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SCA Premium Strength Starting Fluid - 300g $5.39 (40% off) @ Supercheap Auto


Start Ya Bastard substitute 40% off, for these cold winter mornings.
Also https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/7-day-deals
Brake cleaner $4.79
Carb cleaner $4.79
Belt squeak $5.39
Contact cleaner $5.99

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  • No blinker fluid? It's never on sale…

    • If you watch dash cam australia you will notice people dont use their indicators that often hence its not that popular.

      • Yes it is….no it's not….yes it is….no it's not….

      • I actually saw a BMW with its indicator on the other day. It was indicating right and turned left, but its a step in the right direction at least.

      • @SpeedRunnerLink There's a causality argument there. Are people failing to use their indicators because they're bad drivers or simply because they're not working (due to low blinked fluid levels)?

        • Well from my experience if you use good quality or OEM fluid they dont run out but it will affect the blinker performance if left unchanged for far too long.

    • It's actually quite embarrassing that they are always out of stock.

      On the other hand, they've got left handed screwdrivers up the wazoo! I'm thinking "majority of people are right handed! Idiots!"

  • It's actually very dangerous to use a blinker to change lanes, statistics show that 90% of other drivers speed up to either block you or crash into you.

    Also, if you can't find blinker fluid try indicator fluid since those are used interchangeably. I always top mine off when I change the oil.

  • If you don't get blinker cleaner, try some tears naturalle

    • KY Jelly works pretty well for lubricating those blinkers too. The tingle variety really gets them going.

  • Works great as a coffee creamer, gets me started alright.

  • Great deal…
    i need some more contact cleaner..
    Ints a must for when you check oil you need to clean dipstick… once cleaned it gives good contact for oil to stick otherwise you might get wrong oil reading and engine may seize…

  • Well you need to clean contacts to avoid COVID transmission.