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[Used] 7 Inch Panasonic FZ-M1 Toughpad Intel Atom X5-Z8500 / 4GB RAM + Adapter $149.40 Delivered @ Ecogreenpcau eBay


Low price for 3 days only - $149.40
Fully tested units - Good condition batteries with more than 80% capacity.
More than 50 available.
No minimum limit
Free shipping and one month warranty

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  • I remember reading about this on CES2014. I wonder if the battery is still good after 6 years, especially since this is a used work device.

  • A 5 year old, second hand tablet? I don't think I could find use for one even if it was free at this point

  • only 63GB emmc, no touch pen and years of used battery makes it a risky buy..

  • This is a hard sell….

  • This is probably a fair price for a very niche product.

  • I don't think it is a great deal, but it isn't a horrible one. For those who don't know, Panasonic toughbooks and toughpads are the gold standard for field devices, as they are shockproof, daylight-readible due to a very bright screen, and can handle getting dirty. I think it also has 4G. If you need to collect data in the field, or access a system remotely from the field, this device will let you do it (provided the battery lasts), but any other device will not be fit for purpose. This chipset is more than adequate for basic usage (my daughter has a dual-boot Chuwi with the exact same specs, and it's fine). Only drawback is the missing pen - the pens that come with this are "special" and enable hovering actions while keeping the pen above the screen (it doesn't have to touch).

    • Yeah, I think for people who actually need a tough device like this, it's a good deal. For everyone else, probably not really.

    • Mine came and exceeded expectations, only 110hrs of use (according to BIOS); batt. works fine.. included 4G, strap and PEN! mint condition… totes happy!

      • +1 vote

        Lucky you! Mine met my expectations, except for a fine crack on the case and a screen flashing problem that happened three times last night. It works fine for a while then suddenly starts blinking until I press the power button to turn it off and on again. I've contacted the seller to see if they have any ideas.

        • Bugger… bad screen flash? You'll have to report back how you went.

          My only issue is the pen wasn't working but I suspect I just need to track down the app to switch on pen input..
          Out of curiosity, what does the usage counter on the first BIOS window show for you?

          • @auMal:

            Bugger… bad screen flash?

            Yup. It can work fine for tens of mins then suddenly flash like that.

            You'll have to report back how you went.

            The seller said to see how it goes over the next week. I switched it on and left it idle for about an hour yesterday and it was fine, but after I picked it up and started using it, it started flashing again within a minute. Am waiting to hear back from the seller now.

            My only issue is the pen wasn't working but I suspect I just need to track down the app to switch on pen input..

            Yup, you just have to install the driver pack. Get the One-Click Bundle for the FZ-M1[F] (mk2).

            Out of curiosity, what does the usage counter on the first BIOS window show for you?

            400 hours. For something with only 400 hourse use, you can tell the user wasn't the one who paid for the device. ;)

            • @eug: Da'fuq??….. I swear I was at the Panasonic .jp site and it did not offer me download links so I moved on…. thanks bro for circling me back, perhaps I had mah n00b hat on that day.

              I booted a live linux USB to dd the flash for later forensics, found it ran the OS fine … still tossing up between Win/*nix …. both are not unusablely anemic on light tasks.

              Initially I was thinking of using it for my iPad destroying child… but now that I have it in my hands… oh yes… it will be mine!

  • I think for $100 this would be okay but its an Atom CPU. It will be painfully slow.

  • OP, I'm guessing this model doesn't have 4G/GPS considering it's not listed in your specs? I've seen a few spec listings that show this model with 4G/GPS, but it's not clear whether it's included or an option.

  • Sold out now. Did I need one? No. Should I have bought one anyway. Yeah…