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Sunbeam Piccolo Espresso - EM2800 $99 @ Big W


Enjoy fresh coffee the way you like it with the Sunbeam Piccolo espresso machine. Features a 15 BAR pump which delivers the required pressure for complete extraction of oils, resulting in a delicious espresso topped with a rich, golden crema. The efficient Thermoblock heating system delivers fast heat-up and ensures water is heated to the required temperature for preparing espresso and texturing milk. Finally, the Italian designed crema system helps to create a great tasting espresso!

Product Features:

Manual pump espresso machine
1.3 litre removable water reservoir
Large cup warming tray
Large cup height clearance - fits mugs
Accessories: 500mL stainless milk jug, coffee spoon with tamp only (other accessories not included)
Weighs: 4.75kgs
Product Dimensions: 29.3 x 20.5 x 25.7cm

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  • -$99

    Free $99!?

  • Are they any good? Or pay for a better one?

    • Good to start with but very basic.

      I’ve go breville barista pro $600ish on sale

    • Really unlikely to be good. espresso machines at this price range tend to have pressureised portafilters, and thin-walled boilers with wildly variable temperature. I'd go for something like a breville bambino plus or if your budget can stretch that far a gaggia classic, or rancilio silvia or one of the lelit single boiler machines. I'd also advise you to get a good grinder. breville smart grinder is ok, but if you can go for a better one. In many ways the grinder is more important than the machine.

  • does BigW do price guarantees? ie. if I buy one today at full price, can I claim the difference back after the price drop? just wanted to get in first…

  • I have had this for 10 years - does the job and makes a decent coffee.

    It is noisy though - the Breville steamer is a lot quieter.

    * Small
    * Good coffees

    * Doesn't fit large cups
    * Noisy

    Not sure what it means by manual pump, you just flick the switch to the right and it steams.

    • Not sure what it means by manual pump, you just flick the switch to the right and it steams.

      Pretty sure it means that you have to control the pump by turning the knob (i.e. there's no preset buttons for single or double shots).

      Looks like a neat little machine, but it's showing up as $139 for me now.

  • Seems to have almost identical specs to the slightly larger EM3820.

    Anyone with experience of both machines who can weigh in?

  • This is a good deal for sub $100.

    My experience with lower-end espresso machines has been that Breville is better than Sunbeam. But i don't think there's any Breville equivalent at this price point!

  • I will never touch a Sunbeam product even with this price.

    Worst quality in my experience.

  • Just wondering in term of coffee pump vs boil like Bialetti. Big difference or not that much?

    • Yeah totally different drink. A stovetop pot doesnt really make a true espresso. The temp is too high and the pressure is not high enough. That's not to say one is better than the other just totally different drinks. A real espresso shot pulled at about 9 bars of pressure and 93ish degrees will have a lot more body and sually a substantial layer of reddish-brown foam (called crema). With stovetop "espresso", the water is usually drawn through the grounds more quickly at higher temp, producing a less viscous, more watery coffee with fewer dissolved solids and a diferent flavour profile.

  • Just bought one and its pretty damn good for the price, pouring better coffee than some cafes just from a short course a few years ago and this beast.

  • Can anyone confirm if this deal is better or the kmart Anko option for $89: