficient & easier to clean for 4 x the price…so worth the gamble, just save receipt for warranty.

  • Before you buy an airfryer you might want to consider that you could already own a halfway decent air fryer in your home without knowing it…


    When we first tested air fryers, in 2017, most of the models we found were small, pod-shaped appliances that looked like they’d be more at home in a sci-fi movie than on a kitchen counter.

    They couldn’t hold much food, and they yielded mediocre results. If you really want an air fryer, we found that the Philips Avance Collection Airfryer HD9641/96 is better than most (though not great).

    But since air frying is really just convection baking, we think most people would be better off with a convection toaster oven, such as our top pick, the Cuisinart Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven (TOB-260N1), which does everything an air fryer can do, plus more.

    We found that pod-shaped air fryers often had more-powerful fans, but this wasn’t necessarily a good thing, since they could produce dried-out foods and overcooked cakes. And the “fryer” baskets in pod-shaped models were too limited. Even filled to capacity, they could fit only a couple of servings of food at a time, which isn’t practical for larger households. In general, we found that pod-shaped air fryers didn’t cook as evenly as the toaster-oven models because their cramped interiors didn’t allow heat to fully circulate around the food, even when we shook the basket periodically.

  • Great timing for my “spend $50 for 2300 points” offer. Can get this and a bag of potato gems to try it out!

  • Other than cooking chicken and chips, what are the other dishes which can be cooked with this?

    • +3 votes

      Sausages work excellent in an air fryer. On a bigger model you can do roast meats, pork belly, roasted vegetables, frozen pizzas, pies and sausage rolls, garlic bread, heaps of stuff. I only use my oven now for baking and larger quantity items.

    • I've been using them to air fry buffalo wings, tofu, pork belly, roast pine nuts. Next up, I will try frozen dumplings and vegetable tempura. Can use it for virtually anything you would otherwise 'fry' or 'roast'. The main difference I've found is that it's more 'set and forget' than what you would do on a stovetop, and less fiddly than a regular oven with comparable results, and so it's great to use whilst I'm doing other types of cooking/food prep.

  • Is a 3.5L good enough?

  • grabbed one, been thinking about it for long enough and this is a decent enough price to try it… thanks OP :)

  • Thanks OP, bought one last week. It is the best Air-fryer I ever had considering it is the first one I ever bought…jokes apart, I tried to stay away from all sorts of unwanted expenses for last couple of years to meet some financial objectives but didn't blink an eye when its low as $49

  • Whenever there's an air fryer deal, there's always someone coming along and calling it a glorified fan oven, while this is somewhat true, air fryers are really convenient and great for certain kinds of foods (e.g. refer to Rod71's comments above)

  • Has anyone bought a "spare" air fryer? Overkill/un-necessary?
    I got the Kogan deal a while back as a cheap way to try out an air fryer - now I use it many times a week! Been pondering if/when it breaks to upgrade to a better one (maybe one of those more square rack ones?). But at this price it's tempting to just settle on the same pod style. Rather than it breaking and finding no good value ones around.

  • Finally saw one in parra woolies today. Saw it. thought about it. Nah. Bit small for me :/

  • Held out for so long hoping for another Amazon deal on the Philips XXL, but for $49 I decided to give this one a go. Thanks OP.

  • Bought one a couple of months back and it's been great! No issues.

    Good for 1-2 servings of fried goodies.

  • Does food taste better in air fryer or oven?

  • Has anyone done battered fish in one of these?

  • This Mistral is 3.5L capacity,
    would it fit 1 x average sized chicken in there ?

    I'm trying to gauge the size, before pulling the plug and buying one to "test" / "taste"
    ( never used a air-fryer before , and don't always like to use a non-rotisserie grill (fearful of high electricity bill).

  • Managed to get one at the 2nd store I went to. Neither store had one on the shelf but I asked at the 2nd store, the guy looked it up and found they should have 2 in stock, then found one out the back. Worth asking.

  • I picked one up this morning and just christened it with a bag of frozen chips. All the moisture vented straight out the back and dripped down the tiles above a power point so be mindful of where the rear vent is aimed.

  • Pick up the last one in store to replace my old one , the staff told it is the original price .

  • Thanks bought one yesterday. Question :- Are we supposed to remove the 4 black rubber protectors that are installed to the 4 sides of the inside removable grill plate. I removed them and used it to avoid frying the rubber protectors :)

  • Got one at the same price about a month ago, used it more than 10 times already and haven't been disappointed at anything that we've cooked in it (only good surprises)!

    It is a bit of work to clean though, and I do wish it has a better non-stick coating.

    As for size, we did hesitate about its small capacity before we bought it, but then we thought if it didn't work out, we can probably sell it for $30 on gumtree, so was really only risking $20 and a bit of time. But now it looks like it's just big enough, so we're gonna keep it.

    Warranty: couldn't find any reference to the length of warranty on the box or paperwork. But it has such a simple setup, hopefully nothing can break (I reckon the non stick coating will be the first to go).

    • It is a bit of work to clean though, and I do wish it has a better non-stick coating.

      If you are going to cook something very oily try put some aluminium foil at the bottom. I have only used it for chips, battered fish so far quite easy to clean.

  • Picked one up from Marryatville in SA. None on the shelf and had a tag next to it saying"sorry for inconvenience product temporarily unavilable". Website said in stock though.
    Asked up front and a young man kindly grabbed one from out back.

    Thanks OP

  • There are few available in Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I got two from Kilsyth Woolies. They had around 4 left at the time of my purchase.Other stores that have them are:
    Kilsyth, Monbulk, Seville, Lilydale, Emerald, Yarra Junction

  • Does anyone else find their tray really hard to close? Mine doesn’t line up correctly most of the time.

  • Is it dishwasher safe like the Philip one?

  • I saw few of them on shelf in Blacktown Woolies last night

  • bought one one these and cooked below(180,5mins turn and 5 mins), really amazing.


  • If you have a fan forced oven, this one seems to do the job https://www.amazon.com/UPGRADED-Deluxe-Copper-Crisper-Rectan... though I haven't tried this one yet.

  • On sale this week down to $44

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