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Vittoria Chocochino Original and Dark Chocolate 375g $2.45 (Was $4.90) @ Woolworths


Vittoria Chocochino Original and Dark Chocolate 375g half price $2.45 @ Woolworths this week (in-store and online). Time to stock up to get through the winter.

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      For real?

      • Even if it is, the value is less than the Vittoria, which I also consider good.

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        Yep dead set for real. Made in Germany too. That extra 10c per 100g is well worth it.

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      81.4% sugar, I'll pass, keto, OMD, CICO, IF etc…

      • Your comment could do with some extrapolation. Also if you do OMD your mentioning of IF was redundant.

        • You mean aside from the fact that every chocolate mix is going to be majority sugar & someone doing keto should know that?

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      My go to for choc powder is the Cadbury stuff (77% sugar), might give the WW a go. That Cadbury stuff ain't moving from $4/400g anymore…

    • fat reduced cocoa powder?

      Then add sunflower oil…

      • don't forget the sugar..

    • 81.4g sugar / 100g.

  • I find these too sweet for my liking, anyone know any good 100% cacao/cocoa powder?

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      I do 2 tablespoons of normal cocoa, 1 tablespoon sugar, teaspoon of vanilla essence and pinch of salt. Heat up in saucepan. Was my grannies recipe

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        How much milk?

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          I do 2 mugs. Make sure you whisk it all up too whilst heating up. Just halve if making 1 cup.

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      The Woolworths cocoa powder is good. Coles not so good.

      Look at the fat content of the cocoa powder. If it's good it will be over 20%.

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    love the dark, not too sweet at all

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      Dark 61% sugar which is better, and tastes better than the original, and the homebrand one too.

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    Its Gluten Free! Good for coeliacs (a lot ot hot chocolates arent)

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    Get 100% organic cocoa, add 2 tablespoons for one cup and a half tsp of cornstarch. And sweetener of choice. Stevia or sugar or whatever you like.

    Boil milk and mix it a up. :)

    PS: works well with just water too. As a sinful dark chocolate treat.

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      This is what I do as well! Except with cocoa powder that expired years ago and minus the cornstarch, it tastes fine and super cheap :)

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      Cocoa, sugar, vanilla essence and salt. Its the salt that brings the flavours together. Seriously, try it

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    77% sugar same as Cadbury's
    This is 100% cocoa powder

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  • noice

  • Yay time to stock up!

  • Does this work with water or do you have to use milk?

    I don't drink milk enough to get through a whole carton on my own.. but hot chocolate that is made with just water is usually pretty average.

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      Yummy with water and powdered milk

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    Damn, Brisbane winter was yesterday.

    • Yeah and what was the temperature 20 degrees? 😃

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    Never got powered chocolate drink. Just heat milk, add a few squares of your favorite chocolate & stir. Perfect. The powdered stuff always tastes a bit off to me.

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  • Is the dark chocolate taste better?

  • I like NESTLÉ ALPEN BLEND Drinking Chocolate

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    76% Sugar. No wonder everyone is getting diabetes

    Try something like this, Cocoa powder instead of processed chocolate powder.

  • Will give these a go while they're on sale, cheers.

  • Dunno why everyone is complaining about the sugar when (if you like the sweet chocolate taste) you use it in-lieu of sugar.

    • Because it is priced 3x times higher than actual good Australian sugar (and that's with a discount) and yet it is named anything, but sugar, which is misleading. They pretty much hoarding money by making people think they are buying chocolate while selling them some cheap overseas sugar with a bit of flavour.


      Vittoria Chocochino Italian-style drinking sugar is made from the cheapest overseas sugar with powdered milk in a pretty packaging to give you a variety of sugary drinks with a light cocoa flavour for the 3x times the price of Australian sugar.

      • Where did you get that quote?

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