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50% off All NOYA Nut Spreads 200-250g: ABC, Almond, Cashew, Hazelnut $4.25 ($17-$21.25/kg); Macadamia $6 ($30/kg) @ Woolworths

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    anyone know if these are healthy ?

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      Well, the ingredients are just the nuts. So as long as you don't gorge on them, and as long as you're not eating many carbs, then yes, they're fine.

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      the almond one… i'm addicted to it! SO GOOD

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      These are 99% nuts with a dash of salt. Depends what your definition of healthy is, but a great buy for a keto/low carb diet.

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      They're quite literally chock-full of fats as it's 99% nuts. It's however OK to consume if done so in moderation. It's easy to indulge on it, so watch out.

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        And pray tell what exactly is wrong with fats? (WARNING: This is a loaded question.)

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          Nothing is wrong with fats if eaten in moderation, as I explicitly stated in my previous post.

    • Bought 1 each of the Cashew (0% Australian) and Macadamia (90% Australian) last night and they look quite healthy at 100% Nut Butter without any additives;

      Macadamia (90%) cashews (10%) (lightly dry roasted).
      Loved, crushed, naturally. Nothings but nuts, so you can load up your spoon without the trip to guilt town

      As healthy as eating a handful of nuts…

  • Thanks for the post OP, how do these taste?

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      like nuts :)

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      They taste good, but the jar is small, half the volume of a normal peanut-butter jar

  • Shame the ABC one isnt included, i go through a tub a week

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      it is - the only one that seems excluded is the more expensive Macadamia & Cashew

      • Macadamia and Cashew is half price too!

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          thanks - deal updated :)

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    Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be buying one of each.

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      Thank you for the advance notice. Good luck and go nuts

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    Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be buying two of each.

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    As an Ozbargain alternative for those that have a Vitamix or another high powered blender/processor, making your own is super easy!

    Bought raw almonds from ALDI (were $9.99 for 750g) and roasted them in the oven for 10mins. Cashews from ALDI were already roasted.

    Then made an Almond/Cashew butter blend: 1 1/2 cups roasted cashews, 1 1/2 cups roasted almonds, a pinch of salt. A minute or 2 in the Vitamix and done.

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      Ever had any issues with the motor overheating? I have a high-powered blender that gives off an electrical smell when I blend nuts (sticky + dry = not a good combination for motors, I read); most likely the blades are getting stuck in the stickiness and the motor's struggling to get through it. Wish I could add some liquid to help it blend…

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        No electrical smell with my blender, though the Vitamix is pretty powerful. It moves right through the nuts even in sticky butter form.

        Are the nuts roasted? (not raw) That's important.

        The oil content of the nuts will determine how quickly/easily it will turn into butter. With the almond/cashew blend it's only 1-2mins. I've seen Youtubers do Almonds only and it seems to take longer. As for adding oil, you can add a little non-flavoured oil to help the process along, though I haven't needed to.

        With the Vitamix, it comes with a tamper that you can push into the nut mix via a hole in the lid while it's running. It doesn't touch the blades and is an important part of the process. You could do this manually with a spatula turning the blender off when prodding. This might help with the blender smell.

  • Dang! Just bought the almond one yesterday to give it a try. Ah well. Time to go back and stock up.

  • Which ones are the best? Might grab a couple

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    This is the cheapest retail almond butter I believe there is - Aldi is 5.99 a jar (same size)

    • and the Aldi one isn't as yummy… beside being "only" 240g while this is 250g

  • mmm hazelnut butter

    • mix it with dark choc & some maple syrup… you'll have the best ever dairy free homemade chocolate spread!

      • I used to make my own hazelnut butter.. but at $4.25 for 250gr i'm going to load up

        I've used a few different sweeteners over the years; honey, agave, dates … i'm yet to try maple syrup

        what's a good maple syrup?

  • I love nuts … don't you dare start!

  • Where is it made ?

    • Canned here but nuts are from all over the world.

  • Picked up the hazelnut one today, its fantastic! Will be grabbing a couple more and trying the others.