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[Pre Order] Xiaomi 1S Electric Scooter $699 (Newly Released Model) Delivered @ Mi Store


The new Xiaomi scooter, pre order for release on 21 July.

Main improvements over M365 are the full dashboard, larger rear break disc and 3 driving modes.

M365 Pro has been going for a similar price recently so trying to weigh up if this is a good price

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  • Guessing demand for these have dropped off massively now that no one is commuting to work - and probably never will be again (at least everyday).

    • On the other hand, once people are going back into the office no one is going to want to take public transport so these will be snapped up.

      I'm holding out for a decent ebike sale while in lockdown because I know once we're back in offices these will be as rare as hens teeth.

      • Good counter point.

      • Yep don't want to get the corona train - so bike or scooter

      • I'd like one just to get around the coastal town where I live. Especially in summer when it's busy, and hot.

        More reason to believe climate change is garbage too. Up to 80% of 1400 Victorians surveyed said they'd consider buying an e-scooter. Well, these things are surely more eco friendly than any petrol motorised transports.

      • Depends on how far you live from work :)

  • Hadn't heard of this model before, but it looks like an upgrade to the m365 while still being worse than the m365 Pro. Would need to be closer to $500 to make it a good deal.

  • would love one of these, but not worth it in NSW with our backward laws

    • Still tempted to buy anyway and use cautiously

      • I’ve been using mine for a year in Sydney with no issues. A few times I’ve passed by police either crossing at lights or while riding on the footpath and they haven’t looked twice - I’d say wearing a helmet and not being an idiot helps!

        • Did you ride it on footpath or bike lane?
          I'm thinking of getting either electric scooter or electric bike for commute.

        • The problem is, a fine is around the $800 mark.

          1 fine, you've blown more than the initial outlay! You're done.

  • I wonder if they made the tyres easier to change

    • I sold mine off so i don't have a scooter anymore but i would highly recommend soon as the tire goes on one of these things is to replace them with solid tires. Replacing these tires is one of the worse things i have done (and i had to do it twice)

    • Good question, tyres are a big hassle to change. M365 might be discounted significantly when the new model is available so if you are thinking about buying might be worth waiting to see what happens.

      EDIT: Specs are for 8.5 inch air tyres which is the same as M365. Presumably similar or identical tyre setup.

  • Is it legal in Melbourne?

    • practically yes, technically no

    • Vic (nanny state) regulations:

      'E-scooters may be ridden on footpaths, shared paths and some roads only if they have a top speed of 10kmh on level ground, about double the speed of a brisk walking pace, and have a power output of no more than 200 watts.' (Supposed to change in October)

      This scooter: 500 watts.

      Do the cops or karens give a (profanity)? Nope. Ride away. I'd wager the cops will be using these in Melbourne cbd in the coming years anyway.

  • Seems like a good deal to me. I own a Ninebot Max, it has a 300W motor.
    I wonder how the acceleration compares to this model as it has a 500W motor and is significantly lighter.
    The 30km range is a concern though, as my Ninebot Max has a 65km range but I only get about 35km range.

  • If only someone managed to blame them enough to legalize private scooters in SA :-(

  • does this count as exercise or will the cops pinch you for being out for non-essential reasons

  • Can I ask, what do those who own them do for security? If you wish to leave one outside a shop, etc?

  • I'd go for the M365 Pro over this one as the Pro has a 70% larger battery.
    This looks to be just a cosmetic upgrade over the M365 Vanilla.

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