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TaoTronics BH085 Active Noise Cancelling Headhones $69.99, BH077 TWS Earbuds $39.99, EP008 ANC Wired Earphones $29.99 @ Amazon


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TaoTronics TT-BH085 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones was $89.99 Now $69.99 Code: SZTZVCIO

OzBargain members requested it and SunValley has delivered!

  • USB Type-C Port So you only have to carry one cord✔️
  • Fast Charging, 45 minutes for 40 hours play back✔️
  • AptX Codec for better quality sound✔️
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for a more stable connection✔️
  • CVC 8.0 for Clear phone calls✔️
  • Headphone Case ❌ but there is a nice velvety bag included ✔️.
  • Reviews from other OzBargain Members ✔️
  • Even More Reviews from other OzBargain Members ✔️
  • Cheapest Price so Far✔️
  • 1,000+ Reviews on Amazon US and 200+ Reviews on Amazon UK✔️
  • Free Extended Warranty (Industry leading 2.5 years total Warranty)✔️

TaoTronics TT-BH077 TWS True-Wireless Earbuds Was $54.99 Now $39.99 with Code: TVGTZRL3

TWS Plus: With Role Switching Techniques, the master earbud can be switched freely on right or left earbud without any extra pairing
High Fidelity Sound: 6mm PEEK + PU high fidelity dynamic driver offers a truly natural, authentic high fidelity sound clearer than CD quality.
IPX7 Waterproof: High-level water-resistant makes the wireless earbuds resistant to sweat, water and rain.
Enough Charge to go: Last for over 5 hours’ playtime from a single charge with latest lower power consumption chip.
Plus Charge on-the-go: The compact charging case provides extra 15 hours playtime
Bluetooth 5. 0 Version: Bluetooth 5.0 provides fast and stable transmission within up to 15m/50ft without signal loss
You can check out 1,200 reviews on Amazon US & 140+ Amazon UK

TaoTronics TT-EP008 ANC Wired Earphones Was $45.99 Now $29.99 with Code: PS4CMOBI

Active Noise Cancelling: Reduce background sounds by up to 30dB
15 Hours of Continuous Audio: Enhanced and boosted with a 140mAh battery
In-ear comfort: With interchangeable ear-buds and hooks for convenience and comfort
Metal Construction: Crafted with machined aluminium alloy that reduces battery consumption;
Full Control: In-line control for volume adjustment, track selection, and play/pause functionality.
Check out 300+ reviews on Amazon US & 1,300+ Reviews on Amazon UK

TaoTronics stands behind their products with a bonus Free Extended Warranty which you activate by registering your product at www.TaoTronics.com

SunValley introduced the TaoTronics, VAVA, HooToo, Anjou, Sable and RAVPower brands in 2011 to produce High Quality, Low-Cost consumer electronics, and home products. Since then they have grown to be leading consumer electronics brands with hundreds of products and millions of satisfied customers. You can view their range of available products in SunValley's Official Australian Amazon store.

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  • Can anyone comment on how the BH085 compare with the 046s? The BH046 had hybrid noise cancelling, but some latency when watching movies etc.

    • yes.. anything on 046

      • Just bought these and I have the BH046. I am happy with the BH046.
        The bt 4.2 does cut out sometimes, maybe when battery is getting low. And yes, sometimes there is a bit of a sync problem (marginal, but you can pick it up) with TV. I am hoping the bt 5.0 in these will be better.

        Anyway I will be in a position to compare next time.

  • which ones are the best for making phone calls?

    • I have the 085s and while others sound great, I've been told I sound fairly bad, microphone isn't the best

    • My experience is quite good with Bh085. I did some tests attending an online meeting myself alone, trying different headsets and builtin pc/mobile microphones and recorded the sessions.

      I tested

      Jabra elite t65
      Note 10
      Dell XPS 15 (i7 gen 8)

      Found BH085 were quite good as an all rounder. In fact a day before I did a test while in my backyard attending a meeting with some traffic noise in the background. I asked my colleague if he was hearing anything in the background, he said nothing. So for my online meetings I use them.

      Jabra t65 is very good too, mic catches crisp sound (but for some reason I prefer bh085's a little less sharp sharp mic ), however t65 is horrible on bus or train (I had bought them after watching their commercial, nowhere near to what they advertise). They are light weight and you don't feel them (bh085 will take sometime to get used too, they are still felt heavy)

      Note 10, probably the best audio quality but also catches lot of background noise on speaker phone.

      Dell XPS, disappointing, just ok.

      I hope it helps.

      PS: also included in the mix was bh22 but not worth mentioning (for making calls)

  • Can you do some deals on desk lamp?

  • If I didn't grab these BH085s on special before I would certainly grab them even cheaper now. WONDERFUL headphones. I also own Sony WH-1000XM3s!

    • thanks, what's the call quality like? I'm not happy with the qc35 or somy xm3 so i'm looking for a good headset to make calls with.

    • Any comment on sound quality and comfort compare to Sony WH-1000XM3 will be greatly appreciate. Thx

      • Sound is not as good which is to be expected, but more than adequate. Comfort is excellent.

      • Sony would be wayyy better than these in sound quality. But obviously Huge pricing differences between them. so, it would Not be great comparison

  • Is there a dedicated button or combination to mute the mic on the headphones? TT-BH085

  • Two quick ones:
    1) Seems doesn't have a carry case.
    2) Also , supports connecting only to one device at any given time
    Pls correct me if i'm wrong.

    • It has a bag, which makes it easy to pack. I have heard it can connect to multi devices, but that is YouTube saying it only. I haven't tried.

    • Comes with a soft pouch, which may not protect them as well as a hard case, but they take up less room in a bag. I have it connected to my PC and my TV, but only one at a time. The one minor gripe I have is that you cannot listen while charging. Other than that, these are the most comfortable and best sounding budget headphones I've ever had.

    • Hmm. I have the much older BH-022's and they connect fine to my PC & Phone at the same time. Sucks if the newer model can only do one at a time.

    • I have them and can confirm that they can connect to 2 devices at the same time. Apt-x low latency connection, too. To connect to 2 devices: connect first device, wait for 'connected' voice prompt, disconnect first device. Wait for 'pairing' voice prompt, connect 2nd device. Reconnect first device without connecting 2nd device. Prioritises phne calls and whichever device has active sound ie: podcast or webpage video.

      They don't come with a hard case but do come with a velvety bag. Earpieces both rotate and fold so they're pretty compact and secure in a bag.

  • Any chance to get a deals on TT-BA07???

  • I bought these on the last deal for a couple of dollars more. Really happy with them and definitely recommend them for the price. Very comfortable to wear.

  • Do the BH085's come with a charging cable? I couldn't see that stated anywhere (I may have missed it).

  • Gone the 77s as well now as I like the 85s so much.

    • Changed the order to the 79s. Looks like better fit, USB C and longer battery and better call quality..

  • A friend got the BH077s for himself and his wife….but oddly both pairs are failing to maintain Bluetooth connection with some of their devices. I.e. retains connection for 5 mins then loses it. Has anyone else had this kind of problem?

  • Anyone know the difference between the TT-BH077 and the TT-BH053? I prefer the 53’s look but it seems like 77 is more expensive. How is it better?

    • Reviews indicate everything about the 77s is better. Most importantly the call quality.

  • @xev anything on the 079s?

  • Any deal on new headphone TT-BH090 just released?

  • For what it's worth I bought the TT-BH-060's late last year and they broke within 3-4 months of general use (the slide mechanism to enlarge or adjust the headset length had it's plastic snap probably indicating poor materials and workmanship).

    I sent an email to SunValley Tek who are the registered amazon sellers (in around March/April) to discuss my experience and the 12 month warranty period they offer on the taotronics products. They never replied back to my email and Amazon kept telling me I must contact the mercant/retailer. Pretty terrible customer service if you ask me.

    Honestly lost faith in taotronics since they offer a 12 month warranty period but seem to ignore their customers (I messaged Taotronics directly who told me to contact the retailer SunValley Tek)….I would avoid taotronics like the plague from now on based off of my experience. Just my 2 cents and your own mileage may vary.

    • +5 votes

      SunValleys customer service is normally excellent.

      Send me a private message with your order number & email address and I will speak to the Rep and sort it out for you.

      I am always happy to sort out any issues that an OzBargain member may have.

      Also, TaoTronics products come with a free extended warranty which extends the warranty to a total of 2.5 years. You can register your TaoTronics product here.

      • Agree xev, I have found Sunvalley to be outstanding for assistance.
        My issues were dealt with rapidly and properly.
        I contacted them via Amazon Marketplace.

      • Thanks @xev registered

    • Same story here, bought expandable hose last year, broken within 12 months warranty, emailed SunValley, got replied back from customer care, offering refund, replied back, but after that no more communication.

    • Yeah i have the exact issue, the slide thing broke on the right side.

      Other than that it works great but now its got duct tape around the frame lol

    • similar story here. Bought two desktop and two bedroom light. They are very light and easy to lose balance. Lost my faith to the deals as well.

    • It sounds like a junk brand based on all these messages. I'd probably pay a more money to get myself a real brand like Sennheiser or Sony.

    • In my experience, Sunvalley's customer service has been outstanding. They attended to my emails promptly and offered to replace/refund when I reported an issue. It was simple and straightforward.

  • Anyone know if the BH085 support aptx LL? It's not advertised, but there are some other headphones that do support the low latency codec even when not listed in codec list or on aptx website.

  • are either of the 077 or 008 usb c?

  • Hi xev or SV rep, do you know when this deal expires at all?

    I'm trying to decide between the BH085 or the BH090 and am trying to find more information on the BH090.
    If anyone has the BH090 and could comment on my questions below that would also be highly appreciated!

    1. Difference between "upgraded hybrid ANC" (90) vs. "feedback ANC" (85)? Does it perform better? Is there latency issues?
    2. 85 has APT-X, type c port, cvc8.0 mic listed in the specs and listing, while the 90 has "micro charging" and no apt-x or cvc listed - seems odd given the 90 costs more and is the newest model released - does it have aptx, type c and cvc??
    3. 85 is listed with "lightweight design" while 90 is not and doesn't have item weight listed, just shipping weight - is the 90 less comfortable and heavier? My Sony WH1000-XM3s weigh 255g for reference and have the same tech in them + more


    • Dear Wil,
      I have been doing the same research on BH090 vs BH085 for last few days as I can't afford my dream "WH1000-XM3" and decided to wait until I get a job (also the release of xm4). Here is what I found (not 100% sure though).

      1. Yes, 90 it is better. However, the margin is very little, they are not too good at ANC anyway.
      2. Even though 85 has all these advantages, most of the reviewers said, sound on 90 is a little better. I believe the difference will be negligible.
      3. I am not sure where I have seen, but 85 is a little bit lighter.

      Overall, I think the differences are not something that worth extra $20 for BH090 for now as they are already in the budget headphone category. I am going with 85 for convenience of type c and dual device connection.

      BTW, why are looking for these cheap headphones when you have the Sony WH1000-XM3s ?

      • My Sony's just died a few months outside of warranty :'( Considering they retail for A$499, even though I only paid $329 I'm contacting Sony and failing that fair trading to try and get a replacement. ~$500 headphones should work for longer than 16 months :(

        The Taotronics would be to keep me going until I hear back from Sony or fair trading, or until something close to the Sony's comes along that has 2yrs warranty or more.

      • I find the Taotronics connects to my Fetch TV box much more reliably then the WH1000-XM3s.The 85s connect everytime.

        So my Taotronics 85s are my TV headphones.

  • Another awesome deal xev! Any news on FW-50? Been waiting for this for a long time.

  • Bought the BH085 from last deal, a great headset. Fast USB-C charging, two devices connect at the same time (but only play one at a time), fast Bluetooth connect, physical buttons and etc. Only downside is Mic while in call, not clear.

  • Does anyone know if any of TaoTronic headphones that have a deeper cup than the bh085, my only complaint is that my ear hits the inside speaker. But otherwise really like them!

  • It says upgraded version ? What was the upgrade ?

  • Got the BH085s for $80 in the most recent deal. Pretty good value as budget headphones go. Really fast charging with USB C is a bonus, but gets really hot if used for gym/long walks. Would recommend.

  • not bad, picked up the BH085 for a cheap n cheerful noise cancelling. I'm thinking for when a family member says "Is it worth me getting some QC 35's since I'm doing this one flight?"

  • I'll do the usual … deal on the 55's please.

  • Any deal on TaoTronics TT-BH046??

  • Is it a great price for BH085?

    • Yes….search is your friend.

      • Search is always my friend and yours too, but I was curious as I don't see as many upvotes to this deal so may be I am missing some info.

        • It is all in the description as it has been offered many times before:

          USB Type-C Port So you only have to carry one cord✔️
          Fast Charging, 45 minutes for 40 hours play back✔️
          AptX Codec for better quality sound✔️
          Bluetooth 5.0 for a more stable connection✔️
          CVC 8.0 for Clear phone calls✔️
          Headphone Case ❌ but there is a nice velvety bag included ✔️.
          Reviews from other OzBargain Members ✔️
          Even More Reviews from other OzBargain Members ✔️
          Cheapest Price so Far✔️
          1,000+ Reviews on Amazon US(amazon.com) and 200+ Reviews on Amazon UK(amazon.co.uk)✔️
          Free Extended Warranty (Industry leading 2.5 years total Warranty)✔️

    • @virhlpool Cheapest Price so Far✔️

  • can't believe the one night I didn't come onto OZB… was after a pair of these at the right price too….

    Snooze you lose as they say.

  • My 79s have already arrived. Rapid delivery.

    They are SUPERB!!! Charging case is so small. Fit, quality and sound are all spot on.

    2nd pair of taotronics and they are now my goto budget option everytime.

  • Has anyone compared the TaoTronics vs the Anker Q10?

  • is it just me or does the 085s make a hiss sound when anc is on