Uh Oh, I Really Have Lost Half a Car Key

I just went to the recycling machine and went straight there and parked next to the machine. Then couldnt find half the car key, I have the ignition, but not the accessory part with the button that locks the doors and starts the engine. So I walked home thinking it must be in the driveway. Its not. I have no mobile so I have to call the NRMA and walk back to the car and tell them it will take me 30 minutes to walk. Its a 1996 Corolla. Is this button part easy to replace?

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    • I have the ignition, Its different this time

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      oh Pam. :)

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      Her car aged two years since that post. Classic Pam.

  • Im about to call the NRMA and walk back, without a mobile. Its a fair walk

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      Enjoy your walk. 30 minutes is a good amount of exercise to stay healthy so think of this is an investment into your health.

    • Wait, so you don't have a mobile phone but were able to call NRMA and make a post on ozbargain?

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    Somebody set up us the bomb.

  • NRMA won’t be able to do anything about it. You will need a locksmith to come out and recode a key to your car.

    • okay maybe they will have to tow it home because it cant stay thete

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        If it does not that’s a chip in the key, why don’t you just use the key you have to get it home? They key should still unlock the door and start the car… Did you even try the key to see it works on its own??

        Glad you got a spare key cut from the last time you lost your keys…

        • yes it unlocks the door but it requires a press on this button thing to start the car

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            @screensaver: I don’t know what the hell that is then. You shouldn’t need to press anything unless the remote you lost is for an aftermarket immobiliser… and if that’s the case, you might be up shitter‘s ditch trying to find a replacement for a remote from a 1996 car…

            • @pegaxs: Maybe an AutoElectrician can assist.

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                @Melb69: I’m thinking so. It sounds like some kind of after market system if a button needs to be pressed to get the car to start. That’s not how the Toyota system would work.

                The Toyota system would be to lock and unlock the central locking, not to arm/disarm the vehicle.

  • Didn't you get a spare like I suggested last time. Sounds like this time it's going to be a tad expensive for you.

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    I imagined you riding a bicycle everywhere Pam.

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    She sure gets a lot of "mileage" out of that old 1996 Corolla..

  • t started off well I found 23 cans someone just left there then this thing just disappeared into thin air

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    InB4; Pam gets back to the car to meet the NRMA guy, only to find the remote in her pocket/handbag/recycling bag/next to the car… and then proceed to not take this as a 2nd warning and refuse once again to not get a spare key cut for the car…

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    Waiting for this thread to become real wild judging OP's previous posts.

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      The sad thing is, it is real. I think.

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    How are you using ozbargain? You have no access to a mobile, but you’re posting on ozbargain? Are you carrying around a laptop with a sim card in it?

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    I got there before the NRMA guy and did another search in the car, and found it under a seatbelt thingy. I waited for the guy and discussed with him how to get duplicates made. I then celebrated by going to maccas and then buying a 7/11 coffee seeing as I did so much walking.

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      What a twist…

      M. Night Shyamalan just got his next movie idea……

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    So last time it was in a basket, this time it was in the car. It worries me that you're driving a >1T object that requires a lot more attention than what you're able to give to this key…

    • Yeah, every time hellopam2019 posts I get more paranoid. Seems like her troubles are cyclical and self-inflicted. This guy said it best.

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      I really hope she remembers to engage the handbrake. If she forgets she may sue Toyota!

  • Glad it worked out in the end.

    • Thks Pam your lost key dramas astound me. Can't wait for the next. Also get a Chipola. That might help you. But with your luck you might lose the phone to find the keys.

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    You are again free to do the Toyota "Oh, What A Feeling Toyota!" leap
    as opposed to jumping up and down in rage like last night. lol

    Also, is it true that if you push all the buttons at once, the Toyota self-destructs…

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    I'm new to the world of Pam. Oh Lordy.

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    Pam’s next thread…

    I have my car key and the remote… now I’ve lost the whole car…

    Can’t wait…

    • I've had a car dealership misplace the keys and then after a half hour of waiting say they couldn't find the car…

  • I'm getting increasingly worried for you Pam..

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