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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Limited Edition Console (Game Not Included) - $469.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Ships from and sold by Amazon AU.

Beloved franchise Animal Crossing gets ready for its Nintendo Switch debut

Nintendo Switch 1.1 Animal Crossing Limited Edition. Game not included (sold separately)

This special Nintendo Switch bundle includes an island-themed console, dock, Joy-Con controllers and straps

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  • Thanks picked up one 👌

  • Game not included, how about the last deal from Target?

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      Same. This was always stand alone console.

      • OK, I thought that one included.

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          Console is the same with all the deals. None included the game.
          Pretty lame, at least a digital code could have been included.
          I guess it sells out within minutes so they know they don't need to

          • @FireRunner: I think it's odd but better than including it; Helps people that want the console but own or don't care about the game, etc. Also, considering it's Nintendo, I'd guess it'd make the bundle even more expensive relative to typical store prices for each item.

            • @flopsy: True, I remember the limited edition Link Between Worlds 3DS XL being a bit more than standard RRP. Was still cheaper than buying an RRP console and the game separately though

              • @FireRunner: Was that the RRP for the bundle too? Petty good either way. I fondly rember the Skylanders Wii U bundles being cleared at under $200 while the console alone was still over $300.

                • @flopsy: IIRC it was a very limited edition console stocked only at EB Games and was $20-$30 more than the RRP $250 for standard consoles. They ended up over selling the pre-orders leaving many people disappointed since they had to cancel their orders since they didn’t have enough stock. They were selling on eBay for $600+. It’s the prettiest 3DS XL IMO, I ended up buying a used one for $150 once 3DS dropped in value.

                  I remember those Wii U prices, great value. Still have mine from then was $180 iirc

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      I would say at least 50% of these are purely being bought to be flipped.

  • gone in 1 hour?

  • +1

    RIP Flippers profit margin

  • Finally got 1 after all others out of stock

  • What's the normal price?

    • +4

      this is normal price

      • Yeah unless you really want this limited edition otherwise don't bother.

        • Lol nice try scalper, you’re not fooling us.

    • -3

      Depends on your definition of “normal price”
      If RRP, this is it
      If market value, they sell for ~$650

  • -1


  • Finally got one after many missed sales.

    • I miss many times too

  • Don't forget cashrewards - should be Electronics 5%, which makes this a superior deal to the others!

    • +5

      Video games 0 I think would be classification .

    • This deal is already superior since it has free delivery.
      Cashback won’t work since it’s under video games

    • I thought this falls under video games which does not have cashback?

  • well that sold out quick…

  • Grabbed one! Soooo happy

  • It' s Gone.

  • lol it's gone

  • Damn had it in my cart and then was "no longer available". But now the listing says "In stock on July 24, 2020" and it seems you can order but it won't let you :(

  • +1

    Damn… Guess I'm going to have to settle for the $1500 one from Injuno:


  • +1

    Nice pastel joycons, but if I buy a limited edition, it's going to be if/when they do a Zelda-related one. This is cute, but I'll leave for Animal Crossing fans.

    • +3

      BOTW 2 probably aint comin till 2021/22 chief.

    • I think the next limited edition one is a black and yellow Pokemon one with Pikachu and eevee on it. Has Nintendo released news on a Zelda theme one yet?

      • +2

        That Pokémon switch ur talking about already released in 2018 dude.

  • $1500 now lol

  • +6

    Damn, while I don't want one, I would like to see more stock so those idiots trying to sell them for over $1000 can burn.

    • +1

      When you have a Dreamcast, who cares!

      • 20 to be exact.

        • Need a new friend?! Haha… Actually I just purchased a Dreamcast lastnight

          • @Villainous: Now get yourself a GDEMU :D

            • @Dreamcast: Keeping it old school with all original media. The less options i have the more i'll appreciate it. Boxed Japanese DC with boxed Seaman! Hours of fun!

  • 1500?

    • aaand it's gone

  • Finally got one!

  • +1

    Lol wow went quick this time. Amazon has a much bigger audience. Guessing some folks from other countries might have snagged some of the stock.

    • Does Amazon AU offer International post?

    • -2

      You are right. Many of my friends in China ordered this. That’s why it gone so quick this time.

      • -2

        China haters on the way.

      • So people in China get it but those local to the stock don't? O__o

        • +3

          You could argue we are stealing deals from buyers in the US if you go down that route

        • +1

          What a ridiculous comment. Same as buying anything online, someone will miss out.

      • +5

        Why down vote me? I just share the information with you guys. So as the ring fit adventure. It’s hard to get one from Japan. So they search the stock of amazon all over the world. In Australia we will also buy something from amazon US, UK and JP right?

        • Told you there are lots of China haters.

          • @hpwqust: Surely same people with the BLM flag on their Facebook

  • +3

    After the last Ozbargain listing I saw 4 up on my local FB Market and Gumtree for $750+ that day.

    Scaplers can rot. Some poor kid probably wants one of these.

    • +1

      After all the stock releases recently, they're only selling on eBay for around $600-650. After shipping costs and fees, there's not a huge amount of profit in it.

      Doesn't seem like it's worth the effort!

      • -4

        not so sure about that. if done correctly, can be quite profitable.

        basically after all that's been said and done, i've ended up with a free animal crossing switch and a tidy $367 profit. (about $800+ if you consider the cost price of the AC switch).

        not gonna be a crowd favourite (downvote ahoy), but that's how you do commerce during covid :P

        • Nah I'm pretty sure about that!

          I know you sold one to a Chinese buyer for a premium (bit of an edge case)… but if you're selling via eBay Australia now, it looks like you're only going to be making $70-100 after fees/shipping. Nowhere near the profit you're talking about.

    • +1

      The poor kid parents can explain that its better to get a Neon one double stacked for around $350 than buying these even at RRP the $100 more really isn't worth it :)

      • You can’t even get used at $350. $410 is the cheapest at Gamesmen eBay store

        • Doubled stacked with Ebay cards from you know what deal is near my mark :)

    • +1

      Looks like I offended a scalper lol.

  • Pretty lame with special editions selling the actual game separately… money always talks ey.

    • about as bad as not including a charging cable with the 3DS

      • I heard rumours that the next iPhone 12 is not including a power adaptor and earbuds in the box…. i mean the earpods are trash but still…. don't skimp on accessories when people are paying over $1700 for a phone.

      • not sure why you got downvoted? I found that out the hard way when I bought one.

    • Check reddit, very common thing to horde special editions even if they don't make any money.
      I mean the only recent Nintendo item worth any money is boxed Paper Mario N64, thats $500-1000 from 25 years ago and because it has a limited run of 10,000 copies.

      • +1

        The 'only' worth any money?

        Theres tonnes of things worth a fortune

        • What Nintendo items from WiiU and 3DS era are worth money?
          My local library has scribblenauts and other WiiU games for $1.

          • @nephilim: I suggest you look at some prices out there, not base it on rubbish Wii U games…

            And you didn't specify generations.

            There are also very expensive games for those too

  • Did they have a max quantity limit of one per person?

    • Yes only 1

    • Yeah

  • +1

    Do you think they will restock it soon?

    • I reckon this is the last of the stock. Unless there’s another manufacturing run, I think it’s the last of we’ll see of the Animal Crossing edition

    • yep, its just a special edition so there'll be another batch soon enough

    • I don’t think they restock anymore. After target, bigw & catch, amazon is the last one

  • +9

    Stupid job getting in the way of buying this….

    • Ditto farken…

  • +1

    oh dam missed… if they restock please let us know :)

    • Ditto…. farken…

  • +9

    Don't need one, I have real animals crossing my backyard!

  • why ME always miss those deals…god

  • Gone in 60 seconds.

  • I don't understand the prices at the moment? I got a neon switch with Mario Kart 8 digital download for $388 pre-christmas? Same increase has happened with DSLR cameras/lenses too? Is it because of the Aussie dollar? Covid?

    • Covid.

      And resellers.

      • Resellers don't dictate the RRP set by Nintendo and what each retailer decides to sell for. Lol
        You can't compare a limited edition price to sale price on normal switch especially if it's pre covid.

        • You mistook the question. Despite the high RRP, the item is still popular even though Mulgabill bought it (A Switch) for cheaper last year.

          People are happy paying this price because of a multitude of factors. One of them being Covid.

    • +3

      Animal crossing. Limited edition

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