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Blackvue DR590-1CH 1080p 60FPS Full HD Dash Cam & 32gb Micro SD (+ Bucket) $146.19 (Normally $269) Shipped / C&C @ Repco


Greetings everyone, Repco currently has the Blackvue DR590 for 25% off the normal price (to $199), and this can be combined with the Spend $200 Save $55 offer which brings this to an awesome price :)

Think this has to be one of the cheapest prices ever for this dashcam I've ever seen, a really great price.

As the item is $199, you need to add another item to be eligible for the offer (can't be a clearance item). Therefore I have used a 9.6L Bucket as an example in the title, but this can be any item of your choosing otherwise.

Free delivery is also included now over $99, so can get this delivered for free (or also C&C).

Make sure to also stack with 2% Cashrewards also!

Note: Seems to be unavailable in Sydney and Melbourne now.


Sony STARVIS Sensor great for night and day
1080P Full HD for sharp detailed video
60 Frames Per Second (FPS) for smooth recording
Impact and Motion Detection in situations of attempted theft or an incident while the car is parked
Modern sleek cylindrical design
32GB Micro SD card included
2 year warranty

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +34 votes

    I love their marketing, showing still images and writing 60FPS VS 30FPS…
    It's literally 1 frame , it's a picture. What.

    • It probably works though….

    • Just like gaming monitor ads…

    • Also looks to be inside a car park, where you should be driving slowly.

      • Where you want to catch your fenderbender in extremely smooth 60fps

        Here's an example:
        1 frame

        This one is from 60fps , how great is that?
        You're welcome, my elder consumer.

    • Reminds me of ads back in the day for colour TVs (shown on B&W TVs).

      "Wow… much colour… imagine"

    • +3 votes

      While that image is misleading (because it looks like a frozen frame from stationary camera), there is generally a relationship between the frame rate and shutter speed (rule of thumb is to have the shutter speed twice as fast as the frame rate). At least the higher frame rate puts a limit on how slow the shutter can be. Faster the shutter, sharper and clear a single frame of a moving video is. That is why sports scenes are shot with a fast shutter and and higher FPS to capture the motion clearly and smoothly. You can definitely see a difference in the sharpness/clarity of a moving object on a single video frame between two videos taken at different shutter speeds.

    • I do believe it helps out with recognising number plates. I have the 30 fps and it has been hard to pick up the characters on moving vehicles, especially in lower light.

      Else a 4k with 60 fps, now that would be nice, but you wouldn't get it at this price.

  • Thats a good price on the 590.

    The 750 has a few more features but if you just want a basic dashcam the 590 is a good option for that price!

    • +5 votes

      There is no ability to flag the recording to protect it from being overwritten. That's a deal breaker for me :(

      • Buy a bigger SD card.

        • 128GB max, 12 hours @ 60 FPS from what I can tell?

          • @b2dz: 12 hours is a lot unless you're a truckie.

            If you're in an accident or capture something epic for DashCamOwnersAustralia youtube…. you just gotta grab it off the card that evening.No big deal IMO.

            • @Skramit: That night? Mate that is very inconvenient. Even $50 dash cams have that feature. Stop looking for excuses and half arsed solutions for such a deal breaker.

              • @Ridiculous Panda: Barely anyone buying this product would be driving for 12 hours a day every day.

                If you don't like it don't buy it, but is very much NOT a deal break for most average users. 12 hours on a 128GB card is a lot of days worth of solid driving/commuting.

                I have a 200GB card in my 750s and it lasts me a few months before having to overwrite.I drive to work and back every day.

              • @Ridiculous Panda: Seriously? You're in an accident and won't be arsed getting the clip off your card the same day or next day?

      • Seriously? That's basic functionality

      • While you can't manually tag it, it has a built in impact detection. It uses the G-sensor inside and once it goes past a threshold it will automatically tag the clip as an "event" so it can't be overridden.
        You can tweak this setting, by default it's set pretty well and swerving/hitting potholes will trigger it.

      • There is no ability to flag the recording to protect it from being overwritten


        So it's not a dash cam at all then

      • This is wrong.
        You have always been able to flag videos from being overwritten
        You can do it via the app on your device or by waiving your hand past the sensor on the side of the camera.

  • How does this compare to the 750? Worth it or better off getting the 750's when they're 30% off?

    • The 750s 1CH would be $300 on sale AT LEAST. Which is roughly double…

      If you don't care too much for features like GPS or Wifi…………. the 590 is fine. Thats the main 2 differences if I recall.

      I have the 750s and the GPS is great and the Wifi is very handy to grab quick clips off your device to your phone without having to grab the SD card out.

      • I think the wifi is a big plus.
        If this was the 590W I'd probably go for it but I think I'll wait for a deal on the 750. The 2ch for $480 isn't bad value really.

      • I think WiFi is bigger advantage if you can watch on your larger mobile screen.
        You can use your phone's photo with GPS tag to confirm the location of the incident or just as you leave the parking spot.
        Park mode is the other thing that is missing in the Navman Focus 100 FHD Dash Cam $51.75

      • Thanks i held off. I think id like the wifi function and gps

  • Is 2CH useful or would 1CH suffice?

    • 2 channel just means it supports a second camera. Buy a complete separate camera instead as it separates the storage

    • 2 channels are better than one of course.

      If you get rear ended 1 ch will only two half the story.

    • 2CH is for a front and rear camera. 1CH will record only what's infront of you, imo will be useful for most scenarios including providing evidence of what was going on at the time when you get rear ended, e.g. you were stopped, but it obviously wont record the details of what happened behind, so if the person that hit's you takes off int eh other direction …..

  • How's the image quality vs the Viofo A119S ?

  • Thanks for sharing

  • anything cheaper than a bucket?

  • Can this be used as a webcam?

    • if you don't care about reading number plates then it should be ok. Night vision is also going to be terrible but even this BlackVue isn't that great for night vision.

  • Pretty new to dashcams, but always thought I'd go one if a deal like this came up.

    To have rear recording as well, what would you pair it with?

    Would you buy 2 of these or a second, smaller (cheaper?) add on camera?

    • 1CH means no more cameras for this one. So need two or a cheapie for the back

      • I would argue the rear is more important, especially at night. At least even with a crappy tier camera at the front you have the illumination from your head lamps

  • Is this one easy to install? Or would I need to pay someone to put it in? Going into a corolla if that changes anything

    • Pretty easy to install. The dash cam mount has an adhesive the mounts to the windscreen and cam just slots in. Will need to power the cam via the included cable.

    • Pretty straightforward if you don't hardwire it, plenty of YouTube videos. Even hard-wiring is not that hard if you can find a YouTube video for your specific car or check auto forums.

      Main issue to be careful of is ensuring cabling doesn't get in the way of the A pillar side airbags.

  • Option to add to cart is greyed out for me

    • If it's showing as greyed out you'll need to change your local store to one that's in stock, press under "Also available at nearby stores" which is under the Add to Cart button and change to a store in stock, should still allow free delivery if it's close enough :)

  • I still prefer my dual channel Viofo A129 (even with lower FPS) , works like charm in two cars both hardwired with GPS module i got them on sale here.

  • Tried to purchase two of them (Mine and Mrs car) and it's saying $343. Am I missing a code I need to enter or something?

    • $55 discount is fixed for any order over $200 so you'll need to order in 2 separate transactions to be able to get these for the same price each.

  • Trying to get my head around how to power these things.

    I can see it needs to be hardwired in for parking mode operation.

    Do they need to be hardwired in (or cigarette lighter plugged in) for regular driving operation OR does it have an internal battery that you can can you charge with the cable from time to time? (once a week or so)

    • Cigarette lighter.

      This one has a capacitor, no battery.

      • Thank you. I saw the capacitor, figured its the type of thing thay gives an extra minute of recording or whatever in the event of an accident and that's about it.

        Seems like you'd need to factor in someone wiring in the power (if you are a neat freak like me - prob $100 ish) unless you wanted a cable running through your cabin.

        • It's pretty easy to DIY tuck it into the windscreen and A pillar, down the side of the door etc. I did it myself for one of mine, lots of YouTube guides online.

    • Didn't see the hardwired in for parking mode damn, o'well will see how it goes.

    • you can buy a powerpack from Blackvue or Cellink if you want parking mode without draining your car's battery.

  • How much better would it be than these?


    The Blackvue definitely looks sleeker, but have been told these are awesome for $59.

  • possible to add GPS module? Thanks

  • how does it compare to this as it has a rear view cam too though i cannot find any reviews on xview.. pls help


    • My limited knowledge is Blackvue, Navman and Garmin are the best of the bunch.

      • Blackvue, Navman (only higher end ones), Viofo 119 V2 or up-129 Pro (Don't get 4K version) then the rest.
        If you have money to spare Blackvue 750 and above are great. If not the Viofo are best value for money. No idea about Navman.
        Preferably get one with a GPS module as it records your speed as well.

  • Tempting at that price - I have same model as well as some cheaper ones (Viofo etc). I bought the Blackview for my main vehicle as I wanted reliability and quality. It has been reliable but the SD card prices are ridiculous and the image is terrible compared to the cheaper products. I cant work it out as lens is clean, windscreen is clean and latest firmware - image just rubbish for the money.

    • Thanks. I was about to buy this but will wait for something else

    • Something seriously wrong with your camera then, claim warranty or return it. I get great image quality on my 750S 2CH and it has been very reliable. Great peace of mind knowing that car is being watched whilst doing the shopping, just can't trust anyone in shopping centre carparks these days. As for SD card, why are you buying Blackvue? 128GB Samsung Endurance Pro is the one to get.

      • Don't you have a different model though?

      • I think the 7 series has better lenses etc than my 5 series. You cant even read number plates with mine - don’t think there is anything wrong with it. As for SD card I was of understanding only the Blackvue ones will work in my model.

  • can I add a powerbank to this so that it can record while car is parked?

    • Don't see why not. I used to power my old dashcam off a powerbank, but then upgraded to 750S 2CH hardwired with PMP. Hardwiring is much better as it is set and forget.

      • Can you please tell us what your installation cost? And where you got it done?

        • $200, mobile installer came to my home. Very professional and thorough job and treated car as if it was their own.

    • Yes. Simply take powerbank out to recharge at home or just use 12 volt charger to charge it. Its a lot simpler than hardwiring although can be a bit messy if you cannot remove trimming to organize it.

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered. Plus $17.78 in cashrewards. Plus the original saving of $125. Win.

    • how did you get $17.78?

      • There's some kind of bug over at Cashrewards, they emailed me this figure but it can't be right. My Repco order was $148.19 but Cashrewards has it recorded as AUD889.14.

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